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  1. Cleft

    100M giveaway :)

    Nice vid and gl to every1
  2. Cleft

    Raining whips

    It's raining bro...
  3. Cleft

    Clue scroll guide

    Nice done mate
  4. Cleft

    Havoc Early Money Guide

    Nice guide mate
  5. Cleft

    whip pk

    Nice loot
  6. Cleft

    opening 500 super mystery boxes!

    Didn't knew that...
  7. Cleft

    Clue Guide

    Helped me a lot thx
  8. Cleft

    good pk

    Nice done mate.
  9. Cleft

    opening 500 super mystery boxes!

    And now you're rich af... Damn nice bro!
  10. Cleft

    Havoc Price Guide!

    Bro ppl sell d boots for 1-2m max lol
  11. Cleft

    Havoc Price Guide!

    Very helpful always using it
  12. Cleft

    vote bug

    Didn't work :\