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  1. Are they in a different place than in OSRS? They aren't here and I have them as a task. EDIT: they’re next to dust devils. My mistake.
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    Crimea River

    Hello my doods. I'm a 23 year old QA programmer who doesn't have time to grind OSRS anymore so I was looking for a private server that didn't tilt too hard to either PVP with no content, or loads of content with no PVP. I have a hard time with private servers because I'm paid to find bugs and document them and help implement fixes, and most private servers are pretty badly programmed; this one seems pretty smooth and unique for the most part (especially considering the early stage of the server). I started playing RS in 2004 and have played on and off ever since. That being said, if you ever have any questions in-game feel free to reach out, although I won't have all of the answers.
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    Easy Mac compatibility

    I have a windows PC and a mac laptop so its not a huge deal to me personally, but for a server to stay healthy and grow, Mac compatibility is hugely important. People who use server lists to find servers will skip right over one without Mac compatibility if they use OsX. Furthermore, its one of the most frequently asked questions on the help sub and nobody has a consistent answer. Just my thoughts on the subject.
  4. This isn't a big deal but I got a drop announcement without a drop. It was a little bit painful at 170 Hill giant kills.