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  1. FP

    Buying Dragon Warhammer

    As the title states, I am looking to buy a Dragon Warhammer. Pm me ingame or on discord to negotiate prices.
  2. FP


    I also sent them both multiple messages and notified them multiple time through Discord. My heart and loyalty will lie with this server to the bitter end, not because of the owners but because of the game and its players and I really wish we could do something about it. Momentarily I did all I could and am still doing my utmost best to keep it fun ingame by actively talking to the few players still going and hosting events to keep them interested but I'm uncertain of how much longer this will help.
  3. FP


    As Little said, it's up to the owners. We're all doing our best to retain new and old players but there's not much more we can do as staff.
  4. FP


    Would love to see you ingame more! Missing seeing someone go as dry on monsters as me!
  5. FP

    Max Hit!

    Show off your in-game max hit! My highest hit, which I sadly didn't catch was a 92-104 dds on Nex and a 174 ags spec.
  6. FP

    Game Updates - 06/05/2018

    Amazing update! The hype is real!!!
  7. FP

    Forum activity

    I love me a good forum, activity seems to be rising and I hope it will continue to do so!
  8. FP

    Rooney Loops Feedback

    Good lad, good addition to the team time-zone wise and always in for a laugh. 11/10
  9. FP

    Pest control minimum # players

    I agree with this. Also seeing the announcement of someone playing pc may encourage others to join.
  10. FP

    Unf. potion maker

    I think I may have posted this before, but I feel like we really need an unfinished potions maker. I know some don't like it because it would make it too easy, but even osrs has this feature. I'm currently aiming to make 1k overloads, which means I have to make 5k unfinished potions for a whopping 10 exp per unfinished potion which makes the task a burden. Please leave a comment with your opinion regarding this matter, thanks. :)
  11. FP


    Congrats! Good accomplishment!
  12. FP

    Game Updates - 04/23/2018

    A well needed, great update. Amazing work man!
  13. FP

    Event Suggestions

    Mass pvm events. Make a mod+ ::mass "boss" command to create a mass instance for a boss of choice with an increased droprate. The deaths are safe and players can use ::mass to teleport in.
  14. Hi, I have been wondering how droprate increases work. I have been told that it increases the likelyhood to get any drop by a percentage (can be checked with ::droprate). Does this mean that basically nothing changes as the proportions remain the same or does it influence this differently and how does it influence rare drops?
  15. Amazing goal, good luck!