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    #Vale PK Clan Why and how was Vale created? Vale was created on December 26th by myself. Me and a few friends, Foxhunter24 & Skar decided that Vale would be a suitable name to run the wilderness. We aim to ensure gaining and keeping our spot as the best PK clan Havoc will ever see. I can tell all of you with 100% assurance, that without the basis of luck, we would win any current PK wars if there were do be any. You don't have to be able to TriBrid or Brid to be a part of our team, but you will need to know the basics of pking, and loyalty is key. Vale aims to bring a new level of enjoyment to pking, also to make it a bigger & better part of Havoc. The idea of making a PK clan came up when me and my friends would get pked by teams ourselves in the wilderness, then get trash talked on when they'd win 1v4s, we then realized that we should just make our own clan and get easy gp, its that simple. What are we going to do as a team? One of the most obvious things would be pking, we may plan events at certain times with other clans, but will be free to seek a partner for pking at any moment in our clan chat, but keep in mind we are not limited to pking, we have some very skilled PvMers and skillers in our clan too, we will be having our own instanced PvM events, personal skilling events, and even PK events. We want to focus on every aspect of this game as a team, and we have some very knowledgeable players in our clan that are open to help at any time needed. We also aim to own Skotizo 24/7, literally. Rules & Regulations: How can I join Vale? Its very straightforward, to join Vale all you have to do is fill out the form below, and you application will be reviewed. - To get acceptance to our clan, you would need 3 people to vouch for you, 1 being any of the owners or officers, and the other 2 can be anyone in the clan. (e.g: you would post an application, if (me, heist, ada or skar) + 2 other people say that they're good with you being in the clan, then you are accepted) Current Roster: Vale Owners (2/2) : Valentino/Val Heist Vale Officers (2/3) : Skar Ada Vale Recruits (11/20) : Its Me Hyped Womp/Titties Diamantos2 Foxhunter24 Manbearpig Rag Pker Banker Kohlu5 T Ok E 79432 D I E Ban/Enemy list:
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    Official Price Guides 13/10/2018 Made byDarklord Pks Edited by Triplem177 Barrows Dharok's Helmet 2-3m Dharok's Platebody 2-4m Dharok's Platelegs 3-5m Dharok's Greataxe 1,5-3m Set: 10-15m Guthan's Helmet 1-2m Guthan's Platebody 1-2m Guthan's Chainskirt 1-2m Guthan's Warspear 1-2m Set: 5m-8m Torag's Helmet 1m Torag's Platebody 1.5m Torag's Platelegs 2-3m Torag's Hammers 1m Set: 6m Verac's Helmet 2m Verac's Brassard 1m Verac's Plateskirt 3-5m Verac's Flail 300-600k Set: 5-8m Karil's Coif 1m Karil's top 5m Karil's Skirt 2m Karil's Crossbow 3m Set: 8-10m Ahrim's Hood 1m Ahrim's Robetop 5m Ahrim's Robeskirt 5m Ahrim's Staff 300k-1m Set: 10-12mm Godwars Armadyl Godsword 800-1000m Bandos Godsword 75-100m Saradomin Godword 50-75m Zamorak Godsword 50-75m Bandos Chestplate 125-150m Bandos Tassets 125-150m Bandos Boots 20m Armadyl Helmet 100m Armadyl Chestplate 250-300m Armadyl Chainskirt 250-300m Armadyl Crossbow 250-300m Zamorakian Spear/Hasta 75-100m Saradomin Sword 20-25m Jewellery Amulet of Fury 30-40m Occult Necklace 75m Necklace of Anguish 1000m-1200m Amulet of Torture 1000m-1200m Amulet of the damned -65-75m Seers' Ring 10m Archers' Ring 15m Berserker Ring 25m-35m Warrior ring - 10m Ring of Wealth 100-150m Arcane stream necklace - 300m-400m Boots / Sheilds / helmets Dragon Boots 2m Ranger Boots 1000m-1200m Primordial Boots 1500m+ Pegasian Boots 2500-3000m Eternal Boots 750-900m Steadfast boots - 300-400m Glavien boots - 300-400m Ragefire boots - 300-400m Serpentine Helmet 1750-2000m Dragonfire Shield 100-125m Odium Ward 35-50m Malediction Ward 35-50m Mage's Book 30m Slayer helmet - 550-600m Full slayer helmet - 1.5b-1.8b Red Full slayer helmet - 3b-3.5b Green Full slayer helmet - 5b+ Black Full slayer helmet - 4b ** slayer helmet prices are determined by rareity of NPC heads** Abby head being the easiest KBD head being medium rareity KQ head being the rarest Spirit shields Divine spirit shield - 5-6b Elysian Spirit Shield 3.5-5b Arcane Spirit Shield 2b-2.5b Spectral Spirit Shield 1000-1250m Blessed Spirit Shield 20-25m Holy Elixir 15-20m Dragon kite shield - 2b-2.5b Weapons Abyssal Whip 80-100m Staff of light 15-20m Staff of the Dead 350-400m Toxic Staff of the Dead 1250-1300m Trident of the Seas 1250-1500m Trident of the Swamp 2000-2500m Toxic Blowpipe 1750-2000m Dragon Warhammer 5000m+ Chaotic longsword - 250-350m Chaotic Rapier - 550-600m Chaotic Crossbow - 400m-500m Chaotic staff- 350-400m Chaotic maul - 400m-500m Primal rapier - 1750-2000m Primal 2h - 550-600m Primal longsword - 550-600m Primal maul -650m Primal spear - N/A Primal dagger - N/A Dragon Claws 350-400m Granite maul - - 50m Ice whip mix - 6-8b Lava Whip mix - 6-8b - Pk Amours Blood money - 25-30k each Vesta chainbody - 800m-1b Vesta chainskirt - 800m-1b Vesta longsword - 800m-1b Statius Full helmet - 200-300m Statius platebody - 350-400m Statius Platelegs - 350-400m Statius Warhammer - 500-600m Morrigans coif - 150-200m Morrigans body - 350-400m Morrigans chaps - 350-400m axe's / jav = N/A Zuriels hood - 150-200m Zuriels body - 550-600m Zuriels bottoms - 550-600m Zuriels staff 500m Nex and Skotizo Torva helmet - 1B-2B Torva Platebody - 7B-8B Torva platelegs -5B-6B Set = 16B-18B Pernix cowl - 500-1B Pernix body - 5-6B Pernix chaps - 5-6B Set = 12B Virtus mask - 500-1B Virtus body - 4-5B Virtus bottoms - 4-5B Set = 8-10B Ancestral Hat N/A Ancestral Robe Top N/A Ancestral Robe Bottom N/A Rares Santa Hat 3B Black partyhat -N/A White Partyhat - 5b+ Yellow Partyhat - 5b+ Green Partyhat - 5b+ Purple Partyhat - 5b+ Blue Partyhat - 5b+ Red Partyhat - 5b+ Blue H'ween Mask 3b+ Green H'ween Mask 3b+ Red H'ween Mask 3b+ Mystery Box -100-200m Super Mystery Box 500-600m Orange hween - 15b-20b Blue Hween - 15b-20b White Hween - 15b-20b 3rd Age Melee Full Helmet 250-300m 3rd Age Melee Platebody 300-400m 3rd Age Melee Platelegs 300-400m 3rd Age Melee Kiteshield 300-400m 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 300-400m 3rd Age Mage Robe Legs 300-400m 3rd Age Range Top 250-300m 3rd Age Range Legs 250-300m Drop rate increase -1500m-2000m Primal pieces 500-800m a peice Skilling supplies Yew Log 20k ea Magic Log 50k ea Coal 1-3k ea Adamantite Ore 1k ea Adamantite Bar 15-25k ea Runite Ore 10k ea Runite Bar 35-40k ea Dragon Bones 60-70k ea Dagannoth Bones 100k ea FrostDragon Bones 125k-150k Raw sharks - 20k ea Rocktail - 60k ea Anglerfish - 45k ea Gems - down to seller Vote books = 20m each XP Lamps - 20m-25m ea Crystal Key 8-10m Loop halfs and tooth = 4m ea
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    Okay everyone seems to be confused about what event will be happening each day so with some help and info from @Crux I decided to make a simple guide to help explain it better. Sunday - Double Slayer Points Monday - Double Vote Points Tuesday - No well cooldown (usually if someone fills well there will be a cooldown until next well event) Wednesday - Double Vote Books Thursday - Free Instances Friday/Saturday - can be a random event which includes . Drop Rate x10 . Drop Rate x15 . Double Drops (slayer task only) . Double Pk event . Double Experience . Free instances Whatever happens on Friday cannot happen again on Saturday
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    Hey everyone, Valentino here, not going to share my real name because its the internet. My in game name is also 'Valentino', I have an alt with donator status & DR increase, and plan on changing it to realism mode if possible. I've been playing havoc since before the reset, I used to play 07 a tonne and have played multiple RSPS' in the past. I found out about the server when I took a break from 07 and would just watch YouTube videos, paying BigBicep got me here lmao, so props for that. Havoc is a bloody great server, the eco reset made it much better, even though I was pissed at first. I'm 18, and I live in Dubai, I spend a lot of time on forums, and will be on this one quite a bit. I'm also good with graphics, hopefully will be able to produce some great guides and more to the forums when I'm home and have access to my computer. I plan on eventually maxing my account, hope to see you all in game, adios.
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    https://funds.gofundme.com/dashboard/rigour Riguor is my draem so i can hit big
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    second video of the server! enjoy!
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    *There's some I need to add but unable to find the images for just yet, will update as soon as I can. Please let me know below if you notice any missing though, thank you.* Thanks to @A B N and @Peter for providing some that I was missing Anagrams "A Zen She" - Zenesha: Zenesha is the owner of the armoury on the south end of Ardougne Square. "Aha Jar" - Jaraah: Jaraah is located on the western wall of the Duel Arena building. "Are Col" - Oracle: The Oracle is located on top of the mountain to the west of the Edgeville Monastery. Run up the entrance just north of the "Dwarf Cannon" quest location. "Do Say More" - Doomsayer: The Doomsayer is located just outside of the Lumbridge Castle walls. "Dragons Lament" - Strange Old Man: The Strange Old Man is located right next to the teleport spot at ::barrows. "Eek Zero Op" - Zookeeper: The Zookeeper can be found in none other than the Ardougne Zoo. (Southwest of the Ardougne City Teleport "Lark in Dog" - King Roald: King Roald can be found in the Varrock castle. Maps Emotes Normal clues Search the bookcase in the lumbridge swamp. Search the crates in Horviks armoury. Search the crates near a cart in Varrock.
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    This guide will be to introduce wilderness slayer to anyone who's interested in doing it. The first thing to know is that any pk account HAS TO do wilderness slayer. If you're someone who wants to eventually switch to normal slayer, I recommend you make a new account before spending more time on your pk account. The Wilderness slayer master is located east of the shops, in Edgeville. Slayer points can be spent on things that Krystilla has for sale, which is the same things as normal slayer masters. Spending Points As a pk account, the points you'll want to spend to optimize time might vary a bit, since from the get-go, you can get tasks that can potentially take a really, really long time. In general, you should save up to atleast 30 points, and buy a torso as soon as you can if it's a goal you were eventually aiming for, which has a cost of 25 points. Slayer points are very important to have when doing Wilderness slayer, so try not to waste them. What I mean by this is to not necessarily camp up to 200 points and directly spend them on a ring of wealth. You're going to want to keep some on standby, in case you get a very bad task. Eventually, you can buy whatever you want. Anything's good. Go with what's currently being sold. Slayer helm and ring of wealth are 2 solid choices. When you complete a task, you get 10 points. Every 10 tasks in a row completed, you get 50 points instead of 10. Here's an example, just to make this phrase more clear: Task 1 to 9 -> 10 Points per task Task 10 -> 50 Points Task 11 to 19 -> 10 Points per task Task 20 -> 50 Points [...] Task 50 -> More than 50 points, will be updated as soon as I know. If you know, please tell me. Skipping/Blocking tasks When you're doing wilderness slayer, there are some tasks that are an absolute no. The 2 I've found since I've started, along with one that's optional, are: Lava Dragons: This is, without a doubt, the worst possible task you can get in this game. You need to skip this task the moment you get it, and block it as soon as possible. With about 40 kills to do when you receive the task itself, the worst part isn't even killing them, which is, by the way, a very slow kill. Lava dragons are pk paradise. Even if you bring full brews and don't pick up a single item, there is absolutely no means to escape from there. 2 players who don't really know how to pk and have freeze can easily kill you. Chaos Fanatic: This one have extremely high health, ask for a lot of attention and hit really high. All these 3 reasons make this a simple no when doing tasks. If it gets nerfed in the near future, it might become worth it. Until then, I recommend you skip it and block it if possible. Crazy Archeologist: This one actually isn't so bad, I happen to enjoy killing it. It's a bit easier to do than Chaos Fanatic, so it isn't quite as hard to kill it, but if you're looking for faster slayer, you should definitely look into blocking this one. Anti-PKing When on any tasks, you have the choice of going there ready to anti-Pk, or not. What I mean by this is if you do want to anti-PK, you need to bring everything. By this I mean a special attack weapon, a ranged/melee switch, and vengeance. Protecting yourself Bringing a scout is an option when doing Wilderness Slayer. Depending on the task at hand, it could be useful to have. If doing something like revenants, having a scout could be useful. Simply being alert is also good. If below 20 wildy, have ::edge pre-typed can always be a good idea. This part's, to be honest, probably even more important than having a scout. When you're doing Wilderness Slayer, LOOK AT YOUR TARGETS. It's as easy as pie to see if you're targets running to your level wilderness and searching for you. It's also hilarious if you're underground, since they almost never find you (in edge dungeon). If you get a person you know is a PKer, skip them, and you might want to run or atleast stock up on food just in case, since a PKer looking for people doing slayer will notice if their targets skips them in a heartbeat. If you get a target that's 2-8 wilderness, they're mostly likely doing risk fights or dharok's fights, so those targets are good to keep. For those who are thinking "Jokes on them! I'll just use my alt and make it my main's target.", the jokes on you, because you can't get your alt as a target. Mysterious Emblems A thing to know about Wilderness Slayer is that apart from revenants and lava dragons (lava dragons should be skipped or blocked), they all have nothing good in there drop table, BUT. Since you're doing Wilderness Slayer, any creature that you're doing on task, and I repeat any, drops Mysterious Emblem. Expect about 2 per task. These can be used when pking targets and can be traded at the emblem trader for 200 blood money when they're at level one. These add up, pick them up when you get some. Also, pay attention, since sometimes they're hard to spot and won't appear in the chatbox like most drops do. Slayer Locations Time for the biggest part! Bandits -> Castle dragons, run north around the castle and follow the lava path. I recommend bringing ranged to these, since they're a bit far apart. Black Demons -> Edgeville dungeon teleport (or just run there), go to the wilderness, northwest. Black Knights -> Venenatis boss tele, and run north-west. Chaos Fanatic -> Bosses, Chaos Fanatic. Crazy Archeologist -> Bosses, Crazy Archeologist. Deadly Red Spiders -> Edgeville dungeon teleport (or just run there), go to the wilderness, northwest, south of the black demons. Earth Warrior -> Edgeville dungeon teleport (or just run there), go to the wilderness, north, swing over the bars, north again. Ghosts -> Bosses, Crazy Archeologist Run north to 27 wilderness. I recommend bringing ranged to these, since they're a bit far apart. Giant Bat -> ::mb, right outside to the west. Giant Spiders -> Wilderness teleports, last page, lava dragons, run north-west. Green Dragons -> Wilderness teleports, east/castle/graveyard dragons. Grizzly Bears -> From the slayer master, run north for about 13 wilderness levels. I recommend bringing ranged to these, since they're a bit far apart. Lava Dragons -> Wilderness teleports, last page, lava dragons. (DON'T DO THIS TASK IF YOU CAN SKIP IT) Lesser Demons -> Bosses, King Black Dragon teleport, Moss Giants -> Bosses, Tormented demons, run east for a while. For those more familiar with OSRS, they're by the canoe, north of black chins. Revenants -> There are 2 options that I found. The first option is easier, and the second option can be more rewarding. Option 1: Bosses, Crazy Archeologist, There's an ork west and a hellhound south. Option 2: ::mb, run southwest. (by the building with the ladder) There's a dark beast and a knight. The dark beast hits hard, so vengeance can be very useful, and be careful at this one. Skeleton -> North of Krystillia (the slayer master) Zombies -> Graveyard Dragons, run south. Feel free to pm me about any questions on this, and feel free to post if I'm missing anything. I only posted every monster I've personally gotten, so I might not have every single one. Happy Slaying!
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    It's about time I made this, tbh I wanted to make it a while ago but didn't have the time. As most of you know, I'm a level 3 skiller. I'm trying to get the max total, which is 1502, for a skiller. I will be updating this as I go from this point on. I also have a not-so-secret secret x5 skiller I'll start after I'm done with maxing Littlee. Current skills: As of 1/29/2018: Achieved both 99 Herblore and Crafting: Old total exp: 184,818,722 New Total exp: 200,867,722 Gained Exp: +16,048,325
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    Finally finished off 200M WC experience, thus finishing all achievements for the completionist cape! Now it will be back to the slayer grind
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    After putting roughly 150 hours into the previous Havoc and having everything get reset I lost interest in the game, after playing with the new update and seeing all of this bugs and seeing new staff members that are completely new to Havoc I am deciding to part ways with Havoc. I am unable to play on Wretched and I don't feel like playing on an alt (Even though I'm losing minimal progress) I'm going to try to sell my BM (if it's legal) and my donator points for 07 (If I ever get them transferred to another account). I was looking forward to becoming a moderator and watching the game grow, but now that dream is dead. Shoutout to Amarel/Itachi/Murder/Peekay/Carbz/Chief/BigBicep/Alpha God/Barrie/Jim Carroll/Hon0r and most importantly Karnage. I know I'm forgetting lots more, but it was so much fun playing with all of you! Thank you, Ceylon for being really fucking cool... Most of the time. <3 Thank you, Ancient for being awesome for my first few days, then you started ignoring me. Klepto, you've put in so much work and you're doing an amazing job. Keep it up! Crux, I've only recently just met you, But you seem incredibly helpful and I hope you continue to help the community. Until I get my donator points and sell them I will be playing on the account "Josh"
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    Selling Goliath gloves 3b
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    Thieving ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some important tips before we start off: Set your player & NPC 'Attack' Options to either always right click or hidden. This is to prevent you from accidentally hitting an NPC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 - 20 Thieving 1 - 20 Thieving will be carried out on men ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 - 35 Thieving 20 - 35 Thieving will be carried out on the silk stall in the centre of Ardy The stall can be found on the northern side of Ardy centre ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 35 - 70 Thieving 35 - 70 Thieving is then done on the fur stall in the south of ardy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70 - 80 Thieving 70 - 80 Thieving will be done on paladins, this is where your right click only comes into use because you can just spam click the NPC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 80 - 99 Thieving So most of the hard work is now completed and its now just down to one NPC to get you a lot of money and another 99, 80 - 90 Thieving will be carried out on heroes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 99 Thieving ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm guessing if you reached the end of this post you achieved 99 Thieving, post screenshots in your replies boys and good luck! If you need any help PM me in game the name is Cameron or Cameron pk!
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    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How To Get Items Needed For Hunter: Once you get to either Puro Puro or the Karamja trapping you will need to buy 10 jars and a butterfly net from the "Hunting Expert" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 - 63 Hunter To start hunter you will have to begin by catching baby implings until level 17, to catch implings you will need a butterfly net in your inventory and some free impling jars. You can catch any of these implings if you have the level to do so, the more you catch = more xp. Level 1 - Baby Implings Level 17 - Young Implings Level 34 - Gourmet Implings Level 34 - Earth Implings Level 40 - Essence Implings Level 50 - Eclectic Implings Level 58 Nature Impling Jar ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 63 - 99 Hunter 63 - 99 Hunter will be now done by catching red and grey chins at karamja trapping, there is a very strategic way to do so and if you follow this you will get 99 in no time, to start this you will need 5 box traps which you can get from the Hunting Expert. Once you set the traps up in this position, either side of the rocks as you spawn in, it will be the fastest way to get hunter xp, much quicker than puro puro which we was doing previously. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 99 Hunter ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm guessing if you reached the end of this post you achieved 99 hunter, post screenshots in your replies boys and good luck! If you need any help PM me in game the name is Cameron or Cameron pk!
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    Welcome to Vale buddy, enjoy dropping HvC on the daily
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    How long have you been playing on Havoc? : 4 weeks How many attack styles do you plan on using? : tribrid ( nh) Have you read our rules? yes (vale) Do you have discord? yes How many hours are you on Havoc per day? 5 hours atleast Please post a picture of your accessible PK setup if possible (or type N/A) : N/A have pk sets rebuilding bank Will you be able to take part in PK events? ofc need a real clan! Leaved HvC need a real clan like you guys!
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    Thanks mate, noticed you on the announcement alot
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    Yo, Foxhunter24 here AKA Callum. I joined this game today and on my 70th TD kill I got claws, now im aiming for the pet. I'm going to kill them in what I believe is the most efficient way. Full Karil's + Amulet of the Damned But as no one likes me I'm also grinding the amulet myself and Karils as I'm gonna die a fair few times. I'll upload notable drops and a loot tab of the karils & TD's at the end GL me ^^ Edit like 1 hour later http://prntscr.com/hqraux Loot Claws for 750m http://prntscr.com/hqrbf9 40m cash from cash drops 5K KILLS COMING SOON....
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    so i've decided to make a pvming clan since its not that easy to find a partner for a boss in the "help" cc, and pvming with others is a lot more fun and profitable imo i've got some basic reqs to join +90 att, str, def, mage, range +70 prayer basic knowledge of bosses in osrs (what to pray, what gear to bring, etc.) discord (optional) have items like dfs, fury, whip, etc. (exceptions can be made for ironmen) if anyone is interested you can join the "hcim btw" cc
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    some areas in the crazy archeologist ruins have dead tiles, I was unlucky enough to get cought there by pkers and stood in a place where I couldn't move because of the dead tiles, for 1min thinking I was frozen, I believe if I wouldn't of had been stuck i'd survive. plox fix this so more ppl don't die to stupid shit like that. ty
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    So you're claiming that u got rigour and augury yourself.. bs. Nice vid tho