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    • Hi im Ryan, 21 from England, played this game back on Crux so i may know some of you that play this :). I am going to be making a Ironman and just get a maxed skiller because i cannot be bothered with PvMing haha, feel free to say hi to me in-game. IGN: Iron Lvl3
    • Very nice, sucks though. that's why I haven't started boss slayer... That and i'm only 70 slayer.
    • Sorry for the video not being as eventful as I thought it was going to be; I got a lot a basic loots like battlestaffs, manta rays, and sharks. In the video, you may notice that I de-ranked myself from ironman. I did this as it allows me to create better content. I will be able to trade my loot over to an alt account so that I can keep track of all the loot instead of just showing how much I made. I feel that will make for better content. I plan on going on into the Elderzone and killing all of the NPC's in there and see which one I made the most money off of. 
    • Quick guide on where all the Shooting Star locations are (work in progress) Feel free to comment some locations and I will edit this post to keep it updated.   FALADOR SOUTH... Just west of the south entrance into Falador!   FALADOR SOUTH ENTRANCE....   CANIFIS NEXT TO BANK....   LUMBRIDGE FURNACE... Rune north of Lumbridge Castle. 
    • Hey I'm playing an HCI named "Tippy" and a normal named "Alistar" both on 2x. I play Path of Exile, Diablo 3 and a few other games as well. I mainly play League of Legends on NA, currently a diamond 4 support main. If ya wanna play League just add me "D0C"