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  1. FP

    Pest control minimum # players

    I agree with this. Also seeing the announcement of someone playing pc may encourage others to join.
  2. FP

    Unf. potion maker

    I think I may have posted this before, but I feel like we really need an unfinished potions maker. I know some don't like it because it would make it too easy, but even osrs has this feature. I'm currently aiming to make 1k overloads, which means I have to make 5k unfinished potions for a whopping 10 exp per unfinished potion which makes the task a burden. Please leave a comment with your opinion regarding this matter, thanks. :)
  3. FP


    Congrats! Good accomplishment!
  4. FP

    Game Updates - 04/23/2018

    A well needed, great update. Amazing work man!
  5. Hi, I have been wondering how droprate increases work. I have been told that it increases the likelyhood to get any drop by a percentage (can be checked with ::droprate). Does this mean that basically nothing changes as the proportions remain the same or does it influence this differently and how does it influence rare drops?
  6. FP

    Event Suggestions

    Mass pvm events. Make a mod+ ::mass "boss" command to create a mass instance for a boss of choice with an increased droprate. The deaths are safe and players can use ::mass to teleport in.
  7. Amazing goal, good luck!
  8. FP

    Sagittarian Armour

    +1, would absolutely agree.
  9. FP

    WOGW Revamp

    Would love this! +1
  10. FP

    Game Updates - 04/11/2018

    Some really good updates, and a lot of them too! Very well done as always and keep it up!
  11. FP

    25$ giveaway

    You're like santa man, damn. Either way i'm 20 dollars off next rank so it's welcome
  12. FP

    Loyalty points etc

    Think it would be nice to fuse the loyalty point and cosmetic suggestion to make a loyalty store that sells cosmetic items. All skillcape perks should be added imo. Barrows should be left as it is, sko I'm not too sure about. I like the wildy aspect but also what you suggested.
  13. FP

    Iron man Blood Money store

    Would love to see this so much. Looting bags, rune pouches and some supplies would be great assets to be added.
  14. FP


    This happens a lot, but it's a safe death so it doesn't really matter that much.
  15. FP

    Final Boss

    Hey, I always liked the idea of RS3's final boss. For those unfamiliar, it is a title achieved when killing at least 5k total bosses and 100 of each. I think, as a pvmer this would be fun on Havoc as well. Give it a nice reward and make the title a different colour and it already looks appealing to me. The thing I'm stumbling upon is whether or not to include the donator only bosses, as I think this would be unfair. What do you think? Leave your thoughts, opinions and suggestions below!
  16. FP

    Imbueing rings

    Hi, In this topic, I would like to suggest the imbueing of rings. The methods I was thinking of were either blood money (also for ironmen since blood money is virtually useless to these accounts) or through loyalty points, as their use is also quite limited at the moment. I personally favour blood money to keep it in the combat environment. What are the toughts and opinions on it or does anyone have a better idea? Let me know!
  17. FP

    Purple Slayer helm

    Been wanting a combination of the helms for a bit, but more in a way like combine the 3. This is a good idea nontheless +1 from me.
  18. FP

    $50 giveaway ends 04/07/18

    I'm about this much off Royal so I'm in!
  19. FP

    Game Updates - 03/27/2018

    Awsome update! Keep them up lads
  20. I'm in! Studying is expensive.. You're a saint soft.
  21. Hi everyone, Some might know me, some might not. I am FP, an ironman on supreme (5x exp) mode. In this topic I will regularly post my progress towards my two main goals; comping and getting an infernal cape. Things you can expect here include 99s, major achievements and big drops/unusual adventures. These are my 2 biggest drop tabs and under that are my current stats. Current total level: 1762 Below I will state some of the subgoals I want to achieve. All combat skills 99 [ ] First Non combat 99 [ ] 5 non combat 99s [ ] 10 non combat 99s [ ] All non combat 99s [ ] Maxed [ ] Easy achievements [ ] Medium achievements [ ] Hard achievements [ ] Elite achievements [ ] Full elite void (all sets) [X] Abyssal Whip [ ] Dragonfire shield [ ] Dragon kiteshield [X] Full bandos [ ] Full armadyl [ ] Zammy spear [ ] Ranger boots [ ] Pegasian boots [ ] Eternal boots [ ] Primordial boots [ ] Any non-regular spirit shield [ ] Slayer helm [ ] Full slayer helm [ ] Chaotic Crossbow [ ] Toxic Blowpipe [ ] Dragon warhammer [ ] Trident of the seas [ ] Trident of the swamp [ ] Whip mix [ ] First nex drop [ ] Full nex set [ ] Full pernix [ ] I hope you enjoy seeing my progress and this kind of blog and I am curious what the future will bring!
  22. FP

    200 Crystal chests

    Hi, I saved up 1k star points in order to buy 200 crystal keys and open those, and so I did. So I opened those chests and in those 200 chests I didn't get a single rare. Quite unfortunate but oh well. The resources, however, are amazing. Here's my loot from 200 crystal chests. I left away the 200 dragonstones because of inv space. All the rune items were given to a new player in aid of his start.
  23. FP

    Pest control revamp??

    I would do imbued rings with something else. PC however does need more rewards, I'm 80 games in and have full elite void, and another 70 to go for a task. Would love to get some resources or something extra along the way.
  24. Thanks for the imput, I'll start doing this soon
  25. FP

    NPC that makes unf potions

    I fullheartedly agree on this and have been preaching it. Making unfinished pots is the most tedious and unrewarding thing.