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    Donator store in-game

    just boost the general store resale price by 20%, there you go bigger money sink
  2. Majabackjut

    Change how donor tickets work

    that is the ideaa, V 4 N S , but they count up aswell, so when ur on alpha ur on 4-19 tickets depending on how many you used or donated
  3. Majabackjut

    Change how donor tickets work

    Currently the tickets work like, I want to get elder, I tear a ticket apart, If I want alpha I need an alpha ticket. So I was looking into this and wonderd why ? Why can't I use multiple extreme tickets to get the total value equal to alpha so be ranked alpha. This also for higher ones, this would add more value to the tickets, since now elder tickets have no value when you got alpha, also alpha have no value at that point. Changing this would add more value to the tickets so raise the price and I suppose more people would buy the tickets to afford ingame items. Also tearing the tickets should give the amound of store credit to the one who teared it