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    come at me @Ali noodle boy
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    Hello community of Havoc. In the past few days we had several hacker attacks that slowed down the progress on actual game updates. But since all security issues have been sorted, we are back on track doing what's most important - delivering you with features and fixes you all want. So here it goes: Client Changes Fixed issues with computer identification number. Implemented new features to the widget system, slayer interface coming out soon! Re-naming Slayer item and Npc options. Added ::zoomlock command in order to disable zooming with scroll wheel. Server Changes Completely replaced logging system. Re-wrote database service, should see high increase in server stability. Converted whole project to gradle. Fixed Helper rank icon. Fixed a glitch which caused your Veracs skirt to turn into Veracs body on death. Completely removed Slayer system and replaced it with a new one, Slayer masters can now be found next to the bank at Edgeville. Created missing drop tables for all Slayer monsters, this includes: Aberrant spectre Abyssal demon Ankou Avansie Baby blue dragon Banshee Basilisk Black demon Black dragon Bloodveld Blue dragon Bronze dragon Crawling hand Dagganoth Dark beast Dust devil Fire giant Gargoyle Greater demon Green dragon Hellhound Ice giant Infernal mage Iron dragon Kalphites Kraken Kurask Lesser demon Mithril dragon Moss giant Nechryael Ogre Red dragon Steel dragon Tzhaar monsters Added Slayer rewards shop with Ring of Wealth, Slayer Helmet and other useful items. Slayer task cancelling and task extensions are coming out next week! Buffed flat amount of Blood money you get for Wilderness kills by 20. Made Blood money rewards scale with Wilderness level, the deeper you are the more Blood money you get. Added ability to set custom presets with any items that you have in your bank. Added protection value to Crystal boots and Ancestral robes.