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Game Updates - 02/21/2018 Posted on Wed, 21 Feb 2018

Greetings Havoc community members! First patch after the revival of Havoc, we're all super stoked at how well our progress has been this last week.


Server updates:

  • Fix incorrect Runite ore and Runite bolts drops from Wyverns
  • Fix hellhound that spawned inside the wall at the resource area
  • The Abyssal tentacle now has a store value of 1,000,000
  • Daily tasks should now update more frequently in the quest tab
  • Cleaning herbs will no longer prompt you with an amount to clean, you simply click once to clean, like RuneScape
  • Fix Infernal max cape
  • Correct player following logic, dancing now occurs, you should no longer get stuck easily, closed the gap between the leader and the follower
  • Stamina potions can now be decanted
  • Slayer drops (Mysterious emblem and Looting bag) is now displayed in the chatbox
  • Bandos godsword now uses 50% special attack
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed you to bring items into a FFA
  • When depositing items into the bank you will no longer be forced to switch tabs if the item you deposited is in a tab you are not currently viewing
  • Zamorak brews are now accurate to OSRS
  • The drop rate of the dragon warhammer has been increased to 1/5,000
  • Vengeance will no longer trigger someone else's vengeance
  • Help cc can no longer @here and @everyone on Discord from the game


  • OSRS revenant caves have been added
    • Old revenants that wandered the wilderness have been removed
    • If you previously had a revenant slayer task, you can continue it within the caves
    • Revenants drop tables have been slightly altered for their new position
    • Revenants attack with all 3 combat styles, can freeze you and are aggressive
    • Revenants drop the bracelet of ethereum and revenant ether which you can use to make the revenants tolerable and take 0 damage. Each hit you take decreases your bracelet by 1 charge
    • The bracelet is ALWAYS lost on death and has a decent store value
    • All escapes and agility obstacles with their respective requirements are added and are pretty high level
    • No other slayer monsters reside within the caves, for now. However we will be adding some other monsters there sometime soon


  • The store
    • Elder/Alpha/Royal rank tickets have been removed from the store
      • Note that these are not required to receive their respective rank!
    • The toxic blowpipe has received a price increase and now comes with 6,000 Zulrah's scales and 6,000 adamant darts
    • Super mystery boxes have received a buff and are now on sale for 15% off (buff includes more GP and an additional roll on drop table)
    • Well of Good Will ticket has been added to the store
    • DkmL1bY.gif


  • Wilderness
    • An Elder chaos druid has been added outside the chaos temple
      This druid can un-note only bones for a price of 40,000 coins each. The coins must be in your inventory, money pouch does not work in the wilderness
    • The chaos altar at the Chaos temple now provides a *3 boost to the normal altar experience rate
    • The chaos altar also has a passive effect which 50% of the time the bone you used will be saved
    • Skipping your target when they are not in the wilderness will no longer remove the wilderness HUD from your screen
    • The bounty hunter HUD should no longer be able to stay on your screen when you do not have a target and when you're not inside the wilderness


  • Blood money stores
    • An additional blood money store has been added to Mandrith for untradeable items such as void and defenders
    • Spirit shields have been removed from the blood money store
    • Some blood money items can be resold to their respective stores for 80% of their value


  • Skill draining effects and Npc stat viewer
    • When examining an Npc their current stats are now displayed over their maximum stats (i.e: 50/99)
    • Npc stat drains were previously always capped at 30% no matter what, this has been changed to allow for mechanics from OSRS to work properly
    • The bandos godsword now has its stat draining effect from OSRS, it will drain stats in the order of Defence, Strength, Attack, Prayer, Magic and Ranged for the amount of damage done. If you hit a 50 and your opponents levels are the following: 25 Defence, 20 Strength, 20 Attack their stats after the special attack will be 0 Defence, 0 Strength and 15 attack. This effect works on both players and Npcs
    • The dragon warhammer is no longer capped at a 30% defence reduction, it will now lower defence by 30% of the current defence level. This effect works on both players and Npcs
    • EBjqeHF.gif



  • Skotizo
    • Skotizo will now drop an Armadyl chainskirt (previously dropped a rune Armadyl plateskirt)
    • Skotizo now yells his location when the global notice "Adenvetures are still struggling to fight Skotizo!" is announced


  • The player panel (Quest tab) has received some changes
    • Skotizo is now shown in the Quest tab, how long until it spawns and where the location is
    • Time played is now much more readable
    • Server time is now much more readable
    • Slayer task amount is now on a new line so you're able to see the full Slayer task string
    • Star points are now displayed in the Quest tab
    • xBZFIBK.gif


  • Added ingredients book to herblore store, this book tells you every potion and what ingredients you need
    • E4URETg.gif


  • Mor UI Rek/TzHaar
    • Add runes store south west of the fight caves entrance
    • CAJtCIF.png


  • Well of Good Will
    • Pest control well event has been reduced to 30 minutes (from 60 minutes)
    • Blood money event has been reduced to 60 minutes (from 120 minutes)
    • Well events can no longer happen back to back. For example, if the last event was Pest Control, the next event cannot be Pest Control.
    • Well of Good Will contributions are now forever saved
    • DkmL1bY.gif


  • Added "Cleaner" to the north east corner of the Edgeville bank
    • The cleaner cleans noted grimy herbs which you have the level to clean yourself for a fee of 2,500 gp each herb
    • oqYzGo4.gif


  • More clear Items Kept on Death mechanics + small mechanic change:
    • Any untradeable items not shown on the interface are automatically kept
    • If you see an untradeable item on the lost screen, you will either lose it or special mechanics are in place for that item
    • Example, Looting bag:
      • You always lose the looting bag, no matter what
      • If you die in a safe area, the looting bag AND its contents go to Death
      • If you die in a dangerous area, you keep the looting bag however its contents are dropped on the floor where you died. If you died to a player, the items go to them otherwise they are visible to yourself
    • Rk5tGEg.gif


  • Skulling mechanics changes:
    • Skull timer will no longer be unable to decrease when doing activities outside of the wilderness
    • Skull timer will no longer decrease when in combat within the wilderness (your opponent will not drop skull while in combat with you or vice versa)
    • Relogging with a skull will no longer remove your skull
    • Remaining logged out will not decrease your skull timer
    • Recently attacked players is stored on logout and expires when you lose your skull (prevents relogging to skull trick)


Client updates:

  • The hunter level up interface will no longer show over the duel interface
  • Lots of performance improvements when in resizable


Launcher updates:

  • Note - You do _NOT_ need to re-download the launcher if you already have it, however if you would like the most up to date version OR if yours is not working correctly, you should grab the latest one.
  • Remove dependency for config.ini and Java Properties
  • On all platforms the launcher will attempt to use system enabled proxies (should you be using one)
  • On the Windows platform the launcher will prefer the IPv4 stack over any other stack (IPv6, etc)
  • The launcher now uses an actual user agent to prevent being blacklisted from the Havoc host
  • More clear attempt count when downloading assets/fetching remote configuration
  • No more manual error logs, any errors, should they occur will now be displayed in a nice-ish pop up box which can be easily read
  • Added a favicon for the Windows and Mac builds
  • Added a nice Windows universal batch script for those who wish to use the .JAR launcher
  • If you're into this sort of thing, our launcher is open source and you can view it here:


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Game Updates - 01/15/2018 Posted on Mon, 15 Jan 2018

Greetings Havoc community members - I hope everyone had an excellent holiday. I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates recently, I was away with family from the 24th until the 3rd roughly. Lots of work has gone into correcting some of the annoying issues we have been experiencing lately which is another cause of the delay.


Anyway with that preface out of the way, we have some juicy updates for you. :)


Client updates:

  • Members in your clan chat will now be shown in blue on the minimap
  • The maximum zoom distance when in resizable has been decreased
  • The "General store" in the room north of the bank has been renamed to "Supplies store"
  • Several visual bugs have been corrected (such as stat legs+dragon boots)
  • Resizable mode now has an extended render distance when zoomed out, note that this feature cannot be toggled and uses more resources than before


Server updates:

  • Fix Player deserializer database task not closing after consumer is accepted, causing players to see "Your account is currently online", when it isn't. Also the cause of many staff logging commands not being able to be executed
  • Fix crash when drinking sanfew and regular restore potions
  • TzTok Jad will no longer have their healers remain after you or they have died
  • Gargoyle's have been fixed, you should no longer be unable to attack them when someone leaves the kill unfinished
  • Gargoyle's attack distance has been corrected
  • You can no longer infinitely run while using CTRL with no energy
  • "A bird's nest falls out of the tree" message will no longer be sent when mining a clue geode
  • Pets now use a simple route finder, they can and will get stuck on objects more easily in order to prevent some unresponsiveness caused by excessive pets
  • Following now uses a simple route finder, you can and will get stuck on objects more easily in order to prevent some unresponsiveness caused by excessive player following
  • Fix wilderness ditch making players bunny hop/lock them in place as their action was interrupted
  • Fix wilderness ditch forcing your character to turn around when hoping
  • The bug which caused you to still be attackable when frozen outside the wilderness has been fixed
  • You can no longer interact with the bank chest from the wilderness ditch
  • Fix special cases where certain special attacks would ignore protection prayers (occurred with a lot of specials, most notably Korasi)
  • You can no longer be poisoned or frozen during the tutorial
  • The lever at the deserted keep has been added
  • Fix object interaction not cancelling current actions (i.e using bank command while runecrafting)
  • Fix magic/yew tree area route finding
  • You now must be within 1 space of a lever in order to use it (cannot be used through walls etc anymore)
  • When entering a FFA lobby or game the effects of an overload potion will now wear off
  • When duo-slaying you and your partner can no longer kill the same npc for a double-kill
  • The stray lava dragon found near Lizardmen has been removed
  • Colored dark bows are no longer 1 tick faster on rapid compared to the normal dark bow
  • Fixed bug with NPC aggression allowing more than one NPC on you in a non-multi area
  • Ancestral armor can now be worn


  • The Inferno:
    • Multiple attempts at The Inferno will no longer put you on wave 2 instead of wave 1
    • JalTok Jad will no longer have their healers remain after you or they have died
    • JalKek within The Inferno will no longer perform the revive animation when no monsters have died
    • JalNib will now spawn further apart
    • JalImKot will no longer burrow into positions which it will get stuck
    • Rocky Support boundaries have been touched up, you can now lure and range npcs from more correct distances
    • Several spawn points for bigger npcs have been corrected to prevent them from getting stuck
    • Fix Ancestral Glyph boundaries as well as positions its allowed to move to
  • Cerberus
    • Fix Cerberus safe spots
      • You can no longer drag Cerberus out of the arena, flames have been added which must be crossed
      • Flames deal 5 damage no matter which way you're crossing
      • Flames cannot be ranged/maged over
    • Summoned souls from Cerberus now have a maximum hit range of 32 tiles (previously 10), no avoiding them now
    • Lava pools spawned by Cerberus now properly explode after 17 ticks
  • Tormented demons
    • Tormented demons are no longer aggressive
    • Tormented demons will now change attack styles more often (double the rate compared to before)
    • HP increased to 300 from 250
    • When protecting melee they are weak to Range
    • When protecting mage they are weak to Melee
    • When protecting range they are weak to Magic
    • Attack styles are more random and less predictable
    • Dragon claws drop rate changes to 1/1000
    • Dragon claws have received a buff of 15% accuracy when using their special attack
  • Rock cake
    • The old "Rock cake" item is no longer functional. You can simply drop it
    • Add Dwarven rock cake to general store for both regular players and Ironmen
    • Add rock cake 'guzzle' option, it will deal 15% of your current health as damage when eaten, maximum damage is 10, minimum damage is 1
  • The cape rack
    • You can now purchase the trimmed and untrimmed music cape variants from the cape rack at home
    • You can now purchase cape hoods from the cape rack
    • The cape rack has had a nice visual upgrade
  • Ava's devices are now properly implemented
    • Ava's attractor will protect ammunition 50% of the time
    • Ava's accumulator will protect ammunition 72% of the time
  • You can now combine your max cape with a Fire cape, Infernal cape, God cape, Ardogune cloak, or Ava's device
    • Combining your max cape with one of your existing capes is just a cosmetic upgrade for the cape you've combined it with. You lose the max cape effects and stats
    • Ava's devices now work for the Blowpipe


  • Ammunition will no longer spawn on tiles that are not reachable (i.e water when killing zulrah, etc)
  • The Completionist, Max or Range cape now provides the same effect as an accumulator
  • The Ring of Life has been correctly implemented and now works up to level 30 wilderness if you are not teleblocked
  • The Defence cape provides an always-on version of the Ring of Life
  • The Max cape provides an always-on version of the Ring of Life


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team

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Game Updates - 12/24/2017 Posted on Sun, 24 Dec 2017

Hello Havoc community members and Merry Christmas! This is officially the last update of the year, no new content but several QoL changes, fixes and additions.


Server updates:

  • When looting coins from the ground they will now always attempt to go into your pouch even if you have a full inventory
  • All clan chats have been increased to support a maximum of 500 members
  • Rock slugs have been fixed
  • You should receive Green dragons less often as a wilderness Slayer task
  • You can now kill baby blue dragons on a blue dragon task
  • Lizardman shaman exploding spawns will no longer follow you outside of the shaman area
  • Lizardman shaman exploding spawns will no longer be triggered if the parent shaman has died or is dying
  • Fix Armadyl chainskirt drop from Skotizo
  • All instances of summoning/dungeoneering have been removed from the game (and we have a new skill tab interface to boot!)
  • Fix bugs with pest control
  • Fix bugs with BH interface remaining on screen when it should not be
  • Jad now has (4) healers and will perform melee attacks should you be within distance
  • Cannonballs are now 220 gp/e (previously 88 gp/e)
  • Armadyl godsword is now worth 1,500,000 (previously 1,000,000) to help protect it over more items on death
  • 'Donated amount' is no longer displayed in-game
  • When enabling authenticator the achievement will now unlock
  • If you double death with Jad it is now considered a safe death for hardcore ironmen
  • When dying to a NPC as Hardcore Iron Man it will now be announced which NPC killed you
  • Ancient magicks now use OSRS animations
  • The blue wizard hat should no longer make your head invisible
  • All mystic items now require 20 defence and 40 magic to wear (previously 40 defence and 20 magic)
  • Base rune amounts in the store have been increased
  • 2fa should now actually only ask for a pin when your IP or unique identifier has changed
  • Your forum email address has been linked up with the game, you will only receive the 5% drop rate bonus if you setup your email AND 2fa
  • Fix gold ore
  • Fix runite ore (2 rocks near lava maze, 3 rocks near ice plateau, 2 rocks in mining guild)
  • All doors in mining guild are now functional
  • All rocks in mining guild should now be functional
  • Fix furnace at wilderness resource area
  • Fix rune bar drops for Skeletal wyvern
  • Energy potions will now give you an empty vial after dose (1) is consumed
  • Super energy potions will now give you an empty vial after dose (1) is consumed
  • The prayer restoring affects of the demonhorn, split dragontooth and twisted bird skull necklace will now work when using the bone crusher
  • Top pker interface has received a facelift
  • Kraken now has tentacles and they must be disturbed before you can disturb the main Kraken pool
  • Fixed many cases where interaction would not stop combat or other actions (i.e unnoting bones on bank while using altar at the same time)


  • Route finding has been completely rewritten, apologies that this was not done sooner
    • This means that all dead tiles found throughout the world should be fixed
    • Combat following and normal following has been optimized
  • Entity interactions have been completely rewritten
    • This means that wonky objects like the Warriors Guild stairs and doors won't force you to move around in circles and essentially 'dance' with the object before interacting
    • Objects can no longer be interacted with through walls or other objects
    • Spam clicking objects will no longer cancel the original action causing the "You can not reach that!" hook to be sent


  • Experience lamps are now balanced for each experience rate. Experience lamps now give XP based off of the experience rate of the skill you use it on. The formula for determining the experience you would receive is base_experience * experience_rate * 10
    • The base_experience of an Antique lamp is 500
    • The base_experience of a Dragonkin lamp is 1,000
    • Experience rate is determined by the experience rate of your skill or game mode
  • Agility tickets have been slightly nerfed and now scale with experience rate
    • 1 Agility ticket will now grant 75 * agility_experience_rate experience, the Agility experience rate is x30 for normal accounts
  • Daily task experience gained on task completion will grant 1 Dragonkin lamp worth of experience in the skill your task was for


We at the Havoc team all wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I'll see you all next year. :)


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team.

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Game Updates - 12/15/2017 Posted on Fri, 15 Dec 2017

Hello community! Lots of updates and fixes today, we have had a stellar re-release. I'd like to personally thank everyone who has supported us through this tedious change in administration and the re-release of Havoc.


However with that said we have a bright future ahead of us! Stay tuned!


Server updates:

  • Voting has been completed
    • You can vote using ::vote
    • You will receive a reward for each site you vote on
      • Rewards include (1) vote book and (1) vote point
      • Rewards can be multiplied by daily or well events
    • You can claim your voting reward by using ::reward


  • Multifactor authentication has been completed
    • We currently only support Google authenticator, which can be installed on PC, iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone. Other providers such as Authy may be supported in the future
    • You can enable Google authenticator by going to your forum profile under "Account settings" then under "Account security" and follow the on screen instructions
    • You will be prompted to use your authenticator anytime you access a restricted portion of the site (such as changing your password, accessing your account security, etc)
      • In game, you will be prompted to use your authenticator anytime your IP, user ID, or any other identifying information changes related to your account
    • In order to remove your authenticator for any reason, you can do it through "Account security" under your "Account settings", if for whatever reason you've lost your phone/otherwise have no access to your authenticator, we can reset it assuming your ownership of the account can be verified


  • Top PK'er system has been added
    • You can view the current Top PK'er stats at the leaderboard north of Edgeville
    • The Top PK'er is selected every day, the person with the most kills for the day will win, if users are tied, the one with the better KDR will win, if they are 100% even, a random winner is chosen
    • Every weekend there is a longer more rewarding Top PK'er tournament which runs from Friday-Sunday
    • At the moment Top PK'er has these potential rewards:
      • For large tournaments potential rewards
        • 12,500 blood money
        • Super mystery box
        • 3-5 Tier 1 emblems
        • Red PK skull crown to show off you won until the next tournament
      • For day-to-day tournaments potential rewards
        • 5,000 blood money
        • Mystery box
        • 1-3 Tier 1 emblems
        • Red PK skull crown to show off you won until the next tournament
      • All rewards can change on a day-to-day basis


  • Fix serialization bug when an attribute is added during IO
  • Fix Nex not dropping items
  • Fix Nex not spawning
  • Fix issue with rank tier rickets not providing donated amount
  • Skotizo HP has been increased
  • Infernal cape is no longer tradeable
  • Fixed jewelry teleporting outside of the wilderness
  • Fixed an issue with lottery not automatically paying out winners
  • You can no longer receive the Fire Cape if you have died after Jad
  • Pest Control waiting interface should no longer overlap the game interface
  • Pest Control transition from boat->game should be more smooth, less hiccup(y)
  • When using ::claim you will now receive every product at once, you no longer have to claim multiple times
  • Fixed a bug where logging in to the game would return "Invalid credentials" after changing your password on the forums
  • Fix ::forums URL
  • Correct some colors in clan chat that were simply not appealing
  • Coal within the coal bag should now properly save
  • Seeds within the seed box should now properly save
  • Clue changes
    • "Search for a crate in Varrock Castle."
      • The crate has been moved to the correct one as found in the Clue guide
    • "Aggie I see Lonely and southern I feel I am neither inside nor outside the house, yet no house would be complete without me. Your treasure waits beneath me."
      • The dig location has been moved to inside the house as found in the Clue guide
  • You can now transfer items between accounts you own without a middleman
  • You can no longer trade at fight pits
  • Fixed a bug with the Desert lizard Slayer task now allowing you to use an ice cooler on it
  • If you do not have an ice cooler in your inventory you will now be notified while killing Desert lizards
  • If you have a target, you can now attack that player anywhere in the wilderness regardless of combat level
  • Fixed a bug which could cause NPCs in instances to spawn indefinitely
  • You can no longer sell items to the instance store
  • The minimum total level requirements have changed to be on the hiscores
    • Normal experience rate: 30
    • Extreme experience rate: 15
    • Supreme experience rate: 10
    • Realism experience rate: 50
  • New player death mechanics have changed in the wilderness
    • Upon death in the wilderness any items you're risking from the starter set will simply be deleted, you don't keep them and they do not spawn on the ground for the duration of "new player protection"
  • It has come to our attention that the plentiful starter of the PK mode is being abused to gain wealth in short periods of time by abusing death/store mechanics. Due to this we have made some changes to the PK mode and new player death mechanics to combat this issue
    • The PK mode starter has been nerfed to be on par with the normal starter, however it is still marginally better
    • You can now PvM on PK mode accounts outside of the Wilderness
    • PK mode accounts can still set their combat stats by right clicking the stat
    • PK mode accounts now forfeit all interaction on the hiscores (they will not be displayed anywhere)


Client updates:

  • We have a new client background and logo :)
  • Fix annoying overlap of right click options ("Message" "Add friend" etc) appearing when the chatbox has an interface (dialogue, item search or otherwise)
  • Engine work related to implementing multifactor authentication


Website updates:

  • When navigating to the store while logged into the forum you should no longer have to log in again
  • When purchasing points from the store session's should no longer expire causing points to not come through even though the payment has completed


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team.

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The Big Update Posted on Tue, 05 Dec 2017

Hello Havoc community, 


There has been a lot of false assumptions, and speculation going on after the most recent outbreak of information. Yes, one thing is correct that a massive update is coming. This update will contain:

  • The same exact game we've all learned to play, and love
  • The graphics completely the same as it is now. (Old school)
  • Inferno Cave + Cape
  • All Pre-Eoc weapons, and armor (ex. Chaotics, staff of light, Divine spirit shield + many more). This includes all of the current OSRS weapons and armor we currently have
  • All Pre-Eoc bosses are added (ex. Nex) Along with every single OSRS boss including Abby sire/Cerberus that we don't currently have
  • Fully functional slayer, with full slayer point system and drops for each monster accordingly
  • All boss instances for every boss available which you'll receive "instance scrolls" from bossing
  • Fully functional skilling, and daily task system for there always to be something going on


  • A PKing leader board located in-game near the edgeville ditch
  • Fully functional PK FFA tournaments 
  • Additive of a completionist cape
  • Option to unlock custom titles for tasks such as get 30 kills in the wilderness
  • Option to choose your own experience rates (ex. 2x, 5, 10x, or no change)
  • Hardcore ironman mode, and regular ironman mode 
  • Can choose to do PK mode, which allows you to choose your combat stats
  • 2 complete Donator Zones with tons of bosses, and skilling spots
  • The additive of ranks working with total spent and increased donation ranks
  • The usage of two different currency (Coins, and Blood Money) which will both have their respective usages (ex. Blood money is only obtainable from PKing which will have it's own shop in-game)
  • The option to use Curse Prayers 
  • + SO much more added content, that will make the game much more enjoyable. 


Trading changes:

  • On top of normal buying/selling, Completely functional Player-owned Shops are now located at the GE which is a personalized grand exchange where you open up your own shop and sell whatever you'd like for any price you set.You can do ::trade to quickly teleport there
  • Fully functional gambling, and a specific gambling zone. (may be changed to edgeville)


Through the sale of 3 different sized "Donator Scrolls" you can turn your Havoc in-game currency into OSRS GP by purchasing the scrolls from players and swapping them to OSRS GP. This gives Havoc coins much more value, and also allows you to have the option to make IRL $ from playing Havoc.

With the RWT being legalized, that's not the only thing that can bring you cash. Lowered drop rates for Havoc Keys will also be added into the game, if you get one of these keys you can trade it in for IRL cash Via Paypal, or OSRS gp. The consideration of Havoc Keys potentially being added to some boss drop tables is also something that can potentially happen. 

Why are we doing this change? 

While watching Havoc grow as a whole, we've soon come to realization that in order for Havoc to have a future, and for the longevity of the game, there needed to be a change. We highly anticipated the release of the game as a PKing based server, believing this is what the majority of people would prefer to play. In short words, we were wrong. Although we've fully advertised Havoc as a PKing game, it turns out a large majority of our players aren't even interested in the PKing aspect at all, but instead are more interested in bossing, skilling, and gambling. Quickly realizing that not only are the majority of you guys not PKing, but there isn't enough content in a PKing server that makes the game enjoyable, and worthwhile to play. 

    With this change, there will be much more aspects to the game giving it  a substantial boost of in-game things to be done. On top of it being the only OSRS server to have complete fully functional Pre-Eoc additives, the game will be much more enjoyable to play instead of how it currently is where you run out of things to do in just a few days time. In-game money will hold it's value much better, and when you PK someone you will actually be rewarded with loot that is worth something instead of pointless kills. 

Although it'll be officially Eco, we will prioritize PKing as it is where we came from and we'd like to stick to our roots. Giving a new original spin to PKing by it having it's own currency will make it very rewarding.

Increases in staff involvement

Here on Havoc our main focus is the community. With the massive change in update, we will have more time to focus on holding events, coming up with original fun ideas, and being more community orientated. We are intending on holding 2 small events daily, and 4 big events every weekend. With this new endeavor, we will be increasing the overall staff. Staff members will also make OSRS GP as all scroll sales will be done through a staff middleman granting the middleman 10% commission. 

But may I inform you, staff will not just be given out but it will be earned. You will have to stand out, and be very willing to help players. You will also have to require complete knowledge of the game so you can assist with any needs. 

     Some things you can do that will potentially make you a candidate for a staff position: 

  • Advertise that you're open to help in the "Help" Clan chat.
  • Be nice and attentive to players
  • Offer fully detailed answers to questions
  • Report any bugs you may see, or find
  • Be active on the forums
  • Be involved with the community!

Above are just a few things you can take into consideration. There are many more, but that's what I can think of right away. Staff positions are very important to us as it reflects on the attitude of the entire game.

Now for the main question

Will your current items be lost when the server changes over? 

    We have put a lot of time and consideration into this change and everything we do we feel it is for the greater good of the game. With that being said everyone who donated will have every single penny of their donation returned in the forum of donation tokens which will be used to redeem any item in the brand new store that's being opened following the update. It does not matter if you lost your donated money gambling, or in the wilderness. The full amount will be refunded for you to receive any new item you'd like. There will be countless new items added to the store, so there will be a lot to choose from. With this change, the game is going to be much more fun then how it currently stands.

    As for all items that were not acquired through donating, they will be completely removed as every item will now hold substantial value. Everything you earn after the update will hold real value. 

Why will this succeed? 

  Havoc will officially be the only live game with full OSRS graphics, with Pre-Eoc items and bosses. Our main focus on community is going to be what drives us to get up in the morning and continue our involvement making this the greatest, and most fun game ever created. We will increase our advertising efforts purchasing more videos, toplist ads, and advertisements all over the internet to ensure we gain many new players. Daily events will be held along with differing daily, and weekly tasks to make sure there is always something going on. We will be influencing all staff members to be as active and community friendly as possible. Along with original game benefiting updates, we are going to do it like no one else ever has. We are going to becoming the biggest, and most active server ever seen before. 

The update is happening this week, you don't want to miss it because it's going to be revolutionary! 


See you all in game,

Havoc Development team

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Official. Posted on Sun, 10 Dec 2017

It is with my great pleasure to announce the re-release of Havoc! After a stressful week of preparing and updating the wait is finally over (you poor souls).

The game has been fully released and is playable at this point in time. You will notice some similarities between the economy version of Havoc and the old, but mostly differences.

With this big of an update there are bound to be bugs, we have included a command (::reportbug) for those of you who encounter any issues to be able to easily find our issue report forum.

Voting will not work during the initial release. Voting should be out within the next few days.

RWT item scrolls will be in the store and game after tomorrow's patch.

Our old launcher for Havoc has been phased out in favor of a new one that plays more nicely with Linux/Unix/OSX operating systems as well as all versions of Windows.

Therefore the launcher must be re-downloaded. You can find the launcher link here:

Thanks for all of your patience, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the new version of Havoc! 

We will be bigger and better then ever! 


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team.

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Game Updates - 12/10/2017 Posted on Sun, 10 Dec 2017

Hello community! We appreciate the patience you've shown with us today, our re-release has gone pretty smooth albeit a small amount of issues did occur, we totally expected them and hashed them out quite quickly.


Really tiny amount of patches that aren't nitty gritty technical stuff no one cares about, but here they are.


Server updates:

  • Fix crash when selecting new slayer master during tutorial
  • Added rank tickets for first three ranks [elder=$15, alpha=$50, royal=$200]
    • Tickets are only tradable to staff members
    • Staff members can trade tickets to other players freely
    • Tickets otherwise untradable, undropable, not lost on death, unstakeable, unsellable
    • Tickets can be redeemed for the status they are for, they may only be redeemed if you have not unlocked the specific rank tier, tickets also are used for the legal use of RWT.


Website updates:

  • Several visual and bug fixes on the store are now live
    • Infernal cape has been added to the store
    • Rank tickets have been added to the store


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team.

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Game Updates - 11/26/2017 Posted on Sun, 26 Nov 2017

Good evening Havoc community members. Here is the list of changes in the latest patch.


Client changes

  • Added support for bounty hunter skulls atop head
  • Added support for ctrl+shift+click movement

Server changes

  • Wilderness skilling
    • Wilderness thieving stall added near the Fountain of Rune
      • Only grants blood money at a rate of around 5k+ blood money per hour
      • Requires level 80 thieving
    • Siphon-able energy sources located near the Fountain of Rune
      • Two types of energy sources are present which require level 40 and level 72 Runecrafting to siphon
      • Upon death, each energy source has a chance to drop noted supplies (herbs, seeds, gems etc)
      • Upon siphoning each energy source gives Runecrafting experience
      • Upon siphoning each energy source grants random amounts of energy fragments which can be spent at the Energy fragment exchange in Edgeville
        • The Energy fragment exchange has several items including the Runecrafter set and omni-talisman staff
        • Energy fragments are tradable
    • Elder chaos druids (level 129) have been added to their familiar location in level 13-16 wilderness
      • Elder chaos druids drop many noted herbs and Herblore secondaries at very reasonable rates
      • Elder chaos druids attack only with magic utilizing the 4 elemental blast spells
    • Wilderness resource area
      • No entry fee is required to enter the resource area
      • 3 Dark crab fishing spots have been added and requires level 85 fishing to catch
        • You need a lobster pot and dark fishing bait in order to catch dark crabs
        • You can purchase dark fishing bait from the tools store in Edgeville
      • Piles is within the resource area and will note any note-able item for a fee of 1 blood money per item
      • Dark crab cooking has been added and requires level 90 Cooking to cook and stops burning at level 99


  • Bounty hunter skulls have been added and will reflect your current kill streak
    • Level 1 skull: 2+ kill streak
    • Level 2 skull: 4+ kill streak
    • Level 3 skull: 5+ kill streak
    • Level 4 skull: 7+ kill streak
    • Level 5 skull: 10+ kill streak


  • A heavily revised accuracy formula has been deployed for testing purposes
    • This new formula should be more relevant to OSRS taking several factors that were previously ignored into account


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team

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Game Updates - 11/23/2017 Posted on Thu, 23 Nov 2017

Hello community. Here is the list of today's changes:

Client Changes

  • Finished Slayer rewards interface.

Server Changes

  • Implemented Slayer rewards system:
    • Ability to extend certain Slayer tasks.
    • Ability to unlock "Leave a note" reward, all drops from your task will be dropped as a note.
    • Ability to block up to 5 tasks.
    • Ability to cancel your current task
  • Added Cave horror task, spawned Cave horrors at level 16 Wilderness.
  • Spawned Ogres near the Wilderness graveyard.
  • Spawned extra Red dragons in the Red Dragon Isle.
  • Opening Caskets will now give you Herblore ingredients.
  • Added Duel arena announcements for large stakes.
  • Fixed a glitch which prevented Jad from spawning.
  • Zulrah's Snakelings will no longer drop any items.
  • You are now able to cast Vengeance while killing Zulrah.
  • Added protection value to Occult necklace.
  • Void will be lost on death above level 20 wilderness.
  • Added 1/30 chance to receive some Mithril seeds from Caskets.
  • Added 20 seconds teleport delay after applying presets.
  • Fixed a glitch which caused presets to give 0 bonuses.
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Game Updates - 11/17/2017 Posted on Fri, 17 Nov 2017

Hello community of Havoc. In the past few days we had several hacker attacks that slowed down the progress on actual game updates. But since all security issues have been sorted, we are back on track doing what's most important - delivering you with features and fixes you all want. So here it goes:


Client Changes

  • Fixed issues with computer identification number.
  • Implemented new features to the widget system, slayer interface coming out soon!
  • Re-naming Slayer item and Npc options.
  • Added ::zoomlock command in order to disable zooming with scroll wheel.

Server Changes

  • Completely replaced logging system.
  • Re-wrote database service, should see high increase in server stability.
  • Converted whole project to gradle.
  • Fixed Helper rank icon.
  • Fixed a glitch which caused your Veracs skirt to turn into Veracs body on death.
  • Completely removed Slayer system and replaced it with a new one, Slayer masters can now be found next to the bank at Edgeville.
  • Created missing drop tables for all Slayer monsters, this includes:
    • Aberrant spectre
    • Abyssal demon
    • Ankou
    • Avansie
    • Baby blue dragon
    • Banshee
    • Basilisk
    • Black demon
    • Black dragon
    • Bloodveld
    • Blue dragon
    • Bronze dragon
    • Crawling hand
    • Dagganoth
    • Dark beast
    • Dust devil
    • Fire giant
    • Gargoyle
    • Greater demon
    • Green dragon
    • Hellhound
    • Ice giant
    • Infernal mage
    • Iron dragon
    • Kalphites
    • Kraken
    • Kurask
    • Lesser demon
    • Mithril dragon
    • Moss giant
    • Nechryael
    • Ogre
    • Red dragon
    • Steel dragon
    • Tzhaar monsters
  • Added Slayer rewards shop with Ring of Wealth, Slayer Helmet and other useful items. Slayer task cancelling and task extensions are coming out next week!
  • Buffed flat amount of Blood money you get for Wilderness kills by 20.
  • Made Blood money rewards scale with Wilderness level, the deeper you are the more Blood money you get.
  • Added ability to set custom presets with any items that you have in your bank.
  • Added protection value to Crystal boots and Ancestral robes.
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Game Updates - 11/13/2017 Posted on Mon, 13 Nov 2017

Hello players of Havoc! Here is the list of today's changes:

Client Changes

  • Slight optimizations to rendering, may solve the FPS issues people are having.
  • Added Autochat feature, right click public chat icon to set your autochat message.
  • Added Custom preset selections to Quest Tab interface.
  • Sending new client identification key on login.

Server Changes

  • Added ability to set and save custom presets. (May only use spawnable items for now)
  • Fixed a glitch which allowed you to plant flowers on top of each other.
  • Fixed flower plant ratio for Black and White flowers to match OSRS.
  • Fixed a glitch which caused duplicate items to be lost on death.
  • Added Thread and Needle to the General store.
  • Added Pestle and mortar and Vial of water to the General store.
  • Fixed noted Dark crabs banking and withdrawing.
  • Added proper Dragon spear special attack.
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Game Updates - 11/11/2017 Posted on Sat, 11 Nov 2017

Hello Havoc community! With influx of a lot of new players we are doing our best to bring out as many updates as possible. Thanks everyone for your feedback in regards of what changes we have to make in order to make Havoc a better place. Without further ado, here is the list of today's updates:

Client Changes

  • Implemented new system for cache downloading. Client downloads should now be much faster and more reliable since we switched to CDN.
  • Created a new Launcher package for people who had problems running the client. If you are one of those people, please try using the following link:

Server Changes

  • Added proper level requirements to Primordial, Pegasian and Eternal boots.
  • Voting rewards will now work properly and give you increased PK rewards.
  • Added Slayer gem and regular Uncut gems to the General Store.
  • Added Antifire potions to the Supply store.
  • Added Blood money prices for Serpentine helmet and Toxic staff of the dead.
  • Changed Zulrah drop table to drop correct Serpentine helmet.
  • Added ability to eat Pineapple pizza, removed other redundant pizzas from the supply store.
  • Added ability to drink Guthix rest.
  • Changed Abyssal tentacle bonuses to match OSRS.
  • Removed Full Void accuracy decrease.
  • Replaced Red chinchompas in the Supplies store with a working version.
  • Added notice messages for increased Havoc key rates and OSGP donations.
  • Removed Zamorak brews from the game.
  • Replaced Zamorak brews in the bank loadout with Prayer potions.
  • Boosted Hitpoints will now deplete just like regular skills.
  • Hide tanning will now cost Blood money instead of Coins.
  • Added global announcement whenever someone gets shutdown from their killstreak.
  • In addition to you will now receive Vote points from voting which you will be able to exchange for cosmetic items in the future.
  • Ground items in the Wilderness will now disappear after 2 minutes.
  • Spawned a Doomsayer in Lumbridge for Clue Scroll completion.
  • Added a global drop table that will be applied to all monsters with missing drops. Contains useful skilling items.
  • Enabled Havoc key drops for Wilderness player killing.
  • Player count on the website will now be automatically updated by the server.
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Game Updates - 11/10/2017 Posted on Fri, 10 Nov 2017

Hello community of Havoc! Here is the list of today's updates:

Client Changes

  • Added Lucky, Elite, Master and Grandmaster Havoc keys for the event.

Server Changes

  • Dragon Claws will now have maximum protection value.
  • Added Runecrafting talismans to the General store.
  • Decreased PJ timer by 2 seconds (experimental).
  • Added drop tables for Barrows Brothers.
  • Added King Black Dragon drop table.
  • Changed switching to feel more responsive (experimental).
  • Donators will now be able to purchase instances at Dagannoth Kings for 200 Blood money.
  • Added sanction system, the staff team will now be able to mute and ban players.
  • Added Callisto, Ve'tion and Venenatis drop tables.

Website Changes

  • Added Ancestral robes to the donation store.
  • Added Chatbox at the top of the forum homepage.
  • Added two-factor authentication, which can be enabled in your password settings.
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Game Updates - 11/08/2017 Posted on Wed, 08 Nov 2017

Hello community! Did a few small changes today. Here is what's new:

Client Changes

  • Added ability to use Escape as your F-key. Right click and select "Set Escape" in order to have Escape as one of your F-keys.

Server Changes

  • Stopped Amulet of glory charges from depleting when you are teleblocked.
  • Spawned Men in Lumbridge.
  • Tweaked Blood money reward formula for Wilderness kills.
  • Decreased Skotizo max health.
  • Added Defence level requirement for Rune defender.
  • Fixed a glitch with barrows repairing that caused your items to disappear (if this still happens let me know how).
  • Added item combinations for Eternal, Pegasian and Primordial boots.
  • Tentacle whip will now apply poison instead of venom.
  • Added special attack to the Tentacle whip.
  • Implemented voting rewards, for every 3 votes you will receive double Blood money rewards, type ::claimvote after voting to receive your benefits.
  • Added automatic notices for development livestream.
  • Disabled poison damage when venomed, you cannot any longer be venomed and poisoned simultaneously. 
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Game Updates - 11/07/2017 Posted on Tue, 07 Nov 2017

Good evening Havoc community! Here is the list of today's changes:

Client Changes

  • Added Donator Scroll item.
  • Added Donator chat icon.


Server Changes

  • New item dropping system, your untradables will always stay in the inventory, items dropped on the ground will stay there for 15 minutes.
  • Item protection values are now based on their Blood money value in the shops.
  • Fixed a glitch which made broken barrows pieces disappear.
  • Added Occult necklace.
  • Fixed global messages spacing.
  • Disabled ability to purchase Void deflector.
  • Fixed a glitch that caused ground items to appear twice.
  • Added Donator status to the game, gives you a chat icon, ability to use global messages and decreased godwars killcount. More benefits coming in the future.
  • Added missing tools to the General store.
  • Mystery box and Crystal chest will now only announce rare drops.
  • Added extra items to Skotizo drop table including Occult necklace.
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Game Updates - 11/06/2017 Posted on Mon, 06 Nov 2017

Hello community. Here is the list of today's changes:

Client Changes

  • Fixed Npc examine packet.

Server Changes

  • Added announcements for Crystal chest and Mystery box rewards.
  • Added periodic global messages.
  • Disabled item selling to the general store.
  • Added skillcape shop to Edgeville bank.
  • Examining Skotizo will now display it's drop table.
  • Added Seers ring to Blood money shop.
  • Removed Lime whip from the game.
  • Added pricing for Dragon arrows, Ring of recoild and Super combat potions.
  • Removed Caskets and Ruined backpacks from the game.
  • Added Dragon Defender to untradables store.
  • Replaced void in untradables store with working one (You only need repurchase the helmets).
  • After being freezed, if your opponent walks outside your field of view you will get unfrozen.
  • Added warnings for Wilderness teleport commands.
  • Added Spade to tools store.
  • Added ability to change combat stats by click their skill icon.
  • Added teleport immunity, you wont be able to get hit 1 tick after teleporting.
  • Fixed Granite maul special attack.
  • Broken barrows are now tradable and lost on death.
  • Removed Completionist cape from the game.
  • Changed ::yell command message format.
  • Added ::store and ::vote commands to open up our website store and voting.
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