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  1. Drops

    Game Updates - 04/27/2018

    Avi said it best, yeet!
  2. Drops

    Jakeitez down

    oh man what a loot pile!
  3. Drops

    Game Updates - 04/23/2018

    great update! sincerely appreciate all the hard work!!
  4. HEY EVERYONE! - Today the 50b slay tab journey begins! So I have decided to go ahead and starting today shoot for a 50b slayer tab with pictures of each drop a long the way, - I will only be including global drops in this tab / log - I will update with a picture after each global drop - Pets will count as a huge 5b drop! (yeah yeah making it easier on myself) I ALSO CHALLENGE YOU TO DO THE SAME! I'm looking for some players who are down to make there own thread and dive into it with me! please do, if it's a race you want, it's a race you'll get! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Current Tab Drops: ~none yet i'm just now starting lul~ Current Tab Value: 0 </3
  5. Drops

    Game Updates - 04/11/2018

    thank you so much for the hard work crux and klepto!
  6. Drops

    Dharoks Tournament 15/04/2018

  7. Drops

    Iron man Blood Money store

    i think it'd be cool, support!
  8. Drops

    Purple Slayer helm

    I doooo agree purple fsh should be added! BUT I do not believe it should be added to skot. I'm hoping it'll be added in the future pvm updates and also that it will be equal to the combination of the other 3 helms. making purple slay helm requires (heads or w/e new pvm monster) + (red,black,green fsh's) + (skill unlocked at master) = a new bad ass high end PvM item
  9. Drops

    Uses of Loyalty Points

    it would be nice to see some other uses for loyalty points no doubt about it. I think the xp lamps idea was great, imbuing rings I think should be held for some other more pvm related content. but I for sure support this post!
  10. Drops

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    mmmmm IN! rent isn't cheap and neither are mysery boxes <3
  11. Drops

    Pest control revamp??

    I'm not sure this is the right way to waste imbued rings, but I for sure think something should be added.
  12. Drops

    Staff feedback @ drops

    I don't need to "re-warn" you multiple times a day. you had been warned earlier. don't use homophobic slangs and such harsh language. don't flame other players. simple. i'll see you in a day. only 1 acc is banned btw, enjoy some gameplay on your alt.
  13. Drops

    Staff feedback @ drops

    You were ddsing with no armor. that's ragging. warned you a few times. then you were flaiming, told you to chill, you continued so I muted for 1 day. then you came on alt complaining, I asked you politely to stop a legitimate 5 times before muting that acc. then you were pjing fights and teleing (ragging) keeping me from enjoying my fight with someone else. banned for 1 day. there's your explanation. - I don't abuse power, but I also don't put up with nonsense as I want everyone to enjoy there game play. You can question it all you want but you know what you did, and the punishment was deserved. chill out next time, and i'll see you in a day (: -also side note: when I "fc'd" you, you were dds speccing me, hence obviously I wasn't fcing. regardless fcing is allowed. I wasn't preventing you from fighting, as well as the fact you weren't risking anything but the dds in your hand you were speccing and teleing with. how could you be speccing me while I'm fcing? curious b/c that's an op talent i'd love to learn.
  14. Drops

    Game Updates - 03/23/2018

    sweet! much appreciated!
  15. Drops

    Game Updates - 22/03/2018

    oh yes! game time!!! gj!