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    Greetings Havoc community members! Another patch today, apologies for the quick succession between patches, we had two weeks of work lined up and were not planning on having to delay the initial update however due to unforeseen issues with our website that was not the case. Server updates: Fix bug with manually closed sanctions not actually being closed Skotizo will now drop imbued rings Fix Catherby and other doors stuck closed Reduced amount of buffer time when in an instance Imbuement scrolls are no longer tradeable Blood necklace now gives +6 strength (previously +1) Cheaters will no longer show up on the leaderboards *Cough* @Uhm Fix npc damage map for ironmemes Store updates: The Well of Good Will ticket has been permanently reduced in price to 100 points (from 200) The Well of Good Will ticket is on sale for 40% off The Super Mystery Box is no longer on sale We have added a Supply Crate which grants only skilling supplies When opening the crate you get 10 items Resources range from grimy herbs, logs, gems, raw fish, ore, dragon hide, etc Possible to receive cosmetic items Pyromancer garb Pyromancer robe Pyromancer boots Pyromancer hood Bruma torch Warm gloves The Pyromancer set gives a 50% Firemaking experience boost when the full set is worn Turning in the entire pyromancer set to an administrator will yield a GP reward of 8,000,000,000, if you're interested. You can also keep it or sell to other players Search the drop table for "Supply crate" to see the drop table The Supply Crate is temporarily on sale for 20% off Website updates: Leaderboards are now live! Overall, wilderness overall and top pker information is all displayed! View them here: https://havoc.ps/leaderboards/ Best regards, Havoc Administration team.
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    *Sluuurp* *Click* Noice. Yiff Me Daddy