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    Don't forget to add fix steam staff so u can upgrade it :^)
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    1.VOTE 2.MORE ADS 3.CREATIVE SUGGESTION: add barrows kills to duradel slayer tasks 4.FIX THE CURRENT CONTENT THAT'S NOT WORKING RIGHT BEFORE ADDING MORE STUFF EX: Still cant make zammy spear into hasta leaf bladed sword and lots of other useful items appear as unarmed on the combat tab, which HIGHLY REDUCES THEIR VIABILITY (IF DAGGER DOESNT HAVE A STAB OPTION ITS USELESS) pathing is still a work in progress, lots of dead spots ironmen who die on any height level other than 1 LOSE ALL THE ITEMS THAT ARENT PROTECTED ****HUGE DEAL**** when hunting your traps often disappear or duplicate I WILL CONTINUE TO EDIT AS I REMEMBER THIGNS THAT ARE FUKT UP RIGHT NOW
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    Voting back up, ads ads ads, some more content to keep the server from getting old, more events so players don't get bored. Just a few things off the top of my head. Oh and another developer would be nice, Crux is amazing at what he does, but things would be a lot easier with 1 or 2 more devs as Crux can't do everything at once.
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    Staking addict, good at losing bank ^-^ But other than that you've been a pretty cool dude ^-^ though you still require help sometimes
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    Receive 2 crystal keys Receive 15 minutes double expeirence Receive coins Receive 2 vote points Receive a second roll on the rare vote book table Every vote book opened grants a single roll on the rare vote book table, you can select the option to receive a second roll You will no longer receive coins or vote points on every opening Vote books are tradeable These were the changes made to voting, and i think they're.... decent, could be better considering the economy atm As for other points, i really REALLY feel that this server has the potential to prosper, but what is lacking (told to me by a few people) was the advertising. I've seen the advertising on rsps toplists before and how do i put this..... it doesn't really leave an impact on me.Like it dosen't really appeal to me (maybe it's just me). For now i can't think of a way to keep players interested in this server, for me i personally took a liking to this server after seeing Big Bicep advertise it, tried it out and loved it. Loved the mix of 07-pre eoc, though the whips could look better (pre-eoc styled) but that's not the point. It's about the community, updates, how much fun you can have without getting bored. Going off topic here, lots of people will know me as a mercher but what i think i'm doing is just circulating items/gold around(personal feelings) , trying to help out anyone in need etc etc. I'm a really kind hearted person so yeah. I would really love to see the server at a minimum of 100 people on at all times. Though that may be a tall milestone right now, i feel that this really really possible. Never give up, the current community would love more people around, i'm pretty sure of that. (may have more to add when i think about it later)
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