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  1. FP

    Buying Dragon Warhammer

    As the title states, I am looking to buy a Dragon Warhammer. Pm me ingame or on discord to negotiate prices.
  2. FP

    Max Hit!

    Show off your in-game max hit! My highest hit, which I sadly didn't catch was a 92-104 dds on Nex and a 174 ags spec.
  3. FP

    Event Suggestions

    Mass pvm events. Make a mod+ ::mass "boss" command to create a mass instance for a boss of choice with an increased droprate. The deaths are safe and players can use ::mass to teleport in.
  4. FP

    25$ giveaway

    You're like santa man, damn. Either way i'm 20 dollars off next rank so it's welcome
  5. FP

    $50 giveaway ends 04/07/18

    I'm about this much off Royal so I'm in!
  6. I'm in! Studying is expensive.. You're a saint soft.
  7. Thanks for the imput, I'll start doing this soon
  8. Hey, it's time for an update! This week has not been very progressive. Though i've grinded much I didn't achieve as much as I'd hope to. My drops started with a b2b drop at strykewyrms. Got a SoL and a farseer kite drop. Also got a tome of frost on my slayer task, which is a pretty rad drop in my opinion seeing the 1/1k droprate. I also got a D kite later after about 300 kc from KBD. I had been after it for a while but someone crashed me in alphazone earlier and got it then. Today I also got my first 200m, which is strenght. That's one more achievement out of the way My current total level is 1762 and the personal goals I achieved this episode are: Dragon Kiteshield Full elite void (all styles) I also started the grind for a lava whip but pkers are delaying it quite a bit. That's it for this week, hope to get something good for the next entree and see you ingame!
  9. FP

    Music thread

    The Dear Hunter has been my favourite artist for years.
  10. FP

    Agility guide - xp rates & shop

    Good guide! little remark on the exp rates; put it as the 1x exp rate and explain that you have to multiply it by your exp rate or show the rates for every game mode :p.
  11. FP

    I cant open client .Jar

    Dowloading the latest jdk fixed it for me.
  12. FP

    I cant open client .Jar

    Ensure you have the latest JDK version.
  13. FP

    Glue Sniffer's HCIM adventure

    Going well Glue! You got some solid drops and overtook me in total level already!
  14. Great guide man! The prices of herbs are double the examination price by the way .