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  1. Utriballll

    Uhm/Rasta on leaderboards

    Maybe this is just me, but I'm getting slightly annoyed by Uhm and Rasta having 99 con and being on the top of the leaderboards, even though it was announced in updates that this shouldn't be the case anymore. Either just give everyone 99 construction till it is trainable or set Uhm's and Rasta's con to 1 Especially Dice and 8miles put in so much damn work. They deserve those spots. EDIT: Thank you ^^
  2. Utriballll

    Clue Guide

    It is near the observatory, north of castle wars. (the same location as the 2nd map in this guide, one is the pre-eoc variant and the other is osrs)
  3. Utriballll

    Opening 100 caskets!

    Yea, I always use snag.gy because it's the easiest for me. Never seems to work on this forum though Thanks ^^
  4. Utriballll

    Opening 100 caskets!

    You ever wondered what the result would be of 100 caskets? Me and @gl 1 mean gf did and collected the caskets to find out! 100 caskets: https://i.snag.gy/D2pO5T.jpg The loot: https://snag.gy/BN8ljI.jpg It came out to be 114M store value in loot. Most of it being: - Ranged supplies - Runes - Bones - Skilling supplies - Other stuff (Cannonballs, granite etc.) If you want to know specifics, let me know. I can always add them * still getting errors when adding the image as a non-link so added as a link instead
  5. Utriballll

    Looting bag

    Absolutely agree! Didn't know it wasn't even possible yet
  6. Completionist cape finally achieved! @Dice Thank you for providing me the money to afford it at that time! https://snag.gy/57hxMt.jpg https://snag.gy/seIkdh.jpg - Since the image gives error i'll put it as a link
  7. Utriballll

    Game Updates - 05/11/2018

    I don't really mind, but it's the same for me. The compensation didn't come through
  8. Utriballll

    Pest control minimum # players

    Currently there are 3 people required to start a pest control game. It is fairly standard, but not always favorable considering it's an elite achievement to get 150 pc games. Maybe I'm missing the point of having this minimum., but I would like to suggest to bring down the minimum amount of players to 1 or 2. That way pest control can always be played without having to rely on others to assist ^^
  9. Utriballll

    Game Updates pt. 2 - 05/11/2018

    The discount
  10. Utriballll


    Good to hear I think it can use a revamp
  11. Utriballll

    cant find the play button

    Don't you have a client installed on your pc to open it from there?
  12. Utriballll


    I do agree, some sort of event for donations (not as a WOGW event but as MOD+/ Dev activation or something) or something similar like discount announcements. I'm sure this would massively increase sales. Offcourse it has to be balanced to not completely screw up the economy though
  13. Utriballll

    Bring back the dance

    That moment when a 5 month old troll thread is revived to reply "hahah" 'xD
  14. Utriballll

    Drop Rate Info Thread

    I rechecked it twice, but you made a mistake somewhere Try using a higher drop chance, I used a droprate bonus of 42% and got a lower drop chance than in your example using the same numbers (1/400-(1/400*.42)) = 0.00145 (1/35)*(0.00145)= 4.14e-5 1/4.14e-5= 1/24138 dropchance if you can find your mistake this would be a really cool post! ^^
  15. Utriballll

    My 1 Week Evaluation

    You have been doing really well! Keep up the good work