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    Greetings Havoc community members. This patch contains some balancing updates as well as more route finding related fixes as well as the usual bug fixes. Server updates: Kills/deaths/killstreaks have been reset. This was necessary as we implemented a new tracking system for wilderness leaderboards We are now tracking highest killstreak, this will be used for wilderness leaderboards All skills are now being tracked for leaderboards, all this data is being stored now so when leaderboards launch there will be no delay in populating them The Ava's accumulator will now save ammunition at a higher rate (about 30% more often) The Ava's max cape will now save ammunition at the same rate as an Ava's accumulator Protect from magic will no longer block dragonfire from Frost dragons, Lava dragons, metal dragons and brutal dragons Lava dragons can now deal long ranged dragonfire Bounty hunter: You now have the option to not participate in bounty hunter, this will remove the entire bounty hunter hud from your screen. Speak to the Emblem trader to toggle this option You will no longer be penalized for leaving Edgeville with a target A two-minute timer is started when you exit the wilderness and will remain no matter where you go, whereas previously you could not leave Edgeville with a target You will no longer receive the blood money message twice when killing your target Combat-related: It is no longer possible to stack magic attacks using smoke spells Traveling spells (i.e ice blitz, ice barrage etc) now have a correct attack delay based on the distance away from your opponent you are Ice blitz now has a variable damage delay, previous always took 5 ticks to land Combat experience is no longer x10 in any situation (this also corrects XP drops in PvP) Crossbow bolts no longer come from seemingly random locations and instead come out of your crossbow You can no longer cross agility obstacles while frozen Logout mechanics have changed slightly to prevent becoming invulnerable before you're actually off screen Divine Spirit Shield: The passive damage reduction is now performed after protection prayer damage reduction (thus resulting in slightly less overall damage reduction). 6% of the reduced damage will be removed from your prayer points, if you do not have enough prayer points no damage reduction will be performed Blood necklace: Has had its stats nerfed significantly The passive healing effect has changed, it now heals 5% of dealt damage 100% of the time (previously 15% of the damage dealt 25% of the time) Route finding: More optimizations to various route finding algorithms, specifically: Entity inside entity Finding closest traversable perimeter tile around an entity Finding tiles that an entity occupies Route finding fixes You should no longer be forced to walk near a target when you have run enabled When running in for a melee attack from a distance you will no longer stop 2 spaces away, attack, then move near the opponent When standing inside an NPC or an NPC is standing inside of you they should now move to a suitable tile that is not inside of you Best regards, Havoc Administration team
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    I will showcase all of the goals I hope to achieve here as well as their completion kc / level / date Will update whenever I have more goals set ! The Max Cape! Max Cape Skill Goals - Max Cape Skill Goals - Max Cape Skill Goals - 99 / 99 Attack - 26/04/2018 99 / 99 Constitution 65 / 99 Mining 99 / 99 Strength 1 / 99 Agility 57 / 99 Smithing 94 / 99 Defence 1 / 99 Herblore 48 / 99 Fishing 93 / 99 Range 70 / 99 Thieving 48 / 99 Cooking 70 / 99 Prayer 2 / 99 Crafting 19 / 99 Firemaking 75 /99 Magic 8 / 99 Fletching 60 / 99 Woodcutting 1 / 99 Runecrafting 65 / 99 Slayer 73 / 99 Farming 1 / 99 Construction 1 / 99 Hunter 918 / 2277 Total Level The Completionist Cape! Easy Tasks - Medium Tasks - Hard Tasks - Cut an Oak Tree Cut 100 Magic Logs Cut 5,000 Magic Logs Burn an Oak Log Burn 100 Magic Logs Burn 2,500 Magic Logs Mine Some Iron Fish 25 Rocktails Fish 2,000 Rocktail Smelt an Iron Bar Smelt 25 Rune Bars Cook 10,000 Rocktail Harvest a Crop Mine 100 Runite Ore Mine 1,000 Runite Ore Catch a Young Impling Harvest 300 Torstol Smelt 1,000 Rune Bars Craft a Pair of Leather Boots Catch 5 Kingly Implings Harvest 1,000 Torstol Climb an Agility Obstacle Complete a Hard Slayer Task Craft 1,000 Diamond Gems Fletch Some Arrows Craft 20 Black D'hide Bodies Catch 100 Kingly Implings Mix a Potion Fletch 450 Rune Arrows Fletch 5,000 Rune Arrows Runecraft some Runes Mix an Overload Potion Runecraft 8,000 Blood Runes Bury a Big Bone Assemble a Godsword Bury 500 Frost Bones Complete a Slayer Task Climb 50 Agility Obstacles Mix 100 Overload Potions Kill a Monster using Melee Runecraft 500 Blood Runes Complete an Elite Slayer Task Kill a Monster using Range Bury 25 Frost Dragon Bones Defeat King Black Dragon 15 Times Kill a Monster using Magic Defeat Chaos Elemental 15 Times Perform a Special Attack Defeat 15 Tormented Demon's Fight Another Player Defeat Jad 15 Times Set up a Bank PIN Defeat General Graador 15 Times Setup two-step Authentication Defeat Kree'Arra 15 Times Create a Clan Chat Defeat Commander Zilyana 15 Times Defeat K'ril Tsutsaroth 15 Times Defeat The Corporeal Beast 15 Times Defeat Nex 15 Times Defeat Zulrah 15 Times Recharge Prayer 3 Times at Godwars Dungeon Elite Tasks - Cut an Onyx Stone Reach 200M in a non-combat Skill Reach 200M in a combat Skill Reach the Maximum Total Elevel Defeat 10,000 Monsters Defeat 500 Boss Monsters Enchant 5 Onyx Amulet's Complete 100 Boss Slayer Tasks Smith a Dragonfire Shield Kill a Player with 1HP remaining Vote 100 Times Deal 70+ Damage in a single hit Receive 3 Global Drops Win 150 Games of Pest Control Reach 200 Hours Playtime Purchase a Max Cape
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    ironmen can already use the herb secondary shop, let us buy the stuff noted. i hate buying one invo at a time its so time consuming
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    Haihai! Name's Iron Mewmia, but my actual name is Jessica, I'm a pleb from the land of Ireland and a very bad player but I try! Currently playing as an Ironman because I find being self sufficent more rewarding and fun than playing with trading! I enjoy drawing, playing video games and I have been meaning to get into coding but IRL bullies me so much that I never have the time, but someday, somewhere I will find the opening to pursue it! something interesting here that everyone will remember and love Thanks for reading! Soon I will make a post with all my drops and achievements!
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    Give a brother the option to buy a runepouch for either votepoints or achievement points. Currently there's nothing to help you without that wonderful bank, so putting in a runepouch would help us immensely! Thanks!
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    Thanks! I'll be making another thread like this soon hopefully, currently gathering more drops for the thread so it has proper length <3
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    PVM drops & achievements I'll be going for pretty much every drop in game, currently my goals are to get a full slayer helm, might color it eventually as well, after that I'd love to get bandos and whatnot. But mainly do slayer so I get random drops <3
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    sick thread love the pics man keep adding em
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    Moved thread to Buying section,
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    Nope sorry, Nice to meet you TOO! You can fantasize one
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    It's great to see something like that
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    You will always still be my bb <3 come back soon
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    Welcome to Havoc Looking forward to seeing your drops & achievement thread ^^
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    sad to see you leave but I'm proud of you for getting a promotion in work, goodluck on your job but I'm glad that you're not quitting see you soon bud
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    Goodluck with your new job buddy! I'll talk to you soon
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    Congratz man. Hope you have fun, and come back soon.
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    Not a droprate but a drop table increase needed for Lizardman Shamans, besides dwh their drops are horrible.
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    I like where you're going with this. But I feel like the rewards should be more based on slayer items instead of boss drop tables. Example for your red rarity might be a slayer helm, hex crest, focus sight, things like that. Could another possibility be introducing a new slayer item only obtainable through these Slayer Mystery Boxes? I would like to see something like this added sort of in a manner as OSRS did the superior drop tables for imbued heart and what not. But anyhow +1 on this.
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    I think ironman should get a drop rate increase for doing everything solo!