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  1. Bear 123

    Forums Idea

    Hello, Just a general suggestion i guess. So maybe we could have a part of the forums home screen which tells u what daily event is active and what well event is active. May encourage people to visit the forums to see if they need to hop on Havoc for some double drops or something.
  2. Bear 123

    Rank Requests

    bear 123
  3. Bear 123

    Dharoks Tournament 15/04/2018

    Bear 123
  4. Bear 123

    Sagittarian Armour

    Hello, Currently the Sagittarian Armour (From Kalphite Queen) has no use as it is worse than Morrigan's range armour and is extremely hard to get. If i remember correctly the Sagittarian armour was the same tier as primal armour back in dungeoneering. It would be nice to see this armour get buffed and become a very good range armour to have. Same with the Sagittarian shortbow