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    #Vale PK Clan Why and how was Vale created? Vale was created on December 26th by myself. Me and a few friends, Foxhunter24 & Skar decided that Vale would be a suitable name to run the wilderness. We aim to ensure gaining and keeping our spot as the best PK clan Havoc will ever see. I can tell all of you with 100% assurance, that without the basis of luck, we would win any current PK wars if there were do be any. You don't have to be able to TriBrid or Brid to be a part of our team, but you will need to know the basics of pking, and loyalty is key. Vale aims to bring a new level of enjoyment to pking, also to make it a bigger & better part of Havoc. The idea of making a PK clan came up when me and my friends would get pked by teams ourselves in the wilderness, then get trash talked on when they'd win 1v4s, we then realized that we should just make our own clan and get easy gp, its that simple. What are we going to do as a team? One of the most obvious things would be pking, we may plan events at certain times with other clans, but will be free to seek a partner for pking at any moment in our clan chat, but keep in mind we are not limited to pking, we have some very skilled PvMers and skillers in our clan too, we will be having our own instanced PvM events, personal skilling events, and even PK events. We want to focus on every aspect of this game as a team, and we have some very knowledgeable players in our clan that are open to help at any time needed. We also aim to own Skotizo 24/7, literally. Rules & Regulations: How can I join Vale? Its very straightforward, to join Vale all you have to do is fill out the form below, and you application will be reviewed. - To get acceptance to our clan, you would need 3 people to vouch for you, 1 being any of the owners or officers, and the other 2 can be anyone in the clan. (e.g: you would post an application, if (me, heist, ada or skar) + 2 other people say that they're good with you being in the clan, then you are accepted) Current Roster: Vale Owners (2/2) : Valentino/Val Heist Vale Officers (2/3) : Skar Ada Vale Recruits (11/20) : Its Me Hyped Womp/Titties Diamantos2 Foxhunter24 Manbearpig Rag Pker Banker Kohlu5 T Ok E 79432 D I E Ban/Enemy list:
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    I already suggested this to crux and it should not be hard to re-locate or even just add another grand exchange npc or trading post in edgeville. I think it will great for the community. Support. Will also stop the flood of selling and buying in help clan chat a little and help people focus on helping the players.
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    Okay everyone seems to be confused about what event will be happening each day so with some help and info from @Crux I decided to make a simple guide to help explain it better. Sunday - Double Slayer Points Monday - Double Vote Points Tuesday - No well cooldown (usually if someone fills well there will be a cooldown until next well event) Wednesday - Double Vote Books Thursday - Free Instances Friday/Saturday - can be a random event which includes . Drop Rate x10 . Drop Rate x15 . Double Drops (slayer task only) . Double Pk event . Double Experience . Free instances Whatever happens on Friday cannot happen again on Saturday
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    Currently, looting bags and rune pouches are only obtainable through the store, I've already got my hands on them, but as a way to perhaps make the wilderness a bit more active, maybe make rune pouches and looting bags available in the blood money store? Rune Pouches - Would cost 4000 Blood Money, would be untradeable, but lost on death past level 30 wilderness. (and disappear) Looting Bags - Can be found when doing wilderness slayer (1/200 Droprate) or can be bought from the bm shop for 2000 Blood Money, and would be lost on death past level 20 wilderness. (and disappear)
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    Good evening Havoc community members. Here is the list of changes in the latest patch. Client changes Added support for bounty hunter skulls atop head Added support for ctrl+shift+click movement Server changes Wilderness skilling Wilderness thieving stall added near the Fountain of Rune Only grants blood money at a rate of around 5k+ blood money per hour Requires level 80 thieving Siphon-able energy sources located near the Fountain of Rune Two types of energy sources are present which require level 40 and level 72 Runecrafting to siphon Upon death, each energy source has a chance to drop noted supplies (herbs, seeds, gems etc) Upon siphoning each energy source gives Runecrafting experience Upon siphoning each energy source grants random amounts of energy fragments which can be spent at the Energy fragment exchange in Edgeville The Energy fragment exchange has several items including the Runecrafter set and omni-talisman staff Energy fragments are tradable Elder chaos druids (level 129) have been added to their familiar location in level 13-16 wilderness Elder chaos druids drop many noted herbs and Herblore secondaries at very reasonable rates Elder chaos druids attack only with magic utilizing the 4 elemental blast spells Wilderness resource area No entry fee is required to enter the resource area 3 Dark crab fishing spots have been added and requires level 85 fishing to catch You need a lobster pot and dark fishing bait in order to catch dark crabs You can purchase dark fishing bait from the tools store in Edgeville Piles is within the resource area and will note any note-able item for a fee of 1 blood money per item Dark crab cooking has been added and requires level 90 Cooking to cook and stops burning at level 99 Bounty hunter skulls have been added and will reflect your current kill streak Level 1 skull: 2+ kill streak Level 2 skull: 4+ kill streak Level 3 skull: 5+ kill streak Level 4 skull: 7+ kill streak Level 5 skull: 10+ kill streak A heavily revised accuracy formula has been deployed for testing purposes This new formula should be more relevant to OSRS taking several factors that were previously ignored into account Best regards, Havoc Administration team
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    second video of the server! enjoy!
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    Hello fellow players, Personally I find this HAVOC PS is very interesting and funs to play and even though I was a hardcore player with OSRS 07 with maxed skills, I decided to leave that game and joined this Havoc PS for a change. Though I have just started playing for a while, the amazing works and efforts by Havoc and staff are awesome and friendly. The only problem is we do not have sufficient number of players in this PS and I certainly hope we as players must do something about it. We have been farming and grinding for the betterment of our game and Havoc developer and staff supports have done tremendous good jobs to ensure everyone of us benefits and enjoy this game. In return, we as players should try our best to help Havoc to next level by introducing our friends to play this game. When popularity increases, this will help to inject financially to the game thus improving and upgrading this game in general. To maintain this game without having any broken or bugged issues, any game developer needs to spend a lot of time, efforts and finances for hardcore players like us to enjoy. As decent players, we can do our part to help Havoc in maintaining this game as long as possible in many ways, just to suggest a few below: Some may opt to donate, while others may opt to bring in more friends and introduce them of this friendly atmosphere. Some may help if not financially, as support staff either in forums and/or as game moderators. Basically, the purpose of my thread here is, personally, I love to this see game to grow over time and hopefully more players will join this PS, this will help the economy to grow as well both ingame and financial supports. Lets make this game popular and lets do whatever we can to help Havoc. Please do our part as players if you enjoyed playing this OSRS.
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    Adding a zero-cooldown star event to the 1B well events would be pretty cool, having it last for maybe 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours. I believe that this event would be one of the more liked ones, considering the amount of people that camp stars, the rewards possible and exceptional Mining exp. The community seems to really enjoy stars overall, and I feel that this would encourage more use of the well.
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    Scouting is just a tactic in the wilderness, plus you can tell when a player is a scout, and you can act accordingly. It is not game breaking or overpowered.
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    I think it's hilarious. Get memed son.
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    Here are the current issues with Tormented Demons: They overly camped by inexperienced players. They have no requirements to kill. They are all aggro, making players almost completely safe there, and also making it easier to semi-afk these. Their drop-rates are way too high for a monster thats so easy to kill. Claws cost 300m-400m because of how easy they are, a weapon like such should be atleast 1b. How to overcome these issues: Do not allow bossing until 3 hours of playtime, this way there are fewer alts just afking demons for quick money. Perhaps give them a requirement to kill, anything ranging from 60-92 slayer, or a certain achievement. Remove their aggro! Players are way too confident when camping at Tormented Demons, its the wilderness! It's so easy to access and so easy to get away, a matter of no risk/high reward, which isn't what the wildy is meant to consist of. Pking is meant to be a HUGE part of Havoc, this may also incentivise players to pk more. I would highly suggest some kind of return of ALL dragon claws, how this would work is every person with a pair of claws, would have their claws replaced with the current market price of dragon claws, (Being 300m-400m, randomly selected number). This is genuinely the only way to stabilize the cost of claws, unless Havoc someone gains 1000 loyal new players. Move them deeper in the wilderness, this would give some space for pvmers to get away, much rather than the current simplistic method being running 2 levels down to teleport out with an amulet of glory. (Suggested by I Eat Bread) Change the 'Target' mechanics, if a player receives a target, they will not be able to skip it unless they are in safe zones, and if the player's target is fighting an npc, make it so that players can tag the players of the NPC, not in PvP fights, but only PvM fights. Thank you, all feedback is appreciated. Update: Claws are being sold at 220m-300m tops, with difficulty, this is very concerning. December 29th, claws being sold at 200m.. cheaper than a ring of wealth, astonishing.
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    Hello Havoc community members and Merry Christmas! This is officially the last update of the year, no new content but several QoL changes, fixes and additions. Server updates: When looting coins from the ground they will now always attempt to go into your pouch even if you have a full inventory All clan chats have been increased to support a maximum of 500 members Rock slugs have been fixed You should receive Green dragons less often as a wilderness Slayer task You can now kill baby blue dragons on a blue dragon task Lizardman shaman exploding spawns will no longer follow you outside of the shaman area Lizardman shaman exploding spawns will no longer be triggered if the parent shaman has died or is dying Fix Armadyl chainskirt drop from Skotizo All instances of summoning/dungeoneering have been removed from the game (and we have a new skill tab interface to boot!) Fix bugs with pest control Fix bugs with BH interface remaining on screen when it should not be Jad now has (4) healers and will perform melee attacks should you be within distance Cannonballs are now 220 gp/e (previously 88 gp/e) Armadyl godsword is now worth 1,500,000 (previously 1,000,000) to help protect it over more items on death 'Donated amount' is no longer displayed in-game When enabling authenticator the achievement will now unlock If you double death with Jad it is now considered a safe death for hardcore ironmen When dying to a NPC as Hardcore Iron Man it will now be announced which NPC killed you Ancient magicks now use OSRS animations The blue wizard hat should no longer make your head invisible All mystic items now require 20 defence and 40 magic to wear (previously 40 defence and 20 magic) Base rune amounts in the store have been increased 2fa should now actually only ask for a pin when your IP or unique identifier has changed Your forum email address has been linked up with the game, you will only receive the 5% drop rate bonus if you setup your email AND 2fa Fix gold ore Fix runite ore (2 rocks near lava maze, 3 rocks near ice plateau, 2 rocks in mining guild) All doors in mining guild are now functional All rocks in mining guild should now be functional Fix furnace at wilderness resource area Fix rune bar drops for Skeletal wyvern Energy potions will now give you an empty vial after dose (1) is consumed Super energy potions will now give you an empty vial after dose (1) is consumed The prayer restoring affects of the demonhorn, split dragontooth and twisted bird skull necklace will now work when using the bone crusher Top pker interface has received a facelift Kraken now has tentacles and they must be disturbed before you can disturb the main Kraken pool Fixed many cases where interaction would not stop combat or other actions (i.e unnoting bones on bank while using altar at the same time) Route finding has been completely rewritten, apologies that this was not done sooner This means that all dead tiles found throughout the world should be fixed Combat following and normal following has been optimized Entity interactions have been completely rewritten This means that wonky objects like the Warriors Guild stairs and doors won't force you to move around in circles and essentially 'dance' with the object before interacting Objects can no longer be interacted with through walls or other objects Spam clicking objects will no longer cancel the original action causing the "You can not reach that!" hook to be sent Experience lamps are now balanced for each experience rate. Experience lamps now give XP based off of the experience rate of the skill you use it on. The formula for determining the experience you would receive is base_experience * experience_rate * 10 The base_experience of an Antique lamp is 500 The base_experience of a Dragonkin lamp is 1,000 Experience rate is determined by the experience rate of your skill or game mode Agility tickets have been slightly nerfed and now scale with experience rate 1 Agility ticket will now grant 75 * agility_experience_rate experience, the Agility experience rate is x30 for normal accounts Daily task experience gained on task completion will grant 1 Dragonkin lamp worth of experience in the skill your task was for We at the Havoc team all wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I'll see you all next year. Best regards, Havoc Administration team.
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    Hey everyone, Valentino here, not going to share my real name because its the internet. My in game name is also 'Valentino', I have an alt with donator status & DR increase, and plan on changing it to realism mode if possible. I've been playing havoc since before the reset, I used to play 07 a tonne and have played multiple RSPS' in the past. I found out about the server when I took a break from 07 and would just watch YouTube videos, paying BigBicep got me here lmao, so props for that. Havoc is a bloody great server, the eco reset made it much better, even though I was pissed at first. I'm 18, and I live in Dubai, I spend a lot of time on forums, and will be on this one quite a bit. I'm also good with graphics, hopefully will be able to produce some great guides and more to the forums when I'm home and have access to my computer. I plan on eventually maxing my account, hope to see you all in game, adios.
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    https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/rigour Riguor is my draem so i can hit big
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    Hello players of Havoc! Here is the list of today's changes: Client Changes Slight optimizations to rendering, may solve the FPS issues people are having. Added Autochat feature, right click public chat icon to set your autochat message. Added Custom preset selections to Quest Tab interface. Sending new client identification key on login. Server Changes Added ability to set and save custom presets. (May only use spawnable items for now) Fixed a glitch which allowed you to plant flowers on top of each other. Fixed flower plant ratio for Black and White flowers to match OSRS. Fixed a glitch which caused duplicate items to be lost on death. Added Thread and Needle to the General store. Added Pestle and mortar and Vial of water to the General store. Fixed noted Dark crabs banking and withdrawing. Added proper Dragon spear special attack.
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    Hello community. Here is the list of today's changes: Client Changes Fixed Npc examine packet. Server Changes Added announcements for Crystal chest and Mystery box rewards. Added periodic global messages. Disabled item selling to the general store. Added skillcape shop to Edgeville bank. Examining Skotizo will now display it's drop table. Added Seers ring to Blood money shop. Removed Lime whip from the game. Added pricing for Dragon arrows, Ring of recoild and Super combat potions. Removed Caskets and Ruined backpacks from the game. Added Dragon Defender to untradables store. Replaced void in untradables store with working one (You only need repurchase the helmets). After being freezed, if your opponent walks outside your field of view you will get unfrozen. Added warnings for Wilderness teleport commands. Added Spade to tools store. Added ability to change combat stats by click their skill icon. Added teleport immunity, you wont be able to get hit 1 tick after teleporting. Fixed Granite maul special attack. Broken barrows are now tradable and lost on death. Removed Completionist cape from the game. Changed ::yell command message format. Added ::store and ::vote commands to open up our website store and voting.
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    Thieving ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some important tips before we start off: Set your player & NPC 'Attack' Options to either always right click or hidden. This is to prevent you from accidentally hitting an NPC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 - 20 Thieving 1 - 20 Thieving will be carried out on men ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 - 35 Thieving 20 - 35 Thieving will be carried out on the silk stall in the centre of Ardy The stall can be found on the northern side of Ardy centre ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35 - 70 Thieving 35 - 70 Thieving is then done on the fur stall in the south of ardy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70 - 80 Thieving 70 - 80 Thieving will be done on paladins, this is where your right click only comes into use because you can just spam click the NPC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 80 - 99 Thieving So most of the hard work is now completed and its now just down to one NPC to get you a lot of money and another 99, 80 - 90 Thieving will be carried out on heroes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 99 Thieving ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm guessing if you reached the end of this post you achieved 99 Thieving, post screenshots in your replies boys and good luck! If you need any help PM me in game the name is Cameron or Cameron pk!
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    Greetings Havoc community members - I hope everyone had an excellent holiday. I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates recently, I was away with family from the 24th until the 3rd roughly. Lots of work has gone into correcting some of the annoying issues we have been experiencing lately which is another cause of the delay. Anyway with that preface out of the way, we have some juicy updates for you. Client updates: Members in your clan chat will now be shown in blue on the minimap The maximum zoom distance when in resizable has been decreased The "General store" in the room north of the bank has been renamed to "Supplies store" Several visual bugs have been corrected (such as stat legs+dragon boots) Resizable mode now has an extended render distance when zoomed out, note that this feature cannot be toggled and uses more resources than before Server updates: Fix Player deserializer database task not closing after consumer is accepted, causing players to see "Your account is currently online", when it isn't. Also the cause of many staff logging commands not being able to be executed Fix crash when drinking sanfew and regular restore potions TzTok Jad will no longer have their healers remain after you or they have died Gargoyle's have been fixed, you should no longer be unable to attack them when someone leaves the kill unfinished Gargoyle's attack distance has been corrected You can no longer infinitely run while using CTRL with no energy "A bird's nest falls out of the tree" message will no longer be sent when mining a clue geode Pets now use a simple route finder, they can and will get stuck on objects more easily in order to prevent some unresponsiveness caused by excessive pets Following now uses a simple route finder, you can and will get stuck on objects more easily in order to prevent some unresponsiveness caused by excessive player following Fix wilderness ditch making players bunny hop/lock them in place as their action was interrupted Fix wilderness ditch forcing your character to turn around when hoping The bug which caused you to still be attackable when frozen outside the wilderness has been fixed You can no longer interact with the bank chest from the wilderness ditch Fix special cases where certain special attacks would ignore protection prayers (occurred with a lot of specials, most notably Korasi) You can no longer be poisoned or frozen during the tutorial The lever at the deserted keep has been added Fix object interaction not cancelling current actions (i.e using bank command while runecrafting) Fix magic/yew tree area route finding You now must be within 1 space of a lever in order to use it (cannot be used through walls etc anymore) When entering a FFA lobby or game the effects of an overload potion will now wear off When duo-slaying you and your partner can no longer kill the same npc for a double-kill The stray lava dragon found near Lizardmen has been removed Colored dark bows are no longer 1 tick faster on rapid compared to the normal dark bow Fixed bug with NPC aggression allowing more than one NPC on you in a non-multi area Ancestral armor can now be worn The Inferno: Multiple attempts at The Inferno will no longer put you on wave 2 instead of wave 1 JalTok Jad will no longer have their healers remain after you or they have died JalKek within The Inferno will no longer perform the revive animation when no monsters have died JalNib will now spawn further apart JalImKot will no longer burrow into positions which it will get stuck Rocky Support boundaries have been touched up, you can now lure and range npcs from more correct distances Several spawn points for bigger npcs have been corrected to prevent them from getting stuck Fix Ancestral Glyph boundaries as well as positions its allowed to move to Cerberus Fix Cerberus safe spots You can no longer drag Cerberus out of the arena, flames have been added which must be crossed Flames deal 5 damage no matter which way you're crossing Flames cannot be ranged/maged over Summoned souls from Cerberus now have a maximum hit range of 32 tiles (previously 10), no avoiding them now Lava pools spawned by Cerberus now properly explode after 17 ticks Tormented demons Tormented demons are no longer aggressive Tormented demons will now change attack styles more often (double the rate compared to before) HP increased to 300 from 250 When protecting melee they are weak to Range When protecting mage they are weak to Melee When protecting range they are weak to Magic Attack styles are more random and less predictable Dragon claws drop rate changes to 1/1000 Dragon claws have received a buff of 15% accuracy when using their special attack Rock cake The old "Rock cake" item is no longer functional. You can simply drop it Add Dwarven rock cake to general store for both regular players and Ironmen Add rock cake 'guzzle' option, it will deal 15% of your current health as damage when eaten, maximum damage is 10, minimum damage is 1 The cape rack You can now purchase the trimmed and untrimmed music cape variants from the cape rack at home You can now purchase cape hoods from the cape rack The cape rack has had a nice visual upgrade Ava's devices are now properly implemented Ava's attractor will protect ammunition 50% of the time Ava's accumulator will protect ammunition 72% of the time You can now combine your max cape with a Fire cape, Infernal cape, God cape, Ardogune cloak, or Ava's device Combining your max cape with one of your existing capes is just a cosmetic upgrade for the cape you've combined it with. You lose the max cape effects and stats Ava's devices now work for the Blowpipe Ammunition will no longer spawn on tiles that are not reachable (i.e water when killing zulrah, etc) The Completionist, Max or Range cape now provides the same effect as an accumulator The Ring of Life has been correctly implemented and now works up to level 30 wilderness if you are not teleblocked The Defence cape provides an always-on version of the Ring of Life The Max cape provides an always-on version of the Ring of Life Best regards, Havoc Administration team
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    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Get Items Needed For Hunter: Once you get to either Puro Puro or the Karamja trapping you will need to buy 10 jars and a butterfly net from the "Hunting Expert" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 - 63 Hunter To start hunter you will have to begin by catching baby implings until level 17, to catch implings you will need a butterfly net in your inventory and some free impling jars. You can catch any of these implings if you have the level to do so, the more you catch = more xp. Level 1 - Baby Implings Level 17 - Young Implings Level 34 - Gourmet Implings Level 34 - Earth Implings Level 40 - Essence Implings Level 50 - Eclectic Implings Level 58 Nature Impling Jar ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 63 - 99 Hunter 63 - 99 Hunter will be now done by catching red and grey chins at karamja trapping, there is a very strategic way to do so and if you follow this you will get 99 in no time, to start this you will need 5 box traps which you can get from the Hunting Expert. Once you set the traps up in this position, either side of the rocks as you spawn in, it will be the fastest way to get hunter xp, much quicker than puro puro which we was doing previously. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 99 Hunter ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm guessing if you reached the end of this post you achieved 99 hunter, post screenshots in your replies boys and good luck! If you need any help PM me in game the name is Cameron or Cameron pk!
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    Highly support this, and for the people that do not know skillboi over here he's the top grinder on the server, and this makes it so all his suggestions have ground to them since he does grind a lot and obtain things purely through grinding giving him higher inside than the casual player.
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    Finally finished getting my max cape, really hope it gets a buff or I could attach inferno etc. to it, would love pking with it.
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    So you're claiming that u got rigour and augury yourself.. bs. Nice vid tho
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    Hello Havoc community! With influx of a lot of new players we are doing our best to bring out as many updates as possible. Thanks everyone for your feedback in regards of what changes we have to make in order to make Havoc a better place. Without further ado, here is the list of today's updates: Client Changes Implemented new system for cache downloading. Client downloads should now be much faster and more reliable since we switched to CDN. Created a new Launcher package for people who had problems running the client. If you are one of those people, please try using the following link: http://assets.havoc.ps/launcher/havoc.zip Server Changes Added proper level requirements to Primordial, Pegasian and Eternal boots. Voting rewards will now work properly and give you increased PK rewards. Added Slayer gem and regular Uncut gems to the General Store. Added Antifire potions to the Supply store. Added Blood money prices for Serpentine helmet and Toxic staff of the dead. Changed Zulrah drop table to drop correct Serpentine helmet. Added ability to eat Pineapple pizza, removed other redundant pizzas from the supply store. Added ability to drink Guthix rest. Changed Abyssal tentacle bonuses to match OSRS. Removed Full Void accuracy decrease. Replaced Red chinchompas in the Supplies store with a working version. Added notice messages for increased Havoc key rates and OSGP donations. Removed Zamorak brews from the game. Replaced Zamorak brews in the bank loadout with Prayer potions. Boosted Hitpoints will now deplete just like regular skills. Hide tanning will now cost Blood money instead of Coins. Added global announcement whenever someone gets shutdown from their killstreak. In addition to you will now receive Vote points from voting which you will be able to exchange for cosmetic items in the future. Ground items in the Wilderness will now disappear after 2 minutes. Spawned a Doomsayer in Lumbridge for Clue Scroll completion. Added a global drop table that will be applied to all monsters with missing drops. Contains useful skilling items. Enabled Havoc key drops for Wilderness player killing. Player count on the website will now be automatically updated by the server.