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  1. Dgroot

    Valentino's Sell Thread.

    Gl selling m8, I'd buy some but poor af atm lol
  2. Dgroot

    New goal ;p

    Keep grindin' hard man and good luck!
  3. Dgroot

    Worst grind by far

    Nice man, I love how another dude got 200m wc at the exact same time haha
  4. Dgroot

    WW2 Sniping Montage

    thanks buds
  5. Dgroot

    WW2 Sniping Montage

    wud be legit
  6. Dgroot

    WW2 Sniping Montage

    first ever cod montage, check er out!
  7. Dgroot

    Whats Gwarning

    Welcome m8 and gl with the hc iron!
  8. Dgroot

    Idiot Dragon

    I just got cleaned as well m8, shit happens.. Gz on the kite tho and gl with that pet!
  9. Dgroot

    $35give away!

    ign dgroot
  10. Dgroot

    easiest grind ever

    congrats on that man, what kc?
  11. Dgroot


    hahah welcome bud
  12. Dgroot

    My goodbye

    Good luck with your Uni and 07 goals man!
  13. Dgroot


    Welcome bro!
  14. Dgroot

    Groot Intro!

    Sup dudes feel free to call me Groot or Dgroot! Some of my hobbies are hockey, parkour, filming/editing, and ofc RSPS. Been having a blast on here so far and I'm looking forward to meeting even more of you IG! I spend most of my time bossing and slaying, so if you're a newer player feel free to add me and shoot a PM for tips on money making, lvling etc.. Cheers guys!
  15. Dgroot

    Indominus Log

    good luck with your goals man!