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  1. Dgroot

    Gravite Shortbow

    Yeah would be nice to see these have some purpose, besides just being a troll drop.
  2. Dgroot

    Valentino's Sell Thread.

    Gl selling m8, I'd buy some but poor af atm lol
  3. Dgroot

    New goal ;p

    Keep grindin' hard man and good luck!
  4. Dgroot

    Worst grind by far

    Nice man, I love how another dude got 200m wc at the exact same time haha
  5. Dgroot

    WW2 Sniping Montage

    thanks buds
  6. Dgroot

    WW2 Sniping Montage

    wud be legit
  7. Dgroot

    WW2 Sniping Montage

    first ever cod montage, check er out!
  8. Dgroot

    Whats Gwarning

    Welcome m8 and gl with the hc iron!
  9. Dgroot

    Idiot Dragon

    I just got cleaned as well m8, shit happens.. Gz on the kite tho and gl with that pet!
  10. Dgroot

    $35give away!

    ign dgroot
  11. Dgroot

    Super Suggestions!

    Thanks for the honest feedback guys, I realize that a few of these wouldn't be at the top of the list to add like the custom exp drops for example.
  12. Dgroot

    easiest grind ever

    congrats on that man, what kc?
  13. Dgroot

    Drop Rates

    Agreed, just mentioned this in my suggestions thread as well.
  14. Dgroot

    Super Suggestions!

    After about a week of running around this lovely server, I've come up with some cool ideas to make it even more enjoyable! 1. Add an option to toggle BH system on/off or at least an option to hide the menu, it gets in the way and is super annoying when trying to PVM in the wildy. 2. Add an option to enable a special attack orb, like this: I would personally love this, mainly for the reason when I'm pvming with primal rapier, their is no way to check how much spec you have unless you switch over to your spec wep. 3. Reduce the Amount of Points needed to Cancel/Reset Slayer Tasks by at least 50-75%. I think most would agree the amount you need right now is too much, especially for new players trying to start slayer that don't want to be annoyed right away by a shitty task *cough*gargoyles. 4. Add a "Sell-All" Option to General Store (for whole inventory / or just in each items drop down menu). Would be a convenient tool to have after saving a whole inventory of junk from a PVM session, instead of having to do the X value for 20 items at a time. 5. Custom EXP Drops (size, color, speed, placement, etc..) this isn't really needed, but would be a cool add. 6. Most of the Rares that drop at 1/750 should really be at 1/1000 - 1/2000. Even when their is only about 100 people online, I see rares being dropped pretty consistently and have about 5 primal drops myself in just the last 2 days.. some may not agree with this, but overall it would better the Economy. 7. Add 200M EXP Skillcapes for all Non-Combat Skills and a Combat Skillcape for achieving 200m EXP in all CB stats (not including prayer). This just gives people more incentive to grind for something cool, that's about it! The stats on the Combat Cape could maybe be a bit less than inferno? 8. Add some fancy Rares/Cosmetics you can purchase for Loyalty Points from the Ringmaster. Would be nice to receive some cool fashionscape rewards in exchange for grinding 12 hours a day (these items would be untradable) Also PLEASE fix Gargoyles, I literally see people quiting the server several hours within joining just due to that glitch.
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  15. Dgroot


    hahah welcome bud