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    Would love to see more people here!
  2. Hi, I think ammo and runes collection for ironmen is not very well done at the moment. The best method I currently see is doing crazy archeologist, which is higher tier and smithing. For runes it is doing battle mages, which require magic levels to begin with, rc and bosses, which are higher tier. I think for lower level ironman this is not very achievable and especially getting rune bolts can be a very tedious task. What are your opinions on this matter and do you think the shops should sell ammo and runes or something like more monsters that drop them?
  3. Arcena


    Hi, I'm trying to get the Authenticator activated for my account, I scanned the code on my phone like on RS but the code does not work; it states the following: The code you entered was not valid. Make sure you are entering the correct code for this community from your smartphone app. The code will change every 30 seconds. What can I do to fix this issue? I have tried redoing it and it get the same result on my ironman.
  4. Arcena

    Playing on a Macbook.

    It doesn't get to the point where it downloads the cache.
  5. Arcena

    Playing on a Macbook.

    I have the launcher, it shuts down and tells me to download a java version, but after downloading the latest it will still not work and give the same message. Edit: I fixed the JDK error, I still cannot open the client. A small window pops up, closes again and that's all that happens.
  6. Arcena

    Playing on a Macbook.

    Hello, I am trying to play on a Macbook, but there is no Apple download for the client and of course, the Windows client does not work. I read somewhere it was being worked on, but I would like to request the status of that and if there is a way to play it now. I attempted asking assistance in Discord to no avail and I could not post it into the help section, hence why I posted it here.