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    The Ultimate Havoc Guide

    V nice guide. I'm sure it will be helpful to those just starting out. Some suggestions: Maybe you could include something about barrows and defenders? Most new players probably wouldn't be aware that barrows gloves can be attained at barrows. Maybe you could explain a little bit about the blood money economy as well. Another thing to explain for new players is the drop rate bonuses they can acquire. A new player wouldn't know about dr bonuses. For the star, you actually get 10 points per star as long as you get 200 stardust to turn in. You said 2 points in the guide. Nice guide though!
  2. V 4 N S


    This is a troll clan. He baits people into saying #td
  3. V 4 N S


    hahahaha Hayden needs to see this. He got baited so hard.
  4. V 4 N S

    Thieving Guide

    Nice guide man! Simple and straight forward. The right click option thing is helpful.
  5. V 4 N S

    Veng/Hp glitch

    I might try to do that. It's most noticeable when you risk hp dh fighting. If you are low hp and axe on their veng, you should be able to eat food right as your axe goes down. The way the current system is, your axe starts its animation and hp gets hit by veng before your hit splat shows up. It makes it impossible to combo eat on low hp when someone casts a veng. It's maybe a tick late where hp gets hit before the actual hit splat.
  6. V 4 N S

    Veng/Hp glitch

    Hey Staff, I've been pking today for several hours and I just wanted to report on Crux's fix for hp/veng pking. I don't think it's quite fixed yet as of right now. I still have instances where I die when I know I clicked my combo food with good timing, but the hp lowers earlier than it should be. This bug is kinda make or break for me, because it makes me not want to pk when it happens. Crux, I know you tried putting a fix out for it. Hopefully this feedback helps and we can get this thing fixed soon. ALSO there is a glitch where if you double death, then only one person gets the loot. Yours, Vans
  7. V 4 N S

    New goal ;p

    I'll get back to you on that with some ideas. I might make some guides myself in the near future.
  8. V 4 N S

    New goal ;p

    Honestly, I don't think it's as self explanatory as you think. New players would really benefit from some more guides on here. Also for voting, do you vote every 12 hours for 2 of them and it keeps track of those 2 votes? I never have tried that.
  9. V 4 N S

    [email protected][email protected]!

    Welcome my dude. There's a lot of stuff you'll have to learn about the server. I'll be on in about two days more consistently so feel free to pm me ingame with any questions you have. Add either account or both--Vans and V 4 N S.
  10. V 4 N S

    New goal ;p

    Any tips for getting more votes? Do you save all your books from the week and claim them all on double point day? You should consider making a guide(s) after this.
  11. V 4 N S

    easiest grind ever

    How many of those do you guys think are ingame?
  12. V 4 N S

    $35give away!

    Has this already happened? IGN: V 4 N S
  13. V 4 N S

    Video Contest

    Gotcha! Thanks for clearing that up!
  14. V 4 N S

    Video Contest

    I think it's a bit much to expect someone to make a minimum of 5 videos. One should suffice, should it not? I have done this kind of stuff before with runescape pre-eoc so I'll think about putting out a video.