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    Hopefully they will fix it soon
  2. PrySin


    No problem, thanks for the topic
  3. PrySin

    general suggestions

    I love that, would be a fast way to lose your bank or make your bank
  4. PrySin

    Being Active

    Good thing
  5. PrySin

    Guides For The Future

    Hello everyone, if you would like to see any Forums guides or useful threads! I'm ready Just leave your thoughts below.
  6. PrySin

    Game Updates - 06/05/2018

    Great updates Love the new theme 💖
  7. PrySin

    Forum activity

    Our forums activity is rising We need to post more threads (guides , useful threads) or posts But we must remember to not spam the forums with any useless threads/posts!
  8. PrySin

    Guides For The Future

    Guides related to the forum
  9. PrySin

    Gambling Guide!

    Good guide bro! Well done
  10. PrySin


    I would love to see some pk videos
  11. PrySin

    Hello world

    Welcome to Havoc bro! Nice to meet you
  12. PrySin

    Later Skaters

    Good luck on the future! Hope you change your mind and stay with us
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    Hi, I'm Anarchy!!

    Welcome to Havoc Good luck on your goal
  14. PrySin

    Game Updates - 05/24/2018

    Good updates, keep up the good work @Crux and everyone else in the staff team
  15. Thanks for making this thread 😍💖
  16. PrySin

    Havoc Revival

    @Crux is doing a amazing job and yeah we need to advertising by making some Youtube videos also by voting
  17. PrySin

    Opening 100 caskets!

    Some good loots
  18. PrySin

    My fairwell

    Without any reasons? 😮 Not sure what happened but all i can say is take care!
  19. PrySin

    Drop Top Benz

  20. Here is some tips: * Make sure to have the latest version of Java! if you already have, then delete it and re-download it! * Delete the client cache and re download it, here is the link: http://assets.havoc.ps/launcher/ You can find the client cache by clicking on "Search" button in your pc and then type "Havoc cache" then delete it! * Try to use Chrome when you do that^
  21. PrySin

    Game Updates pt. 2 - 05/11/2018

    Amazing stuff champ
  22. PrySin

    The Official Havoc Price Guide!

    Thanks for the update
  23. PrySin

    Completionist cape achieved!

    Well done bro, congrats
  24. PrySin

    abyssal sire guide

    Good guide bro Thanks for making it as video, easy to follow
  25. PrySin

    Mr castle

    Welcome to the server bro Nice to meet you Hope you enjoy with your stay