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    This is a list of 1,000 NPC kills and the loot from those kills. This is just a rough guide and loot drops may vary slightly, but this should give you a good idea. If there are any more NPCs you wish to see post them below. Zulrah https://gyazo.com/57bb32935385789c6bc972e4f3233fd4 KBD https://gyazo.com/086a7db69db9b8cf7089467df4d74bd8 Corporal Beast https://gyazo.com/b1c8643f324f972738b2b1ff2d363025 Nex https://gyazo.com/ceebe290209203f1639afdfb70ebfca0 Nomad https://gyazo.com/4e29913df77a54fe083c4d875bc1859b KQ https://gyazo.com/eca1f00dc40ce87594145bda62602278 Cerb https://gyazo.com/da4bf952b4434ba379c641f48e268e61 Revenant Dragon https://gyazo.com/8b8a66a21440b99fde9d6abe80a12411 Revenant Ork https://gyazo.com/2ddeca758ef4f5aa10883bea4b47808c Frost Dragon https://gyazo.com/7fb80f5882516c38b54f8e6ab7690598 Lava Dragon https://gyazo.com/9f11c8296153cd0dcf763ffb8971dc6c Bork https://gyazo.com/1cbaa9e5584264163f5411f037a030a6 Glacors https://gyazo.com/09d91c216c8410d81e3e1b9b14c7bbb4 Luminescent Icefiend https://gyazo.com/52b35e605ec0a4f8d6e15b5262c1c906 Skotizo https://gyazo.com/7aa8352cddd6420015647ccbc85d530b Barrelchest https://gyazo.com/f53aeae9a1308d40444189e716d057ba Tormented Demons https://gyazo.com/1e061718df76decf30848eaa5c04237a Venenatis https://gyazo.com/eebf0df0ba38a765eef90c6691d5a226 Lizardman Shamen https://gyazo.com/3d8a905a2441c2b2fd2a509acc4d09ba Vet'ion https://gyazo.com/0ca1399de0e300464dcd9bffd95b67d1
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    #PussyKillers If you've made it this far you've came to the right place... Here in #PussyKillers we treat EVERYONE equal... Though we will have ranks for the sole purpose of being organized and most efficient IN WILDY I'm willing to give everyone a shot if they can meet minimum requirements good or bad We will be doing wildy events such as Skotizo as well as Single/Multi Pking Please apply in the following format - 1. What is your normal style of fighting? - 2. Do you have discord/mic? - 3. How often are you online? - 192837465 = Owner of #PussyKillers
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    Game Updates as of 2/11/2018 - All Revenants Now Drop individual Amounts of Bloodmoney - Ironman Accounts now have Full Acces to Bloodmoney Shops - A Spec Restore pool has now been Added at ::home And can be used to restore special attack every 2 Minutes - Fixed the Wildy Level Dialogue Bug - You can Now Choose The location the Wilderness Obelisks Teleport you too with the Right Click Option - you can now see your total Donated amount to Havoc on the Quest Tab interface - The Halloween Edge Re-work and Pumpkins will stay for Another Couple days untill the next update
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    damn life saver, still confused but ill take my time and learn it, ur guide definitely gonna make me a pro at it
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    Official Price Guides 13/10/2018 Made by Darklord Pks Edited by Triplem177 Barrows Dharok's Helmet 2-3m Dharok's Platebody 2-4m Dharok's Platelegs 3-5m Dharok's Greataxe 1,5-3m Set: 10-15m Guthan's Helmet 1-2m Guthan's Platebody 1-2m Guthan's Chainskirt 1-2m Guthan's Warspear 1-2m Set: 5m-8m Torag's Helmet 1m Torag's Platebody 1.5m Torag's Platelegs 2-3m Torag's Hammers 1m Set: 6m Verac's Helmet 2m Verac's Brassard 1m Verac's Plateskirt 3-5m Verac's Flail 300-600k Set: 5-8m Karil's Coif 1m Karil's top 5m Karil's Skirt 2m Karil's Crossbow 3m Set: 8-10m Ahrim's Hood 1m Ahrim's Robetop 5m Ahrim's Robeskirt 5m Ahrim's Staff 300k-1m Set: 10-12mm Godwars Armadyl Godsword 800-1000m Bandos Godsword 75-100m Saradomin Godword 50-75m Zamorak Godsword 50-75m Bandos Chestplate 125-150m Bandos Tassets 125-150m Bandos Boots 20m Armadyl Helmet 100m Armadyl Chestplate 150-300m Armadyl Chainskirt 150-300m Armadyl Crossbow 250-300m Zamorakian Spear/Hasta 75-100m Saradomin Sword 20-25m Jewellery Amulet of Fury 30-40m Occult Necklace 75m Necklace of Anguish 1b Amulet of Torture 1-1.5b Ring of Vigour- 1-1.5b Amulet of the damned -65-75m Ranging ammy - 25-30m Seers' Ring 10m Archers' Ring 15m Berserker Ring 25-30m Warrior ring - 10m Ring of Wealth 100-150m Arcane stream necklace - 800-1b Boots / Sheilds / helmets Dragon Boots 2m Ranger Boots 500-800m Primordial Boots 3b+ Pegasian Boots 3b+ Eternal Boots 3b+ Steadfast boots - 300-400m Glavien boots - 300-400m Ragefire boots - 300-400m Infinity boots - 75m-80m Serpentine Helmet 1.5-2b Dragonfire Shield 100-125m Odium Ward 30-50m Malediction Ward 30-50m Mage's Book 30m Tome of frost - N/A Slayer helmet - 500-600m Full slayer helmet - 1.5b-1.8b Red Full slayer helmet - 3b Green Full slayer helmet - 5b+ Black Full slayer helmet - 4b ** slayer helmet prices are determined by rareity of NPC heads** Abby head being the easiest KBD head being medium rareity KQ head being the rarest Spirit shields Divine spirit shield - 5-6b Elysian Spirit Shield 4-5b Arcane Spirit Shield 2b-3b Spectral Spirit Shield 1b Blessed Spirit Shield 20-25m Holy Elixir 15-20m Dragon kite shield - 2b Weapons Abyssal Whip 80m - Dark bow - 30-40m Staff of light 15-20m Staff of the Dead 300-400m Toxic Staff of the Dead 1-1.2b Trident of the Seas 800-1b Trident of the Swamp 1.6-1.9b Celestial staff - 1.5-2b Toxic Blowpipe 1.5-1.8b Dragon Warhammer 7-10b Dragon Claws 300-400m Korasi's Sword- 1.5b Granite maul - 50m Magic Fang- 600-800m Ice whip mix - 6-8b Lava Whip mix - 6-8b Primal Weapons Primal rapier - 1.5-2b Primal 2h - 500m Primal longsword - 500-600m Primal maul -800-1b Primal spear - 3.5-4b Primal dagger - N/A Primal armour Primal full helmet - 350-500m Primal Platebody - 450-600m Primal Platelegs - 450-600m Primal Kiteshield - 350-500m Primal Boots- 800-1b Primal Gautlets - 800-1b Primal Chainbody/Chainskirt- 300-400m Chaotics Chaotic longsword - 200-300m Chaotic Rapier - 500-600m Chaotic Crossbow - 300-400m Chaotic staff- 300-400m Chaotic maul - 400-500m Pk Amours Blood money - 25-30k each Vesta chainbody - 800m-1b Vesta chainskirt - 800m-1b Vesta longsword - 800-1b Vesta Spear - 1.2-1.5b Statius Full helmet - 100-300m Statius platebody - 300m Statius Platelegs - 300m Statius Warhammer - 500-600m Morrigans coif - 100-200m Morrigans body - 400-500m Morrigans chaps - 400-500m &axe's / jav =500k-1m ea Zuriels hood - 150-200m Zuriels body - 500-600m Zuriels bottoms - 500-600m Zuriels staff 500m Nex and Skotizo Torva helmet - 1B-2B Torva Platebody - 7B-8B Torva platelegs -5B-6B Set = 16B-18B Pernix cowl - 500-1B Pernix body - 5-6B Pernix chaps - 5-6B Set = 12B Virtus mask - 500-1B Virtus body - 4-5B Virtus bottoms - 4-5B Set = 8-10B Ancestral Hat N/A Ancestral Robe Top N/A Ancestral Robe Bottom N/A Rares Santa Hat 5B Black Partyhat -N/A Black Santa-N/A Black H'Ween Mask- 10b+ White Partyhat - 8b+ Yellow Partyhat - 8b+ Green Partyhat - 8b+ Purple Partyhat - 8b+ Blue Partyhat - 8b+ Red Partyhat - 8b+ Blue H'ween Mask 3b Green H'ween Mask 3b Red H'ween Mask 3b Magma Helm- 4-5b Tanzanite Helm - 4-5b Mystery Box -100-200m Super Mystery Box 500-600m Orange hween - 12b+ Blue Hween - 12b+ White Hween -12b+ 3rd Age Melee Full Helmet 250-300m 3rd Age Melee Platebody 300-400m 3rd Age Melee Platelegs 300-400m 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield 300-400m 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 300-400m 3rd Age Mage Robe Legs 300-400m 3rd Age Range Top 250-300m 3rd Age Range Legs 250-300m Drop rate increase-2b Primal pieces 500-800m a peice Skilling supplies Dragon axe - 5m ea Dragon pickaxe - 5m ea Yew Log 50k ea Magic Log 100k ea Coal 25k ea Adamantite Ore 60k ea Adamantite Bar 75k ea Runite Ore 100k ea Runite Bar 125-150k ea Dragon Dart tips 10-20k ea Super anti-fir- 250k-350k ea OVERLOADS (4) - 1-2m ea Dragon Bones 60-70k ea Dagannoth Bones 100k ea FrostDragon Bones 125k-150k Raw sharks - 35k ea Raw Rocktail- 100k ea Rocktail - 90k ea Anglerfish - 45k ea Gems - down to seller Omni-talisman staff - 200-300m Talisman - 2-3m ea Brawling gloves - 15-20m ea Vote books = 15-20m ea XP Lamps - 30-40m ea Crystal Key 6-8m & - Loop halfs and tooth = 4m ea Made by Darklord Pks Edited by Triplem177
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    SOME FLAWS just missing a few items, but overall great guide! ❤️
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    Nice post shoulda contain more pictures to make it actually a guide instead of gear setup and droptable
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    Welcome to the server!
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    Real World Trading is Strictly Against The Rules. If Caught Real World Trading a Punishment of a 365 day IP Ban will be Held on any of your accounts. Best regards, Havoc Administration team.