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    puro puro

    this happens alot when i catch a baby imps https://gyazo.com/0baec68e374f36fccd582ae080099e80
  2. Pat Senpai

    just a few things

    im just saying that i want a more filled out skills with more options for training
  3. Pat Senpai

    just a few things

    I play on supreme xp rate (5x) i can only imagine the amount of gems a realism acc has to cut because currently with flat xp its like 250 for a sapp, 335 for emeralds, 425 for ruby, 535 for diam and 685 for dstones... thats alot of grinding out pvm for gems to even be able to craft dhides it was like 1k gems, just imagine this on realism. As for motherload, i find the easy levels for mining were to bad, but to get from 55-70 for me is 1.4k mith, and then another 1.3m xp after that for 80...
  4. Pat Senpai

    just a few things

    -So far we only have the lumberjack set, id like to see the rest of the skilling sets added, (prospector,pyromancer,farming, and anglers) -id like the ability to glass blow on an iron acc, ive got molten glass piling up with nothing to do with it -I wanna see the rest of zenyte jewelry added (anguish, tomented brace, and the ring of suffering) -Superior slayer (bigger and badder) this give us the combo staves and the imbued heart -finally, i want to be able to grow trees Edit: started doing mining, I've never miss motherload mining so much
  5. Pat Senpai

    Game Updates - 03/04/2018

    ayyy a rock cake fix, thanks man ^.^
  6. Pat Senpai

    death bug

    i died doing slayer in the slayer tower, i was having a convo with iron nerva about random shit. i die because im not paying much attention and typing, i run back an none of my loot pile showed up... lost a row, yay more grinding -.-