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    Suggestions about the wilderness.

    I agree with your changes. Maybe skot should be reworked. Clans shouldnt own it. As it stands I think the game is too difficult for beginners. Let's be real: starting with 1m gp is like nothing. Low level pvm monsters should all get buffs to their drop tables. You make 0 gp doing slayer till lvl 80-92
  2. V 4 N S

    Lets Help the Popularity of HAVOC PS

    Podge, I agree with you. I don't think making a post about this is pointless though. It's in the general discussion section. That section is literally made for pointless posts. This, however, is not a pointless post because he is bringing attention to something that Havoc needs. Also, why was my comment removed?
  3. V 4 N S

    The Ultimate Havoc Guide

    V nice guide. I'm sure it will be helpful to those just starting out. Some suggestions: Maybe you could include something about barrows and defenders? Most new players probably wouldn't be aware that barrows gloves can be attained at barrows. Maybe you could explain a little bit about the blood money economy as well. Another thing to explain for new players is the drop rate bonuses they can acquire. A new player wouldn't know about dr bonuses. For the star, you actually get 10 points per star as long as you get 200 stardust to turn in. You said 2 points in the guide. Nice guide though!
  4. V 4 N S

    multi pvm rule

    Thanks. I actually understood both, I'm not sure why I was confused haha.
  5. V 4 N S


    This is a troll clan. He baits people into saying #td
  6. V 4 N S


    hahahaha Hayden needs to see this. He got baited so hard.
  7. V 4 N S

    multi pvm rule

    I am not quite sure I understand what y'all mean by multi pvm and multi pvp in this context. Can anyone explain?
  8. V 4 N S

    Player owned shops.

    ^^^ Coffee was responding directly to my comments on the economy. Thanks for posting this Coffee! I agree and I feel taking off the need to pay to use POS would really help new players especially to earn money and therefore it would retain players for longer. I think one of the top reasons new players don't stick with the server is because there is such a gap between experienced and new players and the new players really struggle to make money and progress at first. Once they do actually get a drop there's pretty much a 50% chance it won't be worth much and on top of that they have a *very* hard time selling their items because people don't buy that much.
  9. V 4 N S

    Change how donor tickets work

    So like 1 standardized ticket-- 1 = elder 4 = alpha 20 = royal? If we go by the assumption that tickets are 1b each. I like the idea.
  10. V 4 N S

    Thieving Guide

    Nice guide man! Simple and straight forward. The right click option thing is helpful.
  11. V 4 N S

    Donator store in-game

    I like your idea a lot Doc. I agree. I think when you mention that the general store already sells supplies and that the well is a great gp sink for the game it makes a lot of sense that the shop idea isn't really necessary, imo. Maybe other ideas could be thrown out here for what could be in the shop, but I like the challenge of getting supplies and buying them from players. I think it takes away from the achievement of max cape or even comp cape. To the con of your idea, I think another point system might sound intimidating to some new players. But I really like the idea of a well shop. It would be accessible to everyone, but donators would have an advantage to make more money in the game and so would be more incentivized to give to the well. Maybe if you are a donator, your well donation is doubled or 50% higher. This allows you to get more points and fills the well quicker when donators put stuff in the well.
  12. V 4 N S

    Donator store in-game

    I don't like the idea of further disadvantaging those who do not have a donator status. It's not that they are disadvantaged, but they we get more advantages. Feels very pay to win to me. For the record, I am alpha in game, but I feel the server needs to be as welcoming as possible to new comers. Elderzone and alphazone are enough perks alone imo and it keeps the content challenging for the donators too.
  13. V 4 N S

    Zero-Cooldown Star Event

    I support but I also see what Rasta is saying. A pretty expensive way for stars to get a 0 cooldown.
  14. V 4 N S

    The recent new nerf on slayer

    What was slayer like previously? I just unlocked boss slayer on my x5 so I haven't gotten many boss tasks until a day or two ago (I'm still below 80 slayer).
  15. V 4 N S

    Gmaul Buff

    Yeah, I just used it dhing yesterday and 3 hped someone who was half health. Idk maybe try using it a little more and see if that makes a difference. I'm gonna farm some gmauls and see if I notice they're weak or not.