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    Suggestions about the wilderness.

    Hi,as y'all bubs know,wilderness is rather dead,both pvm and pvp,so I decided to make this topic and add a few suggestions to it : 1.Add more monsters like revenants in wilderness,it'll be easier to get more kills and easier for pvmers to escape(I personally prefer pking,but a bit of challenge is always welcome),it also wouldn't be bad to add a few low level revenants at 1 to 10 wilderness,with coin or supply drops. 2.Wilderness slayer like in osrs,same system like osrs,but add some sort of shop to krystillia,with weapons,armour or supplies,to attract more people to hit wilderness for slayer. 3.Add emblem drops to targets,people will actually try and grind,also risk it to upgrade them,not everyone wants to camp lava dragons for a 1/120 chance of an emblem drop,also make it possible for people to be able to attack targets regardless if they're in combat or not. 4.Add the magic cape effect to switch between spellbooks like in osrs,it'll give solo pkers a better chance of a successful pk. 5.The welfare gear should be easier to access,not everyone will try barrows first time they log in for barrow gloves,you could add rune gloves,addy defender and a few other things to the shops,earlier today i killed a guy who was bridding with a combat bracelet. 6.Nerf the spirit shield effect,divine especially,it's impossible to get a kill if a guy is wearing it,and the possibility to stack on brews removes the chance of making a guy run out of food,they will always be packed. 7.Add considerable coin drops to the training monsters or something to help out the new players,the 1m starter cash is good,but what if they lose it? 8.Fix the occult necklace damage boost,it's at 0% still(should be 10%). 9.Pathing could use a bit of work,it's still broken,also when you're a bit too far chasing your target,and they're running away from you,the barrage freeze does not work. 10.Skotizo would be better if it was moved to single zones,while making it possible to be attacked by multiple players,this way clans won't be able to kill the same struggling pvmers over and over,or go pile them after they kill Skotizo.

    voting bug

    Hi,I took the time to record the voting process,I hope this short clip shows that I've almost completed the 100 vote achievement,since it has only been counting the votes as 1,I'm not counting the times I've received no reward or vote count,if the developer would take the time and have a look it would be great,thank you. voting bug.avi
  3. The pathing is really bad guys,your account goes sort of around the player or I don't really know what's going on with it,but it takes a long time to get the hit in,you can see how it is in this video. pathing_issue.avi

    Rune pouch bug

    Hi,earlier today I bought a rune pouch for 15k from another player,ceylon was mm-ing,before buying it,I asked ceylon if it's kept on death,he answered positively,but apparently it did not,or maybe it glitched somehow I don't know.I was wondering if the staff would be able to help me with the issue,since it could happen to other players as well. Thank you for your time,sincerely,The New Kid.