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  1. PrySin

    Need a signature

    Hello, i need a signature for me (for free) If there is anyone in here good with making signatures, please reply to this thread or you can pm me! Details: 1) Text: PrySin 2) Size: Big 3) Colors: Black & Yellow
  2. PrySin

    Gambling Guide!

    Good guide bro! Well done
  3. PrySin

    Hello world

    Welcome to Havoc bro! Nice to meet you
  4. PrySin

    Later Skaters

    Good luck on the future! Hope you change your mind and stay with us
  5. PrySin

    Hi, I'm Anarchy!!

    Welcome to Havoc Good luck on your goal
  6. PrySin

    Opening 100 caskets!

    Some good loots
  7. PrySin

    The Official Havoc Price Guide!

    Thanks for the update
  8. PrySin

    Completionist cape achieved!

    Well done bro, congrats
  9. PrySin

    abyssal sire guide

    Good guide bro Thanks for making it as video, easy to follow
  10. PrySin

    Mr castle

    Welcome to the server bro Nice to meet you Hope you enjoy with your stay
  11. PrySin

    cant find the play button

    I think @Crux is working on the website & forums! Here is the link for the launcher: http://assets.havoc.ps/launcher/
  12. PrySin


    Welcome to Havoc, nice to meet you
  13. PrySin

    Cruel world

    I hope to see some forums updates in the future! P.s Take care bro and good luck
  14. Congrats bro Amazing work!
  15. PrySin

    | Road To Max UIM |

    Best of luck on your goals :)
  16. PrySin


    Welcome to Havoc
  17. PrySin

    I AM NEW

    Welcome to Havoc! Nice to meet you
  18. PrySin

    My Luck is unreal....

    Very lucky!! Congrats bro
  19. PrySin


    Damn! Not worthy at all This is sucks bro
  20. PrySin

    Iron Mewmia's Goals!

    Great goals, but i think it will takes alot of time But you can do it Good luck
  21. PrySin

    Havoc RSPS: Goody Bag Tomorrow!

    Thanks for the event guys! I don't want to enter it because i don't play in-game alot
  22. PrySin

    Testin the Waters Enjoy.. or dont x)

    Good video Keep it up
  23. PrySin


    Bad luck not worthy! I do suggest to make m boxes video