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  1. Dmob

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    I’d put half to a new laptop and the rest towards part of my tuition to have during my 6 month grace period before my loan kicks in and maybe give a little bit back to the community
  2. Dmob

    Main account goals

    Les get it! Goodluck to the Homie
  3. Dmob

    Random boss event

    I agree with this. Due to the invasion being whoever deals the most damage get the drops it seems unfair in that instance because then the people who have maxed out gear such as torva, volcanic/ice whip, d kite, prims etc they will always get the drop where as if you have the event where whoever reaches a certain damage cap gets a drop all be it, not necessarily a rare drop it would give players more incentive to actually join in and want to participate instead of just giving up the moment they see somebody in max gear participating
  4. Dmob

    Ecumenical Keys

    I'm fine with that but that's not the problem I'm referring too. Yes that would change them being untradeable but there should still be a limit and the limit that Divine donors specifically have is nowhere near fair for the price of that rank wouldn't you say so as being a renowned donor, your rank starts at 1500$ yes? And you get 5 more keys than a rank that starts at 600$. Legendary gets 6 keys and that starts at 1000$ that's 4 keys more than Divine at 2 so its basically 100$ for each extra key. Why does that seem fair when we already have limited perks that are only used for PVM.
  5. Dmob

    Ecumenical Keys

    Ecumenical Keys This suggestion stems from the recently released: Legendary Reknowned Celestial Ranks. Legendary gets 6 Keys and then it goes up by 1 progressively capping at 8 with celestial. My complaint/suggestion is this. Why is it that divine donors only get 2 keys and they are the next highest donor next to legendary who gets 6 keys maximum by default. My suggestion now is that Divine gets 5, Royal 4, Alpha 3, Elder 2, Regular Players 1 That only seems fair especially to the Donor ranks who currently get far less keys than that of the 3 highest donor ranks. Divine and Royal in themselves are no small payment and currently get no real benefits from them except for instance scroll purchases and special commands such as restore, restore spec and openbank. I would like to hear opinions on this from other donor ranks specifically as well as confirmation on how many keys, if any that royal, alpha and elder get as I know for sure that Divine only get 2 which seems entirely unfair as you have to have donated 600$ minimum to even obtain this rank
  6. Dmob

    Main account goals

    Easiest goal up there for you is the Celestial, GL on the Rest
  7. Dmob

    New HCIM!

    Best of Luck on the HCIM
  8. Dmob

    Count to -10000

    Clearly we already fucked up as we skipped a number so lets just do it right -9999
  9. Dmob

    More Suggestions

    Battlestaves: So my suggestion is nothing major but there are battlestaff drops and there are empowered orb drops such as fire, air, earth and water orbs but when you go to combine them to make a battlestaff with said orb you can not. My suggestion is to make it so you can which will add another element to crafting as well as give the battlestaves and orbs a use besides just to be sold to the general store Vial Smashing: I have already brought this up to crux previously but I would like to know others stand on it. Do you believe that vial smashing should be implemented into the game? Why or why not. I believe it would help everybody including pvpers to where as soon as they finish a potion the vial will be automatically smashed on the ground such as in osrs where you can choose to unlock the right after you complete the bar crawl during the Horror from the Deep Quest Opinions are not only Welcome but are Encouraged
  10. Dmob

    Disable level up popups

    I agree with this suggestion, Its annoying at the lower levels and would be a nice option to disable it if you don't want to see it
  11. Dmob

    maxed hcim symbol?

    Its not a bad suggestion but I also see no reason for it
  12. Dmob

    gwd item for bandits

    I agree with this as well, every bandit task Id always go to wildy since they are agro there.
  13. Dmob

    Final Boss

    I don't see any reason why not
  14. Dmob

    Giant Mole

    I wouldn't mind a ::divinezone with some of the bosses that aren't in any of the other zones such as mole (not ingame),chaos ele, etc
  15. Dmob

    solution to selling in the help chat

    Just use the discord where we have trade-cc and help cc and that will enable you to post in one without having to leave the other, or ask somebody to yell for you. The only reason we got rid of selling in help cc is due to questions being missed causing some players to feel not necessarily unwanted but that there question may not have been deserving of an answer and that they felt ignored and in some instances may quit because they felt the staff weren't helpful