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  1. Jonovskii

    Guides For The Future

    I get that little, thats why I said as a community we need to make it stick instead of making our own prices up.
  2. Jonovskii

    Rank Requests

    http://prntscr.com/jq0ztz dunno why I've not done this yet...
  3. Jonovskii

    Forum activity

    So I myself am absolutely criminal for this, but have tried a couple posts to see the replies I get and if the forums are used a great deal.. The fact is they ain't its more inactive than Zezima... Been on the server for over 6 months and haven't even got 20 posts yet its bloomin daft considering I'm usually a forum worm! Maybe some polls? Encouraging the ingame audience to come on the forums and post, staff replying to forum posts is a necessity just simple things to get it more active.
  4. Jonovskii

    got my own little island now with the pun

    +1 for effort
  5. Jonovskii

    Gambling Guide!

    Tbh this shits helpful never really understood gambling or the abbreviations until now
  6. Jonovskii

    Imstrengths - Tale of an Ironman

    Get that first 99 x2 skill
  7. Jonovskii


    Some pk'ing would be good encourage a higher pk'ing base community, just anything that helps attract players in would really help in general
  8. Jonovskii

    Suggestions to pvp changes.

    +1 Good points made.
  9. Jonovskii

    Guides For The Future

    We could try and make a legitimate price guide, since they inflate and deflate like a mother fucker and try keep it a permanent thing as a community.
  10. Jonovskii

    Rooney Loops Feedback

    10/10 would bang
  11. Jonovskii

    King of the Skill | Everything you need to know

    This was actually a really fun event I appreciate the effort put in and think it'll be a good thing to maybe re-do it without such high rewards
  12. Jonovskii

    Uhm/Rasta on leaderboards

    Does this truly bother you? Everyone knows Uhm is a haxzor
  13. Jonovskii

    Havoc Revival

    Had my Havoc account for a good 5-6 months. In that time I've only recently really been playing a lot in the past month. I've seen the daily player base go from 100+ to under 30 on at one point. It would be a shame to see the server slowly die out as a lot of effort has gone into it and it generally is one the better RSPS I've had the pleasure of playing. There is a few reasons for it dying in my eyes and I'm sure we're all aware of these reasons! However as a community more active forum posts, talking in discord and in-game encouraging friends to come play or just being available to help new players that join, these small things help to get the player base more involved and encourage players to continue to play havoc! We can bring back the player base with the help of voting being brought back, continued updates that provide the content that makes this server great and being more active as a community! In the words of thy great Ceylon, I jonovskii am taking a stand and will do everything in my power to help Havoc thrive and be an amazing game for all!
  14. Jonovskii

    Review Havoc in 8 words

    400 KC Zulrah dry, nothing new there then.
  15. Jonovskii

    | Road To Max UIM |

    Gl dude always fun to rock an UIM ❤️