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Game & Store Updates 10/1/2019 Read more... ×

Game & Store Updates 10/1/2019


Game & Store Updates  10/1/2019

- Ornament Kits,Ring of Suffering & Tormented Bracelet added to ::Store

- Summoned Zombies Have Been Added to Revenant Caves Which Drop All ornament Kits, Ring of Suffering & Tormented Bracelet

- Deadtiles around Afk Cutting Tree & General Store have been Removed

- Ornament Kits are added to ::Vote shop for 35 Points each

- All Wilderness Bosses now drop a standard Cash drop of 750K 

- Promoting your Player Owned Shop now costs 3M instead of 30M

- PKing Presets can now be Found easier in the Quest tab

- All melee ::FFA Events now have the Regular Prayerbook for Piety

----------------------Sneak Peak For Upcoming Update---------------

Adding Vorkath + New Best in Slot Slayer helm (Turqouise)

Adding a Boxing ring near Home for players to have Fun Fights in