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  1. Dmob

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    I’d put half to a new laptop and the rest towards part of my tuition to have during my 6 month grace period before my loan kicks in and maybe give a little bit back to the community
  2. Dmob

    Main account goals

    Les get it! Goodluck to the Homie
  3. Dmob

    Main account goals

    Easiest goal up there for you is the Celestial, GL on the Rest
  4. Dmob

    New HCIM!

    Best of Luck on the HCIM
  5. Dmob

    Count to -10000

    Clearly we already fucked up as we skipped a number so lets just do it right -9999
  6. Gratz on the fashionscape gains and b neck and the pet squirrel
  7. Dmob

    How to start out in havoc

    I agree with this, Some images would be great but overall is an excellent guide
  8. Dmob

    Road to...

    Congratz on 99 agil!
  9. Dmob

    Havoc Price Guide!

    Can we change the price of Malediction and Odium, nobody buys them so no point keeping at 300m, I cant even get anybody to want to stake for them even at a low price I had to chuck them for 45m ea for a stake and then just dumped them in the well after, that's the only real use you get out of them due to them being so easy to obtain from super mystery boxes and being a frequent drop of crazy arch, chaos fanatic and scorpia
  10. Dmob

    Hc Iron man goals

    The last goal is #1
  11. Dmob

    You don't know me but

    Sorry I lost your number? Who is you?
  12. Dmob

    99 all skills ==> 200m every skill

    Good luck will take some time
  13. Dmob

    Games You Currently Play

    League of Legends and thats about it because I dont have my Xbox with me at college otherwise id prob be playing Dark Souls and Far Cry
  14. Dmob

    Road to...

    Id rather do 200m slayer l0l but Goodluck on the goal