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  1. Wretched

    It's time for me to part ways with Havoc.

    Thank you, everyone! <3
  2. After putting roughly 150 hours into the previous Havoc and having everything get reset I lost interest in the game, after playing with the new update and seeing all of this bugs and seeing new staff members that are completely new to Havoc I am deciding to part ways with Havoc. I am unable to play on Wretched and I don't feel like playing on an alt (Even though I'm losing minimal progress) I'm going to try to sell my BM (if it's legal) and my donator points for 07 (If I ever get them transferred to another account). I was looking forward to becoming a moderator and watching the game grow, but now that dream is dead. Shoutout to Amarel/Itachi/Murder/Peekay/Carbz/Chief/BigBicep/Alpha God/Barrie/Jim Carroll/Hon0r and most importantly Karnage. I know I'm forgetting lots more, but it was so much fun playing with all of you! Thank you, Ceylon for being really fucking cool... Most of the time. <3 Thank you, Ancient for being awesome for my first few days, then you started ignoring me. Klepto, you've put in so much work and you're doing an amazing job. Keep it up! Crux, I've only recently just met you, But you seem incredibly helpful and I hope you continue to help the community. Until I get my donator points and sell them I will be playing on the account "Josh"