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  1. kLeptO

    Game Updates - 11/23/2017

    Hello community. Here is the list of today's changes: Client Changes Finished Slayer rewards interface. Server Changes Implemented Slayer rewards system: Ability to extend certain Slayer tasks. Ability to unlock "Leave a note" reward, all drops from your task will be dropped as a note. Ability to block up to 5 tasks. Ability to cancel your current task Added Cave horror task, spawned Cave horrors at level 16 Wilderness. Spawned Ogres near the Wilderness graveyard. Spawned extra Red dragons in the Red Dragon Isle. Opening Caskets will now give you Herblore ingredients. Added Duel arena announcements for large stakes. Fixed a glitch which prevented Jad from spawning. Zulrah's Snakelings will no longer drop any items. You are now able to cast Vengeance while killing Zulrah. Added protection value to Occult necklace. Void will be lost on death above level 20 wilderness. Added 1/30 chance to receive some Mithril seeds from Caskets. Added 20 seconds teleport delay after applying presets. Fixed a glitch which caused presets to give 0 bonuses.
  2. kLeptO

    Game Updates - 11/17/2017

    Hello community of Havoc. In the past few days we had several hacker attacks that slowed down the progress on actual game updates. But since all security issues have been sorted, we are back on track doing what's most important - delivering you with features and fixes you all want. So here it goes: Client Changes Fixed issues with computer identification number. Implemented new features to the widget system, slayer interface coming out soon! Re-naming Slayer item and Npc options. Added ::zoomlock command in order to disable zooming with scroll wheel. Server Changes Completely replaced logging system. Re-wrote database service, should see high increase in server stability. Converted whole project to gradle. Fixed Helper rank icon. Fixed a glitch which caused your Veracs skirt to turn into Veracs body on death. Completely removed Slayer system and replaced it with a new one, Slayer masters can now be found next to the bank at Edgeville. Created missing drop tables for all Slayer monsters, this includes: Aberrant spectre Abyssal demon Ankou Avansie Baby blue dragon Banshee Basilisk Black demon Black dragon Bloodveld Blue dragon Bronze dragon Crawling hand Dagganoth Dark beast Dust devil Fire giant Gargoyle Greater demon Green dragon Hellhound Ice giant Infernal mage Iron dragon Kalphites Kraken Kurask Lesser demon Mithril dragon Moss giant Nechryael Ogre Red dragon Steel dragon Tzhaar monsters Added Slayer rewards shop with Ring of Wealth, Slayer Helmet and other useful items. Slayer task cancelling and task extensions are coming out next week! Buffed flat amount of Blood money you get for Wilderness kills by 20. Made Blood money rewards scale with Wilderness level, the deeper you are the more Blood money you get. Added ability to set custom presets with any items that you have in your bank. Added protection value to Crystal boots and Ancestral robes.
  3. kLeptO

    Game Updates - 11/13/2017

    Hello players of Havoc! Here is the list of today's changes: Client Changes Slight optimizations to rendering, may solve the FPS issues people are having. Added Autochat feature, right click public chat icon to set your autochat message. Added Custom preset selections to Quest Tab interface. Sending new client identification key on login. Server Changes Added ability to set and save custom presets. (May only use spawnable items for now) Fixed a glitch which allowed you to plant flowers on top of each other. Fixed flower plant ratio for Black and White flowers to match OSRS. Fixed a glitch which caused duplicate items to be lost on death. Added Thread and Needle to the General store. Added Pestle and mortar and Vial of water to the General store. Fixed noted Dark crabs banking and withdrawing. Added proper Dragon spear special attack.
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  4. kLeptO

    Game Updates - 11/11/2017

    Hello Havoc community! With influx of a lot of new players we are doing our best to bring out as many updates as possible. Thanks everyone for your feedback in regards of what changes we have to make in order to make Havoc a better place. Without further ado, here is the list of today's updates: Client Changes Implemented new system for cache downloading. Client downloads should now be much faster and more reliable since we switched to CDN. Created a new Launcher package for people who had problems running the client. If you are one of those people, please try using the following link: http://assets.havoc.ps/launcher/havoc.zip Server Changes Added proper level requirements to Primordial, Pegasian and Eternal boots. Voting rewards will now work properly and give you increased PK rewards. Added Slayer gem and regular Uncut gems to the General Store. Added Antifire potions to the Supply store. Added Blood money prices for Serpentine helmet and Toxic staff of the dead. Changed Zulrah drop table to drop correct Serpentine helmet. Added ability to eat Pineapple pizza, removed other redundant pizzas from the supply store. Added ability to drink Guthix rest. Changed Abyssal tentacle bonuses to match OSRS. Removed Full Void accuracy decrease. Replaced Red chinchompas in the Supplies store with a working version. Added notice messages for increased Havoc key rates and OSGP donations. Removed Zamorak brews from the game. Replaced Zamorak brews in the bank loadout with Prayer potions. Boosted Hitpoints will now deplete just like regular skills. Hide tanning will now cost Blood money instead of Coins. Added global announcement whenever someone gets shutdown from their killstreak. In addition to you will now receive Vote points from voting which you will be able to exchange for cosmetic items in the future. Ground items in the Wilderness will now disappear after 2 minutes. Spawned a Doomsayer in Lumbridge for Clue Scroll completion. Added a global drop table that will be applied to all monsters with missing drops. Contains useful skilling items. Enabled Havoc key drops for Wilderness player killing. Player count on the website will now be automatically updated by the server.
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  5. kLeptO

    Game Updates - 11/10/2017

    Hello community of Havoc! Here is the list of today's updates: Client Changes Added Lucky, Elite, Master and Grandmaster Havoc keys for the event. Server Changes Dragon Claws will now have maximum protection value. Added Runecrafting talismans to the General store. Decreased PJ timer by 2 seconds (experimental). Added drop tables for Barrows Brothers. Added King Black Dragon drop table. Changed switching to feel more responsive (experimental). Donators will now be able to purchase instances at Dagannoth Kings for 200 Blood money. Added sanction system, the staff team will now be able to mute and ban players. Added Callisto, Ve'tion and Venenatis drop tables. Website Changes Added Ancestral robes to the donation store. Added Chatbox at the top of the forum homepage. Added two-factor authentication, which can be enabled in your password settings.
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  6. kLeptO

    Game Updates - 11/08/2017

    Hello community! Did a few small changes today. Here is what's new: Client Changes Added ability to use Escape as your F-key. Right click and select "Set Escape" in order to have Escape as one of your F-keys. Server Changes Stopped Amulet of glory charges from depleting when you are teleblocked. Spawned Men in Lumbridge. Tweaked Blood money reward formula for Wilderness kills. Decreased Skotizo max health. Added Defence level requirement for Rune defender. Fixed a glitch with barrows repairing that caused your items to disappear (if this still happens let me know how). Added item combinations for Eternal, Pegasian and Primordial boots. Tentacle whip will now apply poison instead of venom. Added special attack to the Tentacle whip. Implemented voting rewards, for every 3 votes you will receive double Blood money rewards, type ::claimvote after voting to receive your benefits. Added automatic notices for development livestream. Disabled poison damage when venomed, you cannot any longer be venomed and poisoned simultaneously.
  7. kLeptO

    Game Updates - 11/07/2017

    Good evening Havoc community! Here is the list of today's changes: Client Changes Added Donator Scroll item. Added Donator chat icon. Server Changes New item dropping system, your untradables will always stay in the inventory, items dropped on the ground will stay there for 15 minutes. Item protection values are now based on their Blood money value in the shops. Fixed a glitch which made broken barrows pieces disappear. Added Occult necklace. Fixed global messages spacing. Disabled ability to purchase Void deflector. Fixed a glitch that caused ground items to appear twice. Added Donator status to the game, gives you a chat icon, ability to use global messages and decreased godwars killcount. More benefits coming in the future. Added missing tools to the General store. Mystery box and Crystal chest will now only announce rare drops. Added extra items to Skotizo drop table including Occult necklace.
  8. kLeptO

    Game Updates - 11/06/2017

    Hello community. Here is the list of today's changes: Client Changes Fixed Npc examine packet. Server Changes Added announcements for Crystal chest and Mystery box rewards. Added periodic global messages. Disabled item selling to the general store. Added skillcape shop to Edgeville bank. Examining Skotizo will now display it's drop table. Added Seers ring to Blood money shop. Removed Lime whip from the game. Added pricing for Dragon arrows, Ring of recoild and Super combat potions. Removed Caskets and Ruined backpacks from the game. Added Dragon Defender to untradables store. Replaced void in untradables store with working one (You only need repurchase the helmets). After being freezed, if your opponent walks outside your field of view you will get unfrozen. Added warnings for Wilderness teleport commands. Added Spade to tools store. Added ability to change combat stats by click their skill icon. Added teleport immunity, you wont be able to get hit 1 tick after teleporting. Fixed Granite maul special attack. Broken barrows are now tradable and lost on death. Removed Completionist cape from the game. Changed ::yell command message format. Added ::store and ::vote commands to open up our website store and voting.
  9. kLeptO