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    GOD SLAYER - KRATOS EVENT This event will run from Monday the 24/09/2018 until Saturday 29/09/2018. This topic will be unlocked at 10AM Server time for everyone to start and closed at 10PM server time (both est). This will give you a full six days to work on this event. In this event I want everyone to post their fastest Kill Timer on the following Bosses: Zulrah Cerberus Jad Corporeal Beast Zulrah Nex KBD Chaos Fanatic Crazy Archaeologist Venenatis Kraken Callisto Each GWD Boss There will be a prize for each player that has the fastest time. Rules: 1) For bosses that allow the use of instances you are free to use them. 2) For the bosses that allow it, co-op will be allowed. This is to encourage players to work together and make new friendships in-game. However only one player will receive a prize per time. If there are any tie breakers, it will be settled in the duel arena in a fist fight to the death on the Sunday. 3) To enter a time, I will require a full screen (of havoc only) screenshot and proof of location including the kill count and the time including your in-game name and the name of the boss you're entering for. For example: Jonovskii - KBD 4) Previous records will be accepted as long as it follows the above format. 5) The way we will keep track of the best times is by deleting the slower time posts. So if you have the fastest time, your post will be kept but the next day it could be deleted due to someone else having a better time. This will make it easier for us and yourselves to keep track of this event. (Will be updated at frequently as possible). 6) There will be a maximum of 2 entries per person, including alt accounts (every account will be checked) if found you will be disqualified. This is only so that other players will be allowed to try and participate. 7) When I say co-op is allowed that is a maximum of 3 players. Anyone caught mass farming times with a group larger than 3 will be instantly disqualified from the tournament. We want this to be an event everyone can enjoy. Please bare in mind that this is a community event yes co-op is allowed but it would be far more interesting to see your solo times - however there is no way for us to monitor this on a consistent basis so it would be nice if people just entered their own personal times. Good luck everyone and I hope you get some good global drops whilst you're doing this! (May the RNG hits be with you always) -Jonovskii ❤️
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    Here are the latest Staffing updates: Strawberries has now been promoted to a Server Support Stimulants has now been promoted to a Server Support Jonovskii has now been promoted to Events Manager Hypomaniac has now been promoted to a Global Moderator TripleM177 has now been promoted to a Moderator Congratulations to all the new staff and promoted staff.
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    First let me start off by saying that I fully support the eco reset to this server, was 100% broken and this fixed most of the problems. However there are many of people just like myself who donated money to this server, not only to keep it alive but to obtain items in game that we wanted enough to spend real money on, that most of us work hard for. That being said, people who spent money on this game should still retain what they paid for, if not the items in the form of a credit refund in the store, something along those lines. As of right now we who donated only retained the rank, and some perks that came along with said rank. I'm only making this post in suggestions because I feel this is the best way to get the Havoc community and staff's response and attention. If you agree or disagree with me I would like to hear from you in the comments as to why. I mean no disrespect to the new owner and management team of this server. Thank You - Bigmansbicep
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    wasnt here for server reset but i agree if eco reset you should get a credit for amount donated and or items back you paid for.
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    Goodluck my skiller friend
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