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    - Karils Tournament - 12/29/18

    5chris7 ❤️
  2. 5chris7

    Christmas Tree

    So ive had a lot of questions about this newly added christmas tree, the tree is a nice little add on to which instead of just going afking u can spend your time there. For example if you were to go out to the club or shopping or something like that and you arent going to be on, just afk at the tree. It has a very slim chance to give you, super mysterybox / mystery box / and double xp lamp 3 hours. The super mbox is 1/24k and thats all i know right now but i will update this when i find out the other drop rates! Any woodcutting level works! Can start at 1 or 99 or anywhere in between! GL on drops Havoc Players! sincerly, chris
  3. 5chris7

    Staff Update - 10/09/2018

    gz all!
  4. 5chris7


    SOME FLAWS just missing a few items, but overall great guide! ❤️
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    Nex Solo Guide

    nice guide