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    Eco Stabilisation

    YES. 150% agree. This would be a fantastic idea for the eco and stabalisation YES. Great way to drive revenue for the server, and provide a cheap alternative for decent pk gear. I'd be cool if it gave you a menu to choose Pk supplies OR Skilling supplies. Even as someone that could potentially get boned by this, I think it'd be a great money sink. We need more money sinks in the game. I also think the well needs to include more high level items so we can get them out of the Eco. I don't know why this isn't a think yet. this is a huge deal. I think one Dev would be good enough, as long as we saw some dedication from both the Dec and owners.
  3. Salava

    The Phantom Fist

  4. Salava

    x10 Completionist Cape Progress

    Looks like absolute AIDS. Get that cape m8!
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  6. Salava

    Attacked through walls

    https://gyazo.com/a39b51bd09b927f156b3c96717a62e9a Basically just constantly attacks through the walls.
  7. Salava

    Last Man Standing Minigame

    Support. Would love to see LMS in Havoc.