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    So you're claiming that u got rigour and augury yourself.. bs. Nice vid tho
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    second video of the server! enjoy!
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    This guide contains the basic information needed to keep your Havoc account secure. It doesn't require much time or effort to secure your Havoc account. Here's a few simple steps that you can follow to make sure that your Havoc account is as secure as possible: 1. Protecting Your Computer The first steps to take when setting up the security on your Havoc account is making sure that you have a secure computer. Ideally, at the very least, you'll want to run up to date antivirus, anti-spyware, and a firewall. There are plenty of paid for and free options out there, but here's a few that I recommend: Anti-Virus Software Malwarebytes. Avast. AVG. Anti-Spyware Software Malwarebytes. Spybot Search and Destroy. Ad-Aware AdAware. Firewall Software Zone Alarm. ESET Smart Security. Comodo. 2. Creating a Secure Email Account Next you'll want to create a brand new email account to register on your Havoc account. The security of this email account is very important, so I recommend that you don't use it on any other websites or games, especially on other RuneScape Private Servers. Never use your main/business email for RuneScape Private Servers and websites or games alike. Once you've created your email account, you'll need to set up Two-Factor Authentication. This will help to prevent people from accessing your email account, even if they manage to get your password. Here are guides for setting up Two-Factor Authentication on some of the biggest email providers: Google. Microsoft. 3. Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication Setting up the Two-Factor Authentication is incredibly simple and takes less than 60 seconds! Login Here to and then go Here to begin the process of adding Two-Factor Authentication to your account. Once it’s set up, the Two-Factor Authentication uses a code generator app, such as Google Authentication for Android, iOS, etc. for Windows PCs and phones - to generate a six-digit code. You will then need to enter this code, when prompted, as a second step each time you log in on a new IP and/or PC. To set-up the Verification Code via App, click the Enable button. To receive verification codes via a phone app, you must first install a code-generating app such as Authy or Google Authenticator on your mobile phone. Simply go to your App Store and search for Authenticator. Once the Google Authenticator app is downloaded onto your device, navigate to the app and press the (+) icon on the upper-right corner of the app, and then Select Scan Bar Code, and simply hover over your the Verification Code via App set-up page so that the QR code can be scanned. Once you have successfully done everything above, a six-digit code will pop-up. Enter in the first six-digit code that pops-up and then click the confirm button. You will need to enter these numbers whenever you login on the forum or in-game. Note: The numbers aren't permanent and they change every 30 seconds. As already mentioned, you will be asked to enter in the six-digit code every time you login the forum and in-game, however, you do have the option to have you device trusted for 30 days, which will not make you have to enter in the six-digit code for 30 days. 4. Adding A Bank PIN Coming soon. 5. Other Account Sharing - The simplest form of account hacking occurs when you share account information with another player. This could be someone you know or trust in real life, or anyone using a tactic to gain your trust and personal information. Never give out your account information to anyone, this includes Staff Members. Reusable Passwords - If you use your Havoc login details for other websites or games, the security of all your accounts may be at risk. If a hacker were to get access to the information of any of these accounts, they would be able to control all of them. Consider using alternate email addresses for other accounts. This way, if one account is compromised, your other accounts remain protected. I highly recommend that at the very least, you should use a different password for any account that might share the same email address. Passwords and Bank PINs - Use strong passwords that contain both numbers and letters (with uppercase and lowercase). Do not share your passwords and bank PINs with others, and do not store them on your computer. If you need to write them down, store your list in a secure, private place. You should change your passwords and bank PINs regularly and use a different password and bank PIN for each of your accounts. You - You = the biggest and best protection. Please use your knowledge - do not download dodgy things, don't give out your stuff to random people.....You don't have to run everything in Kali, use 10 VPNs, and wear a tinfoil hat on your head to block alien rays, just be smart, think about what you're running and where you're typing your details.
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    https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/rigour Riguor is my draem so i can hit big
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    No rumors.. also enjoy the video, havoc 2! if you haven't watched the first feel free to do so (was focusing on pure nhing) Next one will probably be hybrid or dhing, let me know what you guys prefer next. Note: all items on my account(s) are legit & achieved legitly and is not apart of my admin account in any shape or form.
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    Bought with my own money, wasn’t worth it though and thanks for the nice comments guys
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    Didn't realise you were this good to be honest, ha-ha. Good video, Ali. Excited to see another.
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    Dude best video from Havoc yet by far would love to see more.
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    Great guide! Thank you for this.