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  1. Carbz

    just wtf?!?!?!

    i was pking with prims, i died (unskulled) and lost them, the guy who killed me died after also, i want a refund, this is bullshit i never knew prims didnt protect https://gyazo.com/f867b88725651a25d7c70651f1ad0500 - what i got after i died theres no proof that i lost them, but i wouldn't do this for a joke, i bought them from smexy if u want to confirm anything, but im fucking pissed and really want a refund
  2. Carbz

    AB = Free loot

    what clan are you in?
  3. Carbz

    AB = Free loot

    i thought #ab said cr got clrd to many times, they quit?
  4. Carbz

    First 10 mins on havoc | pure nhing

    nice, you will be unstoppable soon keep up great vids
  5. Carbz

    What Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    heres something, just got 25 posts for staff application lol
  6. Carbz

    do zooes still held a purpose?

    lmfao, why??? hahaha
  7. Carbz

    Wergali seed

    I have planted this shitty ass wergali seed, and it fucked up my herblore patch, its been a couple weeks, and nothing has happened, im hoping for it to... a) be coded into the game so it works properly b) remove that fucking seed c) ran out of ideas, u get the point please do something, because i want to max soon
  8. Carbz

    Wergali Seed

    yup, mine is broke
  9. can't you see i said #ab is #1, not im #1
  10. im saying the clan is #1 retard, i know im trash
  11. dick ride? tf u mean, its a game, and were #1 i was just asking if i made carnage, calm down
  12. #ab is #1 all i can say, were just #1
  13. Carbz

    Farming bug

    yes, it did not give me any message to even touch the seed, and can't plant a new seed, the patch it broken for me
  14. Carbz

    Farming bug

    I planted a wergali seed on the patch by the leprechaun, (the only place u can) and it was a null, then after it said the plant was ready, i cant see anything to pick at, the plant patch it broken, and i tried logging out, it's the only place i can plant herblore seeds, i would apreciate to either fix the seeds, or do something, idfk, but i cant do farming now. also, tree seeds dont work too. Thanks - Ign: Carbz P.S. idk if that does anything