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    Havoc Staffing Team Owner: Ancient– Owner & Head of Overall Staff Management Community Manager: Uhm- Head of Adviser Management, Chief Events Manager, Head of Staff Promotions & Server Development Analyst Advisers: Dice - Head of Global Moderator Management & Player/Staff Interaction and Performance Administrator Littlee – Forums, Discord and Data Administrator Hades – Customer Support Manager Global Moderators: Dual– Operations Manager & Head of Moderator Management Coffeemouse – Quality Assurance, Rules & Enforcement Manager Hypomaniac - Events Coordinator, Server Balancing Manager & Staff Performance Assistant Moderators: Run laps– Head of Server Support Management Q.O.L Analyst & Events Assistant Triplem177– Quality Assurance Assistant and Rules & Enforcement Analyst Vacant – Community Engagement Assistant Events Manager: Jonovskii - Events Coordinator and Manager Server Supports: Faihtles – Customer Support Agent Atraxxi– Customer Support Agent Smallfry11 – Customer Support Agent Stimulants – Customer Support Agent Strawberries – Customer Support Agent
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    Here are the latest Staffing updates: Strawberries has now been promoted to a Server Support Stimulants has now been promoted to a Server Support Jonovskii has now been promoted to Events Manager Hypomaniac has now been promoted to a Global Moderator TripleM177 has now been promoted to a Moderator Congratulations to all the new staff and promoted staff.
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    Please see below a list of game updates as of 9/12/2018. Dragon med helm now requires 60 defense Freezing players on agility obstacles and other scenarios no longer freezes them, this was tested on OSRS and this is the correct functionality. You still take damage, however. Fix zombie attack, block and death animations - Fix using a ranged weapon with no ammo spamming your chatbox Fix clan chat showing incorrect members/duplicate members Optimized clan chat interface to not update as often, could cause lag issues on lower end machines Updated ::donatorperks link to new one, added ::donatorbenefits which go to the same link - Correct ranged strength in many items Add Uhm to super admins Reduce PJ timer against Npcs Fix bug where you can stack multiple people on one target in a single way area if you time it correctly Range has been rewritten, bonuses are now proper for various items, attack distance for longrange/normal has been corrected, various other issues have been ironed out with the skill - Double slayer experience unlock is now saved to your profile, oops Using the toxic blowpipe against npcs in the wilderness will no longer be the speed you would attack players at Any and all untradeables are perma. lost above level 30 wilderness on death. Combat experience has been lowered to 400x from 3250x for normal accounts PK game mode starters now go into bank always even if they reached their limit You will no longer stop skilling on level up Randomly the glory would not work, this is no longer the case A few discord commands have been updated Remove additional AGS max hit modifier Everyone can now fight spawn Youtubers Please keep posting your suggestions and bug reports. Thank You - Havoc Team.
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    Please Welcome to the Havoc Staffing Team; @Smallfry11has now been promoted to a Server Support @Uhm has been promoted to the Community Manager: We have sadly said goodbye to; FP has resigned from his role as a Game Moderator Jonovskii has resigned from his role as a Server Support Please see the updated Staff List Here.
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    First let me start off by saying that I fully support the eco reset to this server, was 100% broken and this fixed most of the problems. However there are many of people just like myself who donated money to this server, not only to keep it alive but to obtain items in game that we wanted enough to spend real money on, that most of us work hard for. That being said, people who spent money on this game should still retain what they paid for, if not the items in the form of a credit refund in the store, something along those lines. As of right now we who donated only retained the rank, and some perks that came along with said rank. I'm only making this post in suggestions because I feel this is the best way to get the Havoc community and staff's response and attention. If you agree or disagree with me I would like to hear from you in the comments as to why. I mean no disrespect to the new owner and management team of this server. Thank You - Bigmansbicep
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    wasnt here for server reset but i agree if eco reset you should get a credit for amount donated and or items back you paid for.
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    Goodluck my skiller friend
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    Goodluck on this!
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    Bicep told me to come back because Havoc is alive again, well here I am. Let's check it out, hope it will be fun guys
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    ˇU ARE INSANE :p but i know u get it :P and then rc as well broski
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    Good luck bro you got this
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    Damn nice nice man. Keep it up.
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    you got this 😘🤣
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    The wildy isn't what killed the server. Lack of updates + lack of ownership killed the server.