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  1. Agintos

    old bossing guides

    i have made all my old bossing and other guides public on my youtube again. if it would help anyone or if anyone needs them. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjU9CKgOwjp_Ovco4w7DYyA
  2. Agintos

    abyssal sire guide

    well this is one of the requested guides if anyone else wants a specific guide let me know and i will get on that for you
  3. Agintos

    guides. bosses ect

    id like some comments down below of some bosses/skills i should make guides for. anyone having trouble with a certain boss? reply down below let me know
  4. well seems like im part of castaway now punisher is my wilson https://gyazo.com/5e3da30d5aaf2a38d6f4dd7e80d09704
  5. Agintos

    finally the zulrah welfare guide

    lol i said id make one a while back.
  6. Agintos

    finally the zulrah welfare guide

    hey everyone havent uploaded alot but here is the zulrah welfare guide hope it helps everyone get their blowpipes
  7. idk why it said it as guest agintos but lets go baby
  8. Agintos

    smb opening #2 after buff

    opened more smb after the update
  9. Agintos

    making money in first 2 hours

    i made a video on making money at the start of the game. 2 hours play time, 1 99 skill. almost 150m.
  10. Agintos

    another short saradomin gwd guide

    I made a shortish sara guide did it in max str at first but did a few kills in very welfare gear
  11. Agintos

    short cerb guide for those who need

    here is a short cerb guide and what to do in his mechanics
  12. Agintos

    spectral ss

    the spectral spirit shield is suppose to reduces the prayer draining attacks by 50%. it does not work
  13. Agintos

    good smb opening or bad?

    did a 150 smb opening. was it a good one? was it bad? watch and find out
  14. Agintos

    zulrah video guide

    I made a video guide for zulrah and posted on yt. here is the link
  15. Agintos

    daily task bug

    i logged into my alt that I play a lot along with my main. and I clicked on the daily task to see my progress and it said 127/50 chins caught. so I went to sig and got my reward. I didn't do anything to complete it I logged in and it was done.