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  1. Are they in a different place than in OSRS? They aren't here and I have them as a task. EDIT: they’re next to dust devils. My mistake.
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    Crimea River

    Hello my doods. I'm a 23 year old QA programmer who doesn't have time to grind OSRS anymore so I was looking for a private server that didn't tilt too hard to either PVP with no content, or loads of content with no PVP. I have a hard time with private servers because I'm paid to find bugs and document them and help implement fixes, and most private servers are pretty badly programmed; this one seems pretty smooth and unique for the most part (especially considering the early stage of the server). I started playing RS in 2004 and have played on and off ever since. That being said, if you ever have any questions in-game feel free to reach out, although I won't have all of the answers.
  3. This isn't a big deal but I got a drop announcement without a drop. It was a little bit painful at 170 Hill giant kills.