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    Haihai! Name's Iron Mewmia, but my actual name is Jessica, I'm a pleb from the land of Ireland and a very bad player but I try! Currently playing as an Ironman because I find being self sufficent more rewarding and fun than playing with trading! I enjoy drawing, playing video games and I have been meaning to get into coding but IRL bullies me so much that I never have the time, but someday, somewhere I will find the opening to pursue it! something interesting here that everyone will remember and love Thanks for reading! Soon I will make a post with all my drops and achievements!
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    PVM drops & achievements I'll be going for pretty much every drop in game, currently my goals are to get a full slayer helm, might color it eventually as well, after that I'd love to get bandos and whatnot. But mainly do slayer so I get random drops <3
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    Thanks! I'll be making another thread like this soon hopefully, currently gathering more drops for the thread so it has proper length <3
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    sick thread love the pics man keep adding em
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    Moved thread to Buying section,
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    You will always still be my bb <3 come back soon
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    Welcome to Havoc Looking forward to seeing your drops & achievement thread ^^
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    sad to see you leave but I'm proud of you for getting a promotion in work, goodluck on your job but I'm glad that you're not quitting see you soon bud
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    Goodluck with your new job buddy! I'll talk to you soon
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    Congratz man. Hope you have fun, and come back soon.
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    Not a droprate but a drop table increase needed for Lizardman Shamans, besides dwh their drops are horrible.
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    I like where you're going with this. But I feel like the rewards should be more based on slayer items instead of boss drop tables. Example for your red rarity might be a slayer helm, hex crest, focus sight, things like that. Could another possibility be introducing a new slayer item only obtainable through these Slayer Mystery Boxes? I would like to see something like this added sort of in a manner as OSRS did the superior drop tables for imbued heart and what not. But anyhow +1 on this.
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    I think ironman should get a drop rate increase for doing everything solo!