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  5. Dan Searle

    Staff Update - 10/09/2018

    How can I go about applying for a vacancy?
  6. Andeerssonn


    But price guide is update 2019-03-01.
  7. Andeerssonn


    Wonder how it's going :')
  8. Andeerssonn


    Yeah, prices are very up and down atm.
  9. Andeerssonn

    Nex Solo Guide

    Good guide, still works!
  10. Andeerssonn

    Buy unique and rare items

    Buying your uniques. Pm me in-game. @Andeerssonn
  11. Andeerssonn

    Havoc Advertisement Banners!

    These look lit!
  12. Pepsifien


  13. Pepsifien


    Unfortunately, the ::prices, arent very accurate anymore.. I feel we need to update the page, and also add in a !pc: item and have it display GP and BM values. Just food for thought.. Prices are inaccurate, this would help ingame play also aswell as stabilizing prices. -Pep
  14. Not bad my dude, not bad.
  15. Pepsifien

    Inactivity lately

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to say sorry for the Inactivity on my part lately. Been super busy IRL, Fiance had a few teeth taken out, so never took time for Gaming (Hope you all understand why lol) but I should be more active again very soon! Hope to see you all out there! -Pep
  16. Pepsifien

    Pepsifiens Goals

    well, I do plan to max eventually, buttttt, these are my Goals as of now, with current stats ect.
  17. Pepsifien

    Pepsifiens Goals

    I'm in extreme mode so I believe 10%.
  18. Pepsifien

    Pepsifiens Goals

    Thank you my guy! I know, I want the pets so bad though!!! DREAMS! hahah
  19. TO join the INFERNAL CAPE GIVEAWAY: 1. like the video 2. comment your IGN on the video! 3. subscribe to my channel! *I will be picking the winners in my next Havoc video! Good luck to everyone!*
  20. Laurys147

    Buying craw's bow (u)

    Pm in game
  21. Pkers Dream

    Selling Havoc GP Also have items for sale!

    I got 100m osrs gold I want havoc gp or items what will you swap
  22. Littlee

    Pepsifiens Goals

    Nice my dude, goodluck with those. Pets will take you a bit tho.
  23. Hypomaniac

    Pepsifiens Goals

    Nice goals, what is your xp rate? 😀
  24. Softcore

    Skilling Tracker

    Gj go back to skilling
  25. Kill Prodigy

    Skilling Tracker

    Hey guys, if any of you want to see an idea of how to track your skills, resources, etc for all skills this is what i have been using on my road to 200m all skills. This would also work pretty exceptionally for ironmen/resource dependant people. I can turn into a google doc if anyone is really interested, otherwise just throw down the base xp (base xp is based on 10x mode), the 2x, 3x, etc are for xp lamps, daiily events, and well of goodwill events. A maximum of 12x can be obtained with double xp daily, 3x specific skill for well, and 2x for votebook/double xp lamp. This graph does not include the use of brawlers with the exception of agility.. because who can stand doing 200m agility without brawlers. Hope it helps, if not then go back to pvm 😛
  26. Kill Prodigy

    Rank Requests

    here my cheap ass elder rank
  27. Kill Prodigy


    love the favored slay task idea, kuradel gives way too many crap tasks, block list doesnt do it justice.
  28. Kill Prodigy

    Nex Solo Guide

    add tbow setup :3
  29. Kill Prodigy

    Pepsifiens Goals

    comp cape or gtfo? 😛 seriously tho why bother with agility if not gonna max/comp
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