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    • Nice work! This must have cost a lot of time to implement 😄
    • Greeting Havoc community, More bug fixes / improvements coming at you this update. Should vastly improve PvP as well as PvM. 😁 Fixed the attack distance on the Armadyl Crossbow. Pathing has been tweaked: Added 'priority' steps that cannot be cancelled to the movement queue. Fixed magic not attacking sometimes when you are far away from your target. Fixed the studder stepping issue from under an entity not forcing you to move. PvP/PvM combat following now always picks the 'best' route, instead of the first route. This fixes getting stuck on walls easily/diagonal direction issues. Fixed a position bug that broke a few things in-game: Zulrah works again. Instances work again. Corporeal beast pathing is fixed. The proper fix for instance special attacks is now done. Saradomin brews now heal up to 115, instead of 114. Edgeville invasion has been modified: It now has 10k health, instead of 25k. Top 10 damagers get 60 minutes of double xp. Top 5 damagers get 30 minutes of double drops. Region updating has been finalized for dynamic maps (We can now start on Raids :D) Magic Shortbow has been added to the regular casket. Chaos elemental will no longer teleport you out of an instance. Instanced areas now have visible boundaries. https://streamable.com/p8suv Ultimate Ironmen can now store their ironman armour in the bank. The Floating tree visual issue has been fixed.   More to come. ❤️   Best regards, Havoc Administration team.
    • I thought we were always against the noted herblore shop, but great update! 🙂
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