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    yup thats why im playing something els this server is hanging on a small thread but it will die if they dont change
  3. Lunatikz Be


    its funny tho how they say kots will be rewarded aswell but wheres my reward 🤔 all a bunch of bs
  4. Lunatikz Be


    idk probly like what max 5
  5. Lunatikz Be


  6. Lunatikz Be


    loved playing this game to but server died like what a month or 2 ago? and there not doing anything they dont respond or it takes years to get reply they promise shit but they dont deliver like nice money hungry boy's all they care is donations
  7. Lunatikz Be

    King of the Skill | Everything you need to know

    hypo shhh lucky you aint in the kots or i would of beat yo ass so bad boy 😃 jking tho
  8. Lunatikz Be

    Xbox1 players

    noy uo guys add me Lunatikz be =-)
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    Rank Requests

    royal plz
  10. Lunatikz Be

    Havoc RSPS: Softcores $50 Alpha Rank Giveaway Winner!

    gz to the winner
  11. Lunatikz Be

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    i would use the money for private reason that i will not post on forum but you can ask in pm if needed
  12. Lunatikz Be

    $50 giveaway ends 04/07/18

    ill rep you name lunatikz be