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  1. Cameron


    KNASTERD whats your name on fortnite
  2. Cameron


    add me on it, freelancejxy pc ofc btw
  3. Cameron

    Havoc Price Guide!

    what a shit guide. Joking well done bud btw when you next back on fortnite...
  4. Cameron

    The Phantom Fist

    fist me too
  5. Cameron

    Fist's MSI Z370 SLI Plus Motherboard Giveaway!

    Great way to give back to the community, thanks buddy, Cameron btw
  6. Cameron

    The Ultimate Havoc Guide

    Nice guide bud, will help new players alot!
  7. Cameron

    small fashionscape sale and other

    didnt see that tbh...
  8. Cameron

    small fashionscape sale and other

    GL Selling buddy!
  9. Cameron

    58+ Agility Efficiency Guide

    No Agile outfit??£!?
  10. Cameron

    Thieving Guide

    No worries man, glad I could help!
  11. Cameron

    3rd age range top

    Good luck selling man, not sure on prices on any of these rare items but im sure if you get the right buyer it could go for a fare few!
  12. Cameron


    This made me giggle man!
  13. Good luck with your team buddy, hope all goes well!
  14. Cameron

    Hunter Guide

    I didn't know grenwalls existed but i'll look into them and maybe adjust the guide where needed. Thankyou though!
  15. Cameron

    Hunter Guide

    Thanks man, any suggestions for guides let me know!