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    Look, @Ancient and @Ceylon, can you at least let us know what the hell is happening to the server? It's honestly pretty ridiculous. I know of at least another staff member that is still needing a rank beside for myself, and our player base is barely holding at 30 players (10 that are actually online and active). If I am this so-called "Advisor," please let me know, because if so, I'll help run the staff team like an Advisor should. I've already given you recommendations on who I believe should e the CM, and if I were you I would take them until you can figure out a better situation. Our player base is going to just keep dropping and dropping. You guys need to do something. If you're selling Havoc, just tell us. The way the server is right now just makes me not want to play if we're being honest. There can literally be an hour to two hours between messages in the help chat sometimes, the wilderness has maybe 2 people sometimes in it, the number of players in skilling/pvm/pvp areas has dropped dramatically. Just look at the registration count: https://i.imgur.com/9FDIOpV.png This is pretty ridiculous honestly. Like I understand there was a hype built up and it started off strong. All servers are going to go through little downfalls, but only servers that die have numbers go down this bad.