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    Selling Alpha tickets & Elder tickets for OSRSGP PM me ingame "skar", or leave a post here Willing to negotiate prices.
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    I uhhh done did the do
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    LMAO this is great.
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    Thanks buddos and.. NO
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    This post made my day. hahahhaaa Thanks!
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    Hello old friends! I was a long time hardcore player on the past two lives of this server, first called Crux then rebranded to Arceuus before finally coming over to the Havoc team. On both servers I was the #1 Ultimate Ironman on leaderboards, first to max on Crux, and only one to max on Arceuus. I wrote a comprehensive guide to maxing an Ultimate Ironman for those two servers, and I want to bring it back to share with all of you. Havoc PS is very very similar to these servers, so the information should all still be valid. Here you guys go, good luck to all aspiring helmies! https://pastebin.com/dsmFNgA0