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    Hello community, I feel like we are slowly going down to less and less players everyday.. How is this possible i ask myself everyday in and out. Maybe we can make a list together of the changes we need to see in the game what will players attract more to play and join. I will start with my list, hope you guys will follow so the owners/develop can see this and take actions about it. 1: We need to let bicep actually play, players who join from his vids leave in second when they notice he just stands 24/7 afk at home. Or let him log so we can say he is just 'offline' for now 1a: More and more advertising, we need more advertising never seen any banner on any site. Maybe its just me thats also possible. 2: Promote pking more, make a npc where you could buy setups for pvp. (Calculate the items from different stores and add it there as a total set price) saves alot of time roaming and asking where to buy the stuff for pvp. 3: Fix the broken Well events, alot of times we get them and its just a waste for the points. 4: Add more benefits for killcounts of Bosses. Example: The PVM Boss, The drophunter something like that. 5: Add a playerowned shops guy at home, selling or buying these days is just a pain, better drop it instead of trying to sell... Just my opinion. 6: Maybe add a developer or anything. all the small fixes is just to much for one guy right now. it just stacks.. Post the things here you guys got in mind. Huge appreciated, CoffeeMouse / Its Coffee
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    So I only thought of this recently.... I'm suggesting that you get vote points from the vote books and not from using the command ::reward in that way vote books would have a value and beginners can make some great starter cash, this would also possibly work with the achievement, this is only my opinion please leave positive criticism. Thanks, Hayden
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    So I've been on the server for quite a bit, and I feel like I can somewhat with no bias and with certainty give an honest overview of the staff members. So on this thread, I'll only give feedback on the availability and reliability of staff members in both forums and in-game, so I made this little sheet on excel. To clarify I kept tabs on the staff members and their availability for the past 2 weeks and with information of the past month to support them but this was knowledge based off 2 weeks of observations essentially(Cameron included due to recent promotion, but I've also seen him online so he's included in this). We can see that the only 2 unreliable staff members are Crux and Coffeemouse, this does not mean they are not helpful or are not great at what they do, this just states that in Crux's situation as a developer they are always unreliable in-game because of the work in the backend, meaning if you have trouble in an aspect of the game you do not straight away go and contact Crux, you go to the next available staff member. In the case of Coffeemouse I've seen him since Arceuus, and if this was Arceuus I would've put him as "Available" but since I've played Havoc I've only seen him online a handful of times, he might have things to take care of in real life hence unreliable. Overall, we only really have 8/17 staff members on a given day; the one thing I would want is a more diverse moderator at least just one or two with a whack timezone from the rest of the staff to fill the void in the server where there is no staff member and the players are left waiting for one to get on.
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    im trully sorry i wasnt online at all i had irl probs, work all raised over head i try to fix it now and ofc Thanx that honest feedback brother have fun every1
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    Hey, Lets make the gravite shortbow better than he is right now, because its terribly bad. Cya
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    Thank you for this post dude, really appreciate that you care so much about the growth of the server. I hope everyone notices this and feels the same way, if everyone got just 1 friend to join, it doubles our playercount so any more would be incredible