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  1. 8MilesHigh

    TV Shows You're Currently Watching

    Walking dead Game of thrones It's always sunny in philadelphia Shameless Outsiders
  2. 8MilesHigh

    Favourite Movies

    John Wick The mechanic (all Statham movies tbh) Lords of Dogtown Dont be a menace to south central..
  3. Where are the pictures can't wait to see how fast the drops are going to come
  4. 8MilesHigh

    SALE big boi style

    PM me in game Primal Pickaxe - Primal axe - Primal maul - Primal rapier - Primal boots - Volcanic whip mix - Toxic staff - Celestial catalytic staff Full 3a mage - Full 3a melee - Full 3a range - Full statius - Green/red/Black full slayer helmet - Arma chest/skirt Vesta spear - Vesta plate/skirt - Zamorakian spear x2 - Steadfast boots - Blowpipe 10x Fury amulets . 3x whips - Kraken tent And last but not least a LIME PARTYHAT GOING CHEAP! PM me ingame - 8mileshigh
  5. 8MilesHigh

    What Song Are You Currently Listening To?

    Jordan Schor - Cosmic
  6. 8MilesHigh


    8mileshigh introducing himself The nerd (Gamerus Nolifemis) inhabits a small area in southern Finland. The existance of this creature has only been known for 26 years. Male nerd measures 180cm when standing fully upright. Encounterers between people and The nerd have been extremely rare since the nerd leaves it's nest only to hunt and it can last up to 6 weeks with one hunt. The few who claims that they have seen this creature out in the wild describes the nerd as a pale white, skinny creature, but don't let the looks decieve you, when the nerd is near its nest it can be extremely ferocious and it could rip a man in half! So yea, i'm Niko (Niles) 26 years young dude from finland. Came to havoc like a month and a half ago and never left (: Currently on a ??medical leave?? (is it even a word? lol) since i broke my leg like a month ago. So can't really do anything right now, since all my hobbies (discgolf, hiking, fishing) requires a working pair of legs Much love to ya'll -8miles
  7. 8MilesHigh

    Count to -10000

  8. 8MilesHigh

    $50 giveaway ends 04/07/18

    count me in ign 8mileshigh
  9. 8MilesHigh

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    i'm in (: i would use most to pay for my treatment (if you must know pm me). And would have some good time with the rest :PP