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  1. 8MilesHigh

    NPC that makes unf potions

    Too fast already - no need for this imo
  2. 8MilesHigh

    WOGW Revamp

    But thanks for the suggestion, was glad to see that the well changed, A LOT better events now
  3. 8MilesHigh

    WOGW Revamp

    Dice is a noob
  4. 8MilesHigh

    Max Hit Dummy

    ::maxhit needs to be fixed - proplem solved Or if it's easier just add the maxhit dummy
  5. 8MilesHigh

    Master clue

    Great idea, but masters can't be the same as current clues - it's just running from a place to another.. These needs to be more like in osrs, or like the daily task (farm a torstol and show it to a npc etc.)
  6. 8MilesHigh

    TV Shows You're Currently Watching

    Walking dead Game of thrones It's always sunny in philadelphia Shameless Outsiders
  7. 8MilesHigh

    Favourite Movies

    John Wick The mechanic (all Statham movies tbh) Lords of Dogtown Dont be a menace to south central..
  8. Where are the pictures can't wait to see how fast the drops are going to come
  9. 8MilesHigh

    Balancing slayer

    I like this idea, but as been said the drops should more around slayer. Maybe even add some new items (leaf bladed axe/imbued heart/slayer staff?)
  10. 8MilesHigh

    Uses of Loyalty Points

    Would be nice to see a loyalty point store.. Maybe some skilling outfits (angler etc?)
  11. 8MilesHigh

    Rank Requests

    Blue, silverish w/e the $200 rank too lazy to take a screenshot
  12. 8MilesHigh

    SALE big boi style

    PM me in game Primal Pickaxe - Primal axe - Primal maul - Primal rapier - Primal boots - Volcanic whip mix - Toxic staff - Celestial catalytic staff Full 3a mage - Full 3a melee - Full 3a range - Full statius - Green/red/Black full slayer helmet - Arma chest/skirt Vesta spear - Vesta plate/skirt - Zamorakian spear x2 - Steadfast boots - Blowpipe 10x Fury amulets . 3x whips - Kraken tent And last but not least a LIME PARTYHAT GOING CHEAP! PM me ingame - 8mileshigh
  13. 8MilesHigh

    Skillingzone Banks

    Have to agree with this, only used the skillingzone for fishing. Had to do 200m wc in the guild because the bank is so far away @skillingzone
  14. 8MilesHigh

    Skilling zone for elder rank.

    Yeah, we already got a god skillingzone and as been said it wouldn't be fair for other players who already got into alpha skillingzone
  15. 8MilesHigh

    Vorkath suggestion

    lets wait for raids 1st