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  1. can we please put Havoc on runelocus top list, i'm not talking about a paid advertisement.. i'm talking about just the list so we can vote and maybe even making it to the top page without advertisements... and the vote rewards are awful 100 grimy guams??? this a joke? there's no inspiration for people to vote... I've seen one person get a drop rate increase from a vote once in the entire time i've played havoc that's like 6 months by the way.
  2. Uncut Chode

    Ironman secondary supply shop

    "every one wants quality of life updates, i mean... i get it, but why does everything have to be so easy? every one knows the more you work at something the better sense of achievement you get at the end when it's all said and done." - Chode 2018
  3. Uncut Chode

    Barrows as slayer task

    i like it, why not, esketit, leggo, stay breezy.
  4. Uncut Chode


    kill the baby blue dragons then
  5. Uncut Chode

    1 in 10k infernal cape

    that's a no from me, if some one wants the inferno cape than they can go get it from the inferno, other than that pay 40 bucks
  6. Uncut Chode


  7. Uncut Chode

    Rank Requests

  8. Uncut Chode

    Hybrid Tournament (22/04/2019)

    sign me up brother
  9. Uncut Chode

    Dharoks Tournament 15/04/2018

    I volunteer as tribute IGN: Uncut Chode
  10. Uncut Chode

    XP Rate Changing

    ima have to agree with @Littlee here
  11. Uncut Chode

    New Video: Havoc RSPS: Opening 500 Super Mystery Boxes!

    shoulda just waited to do it on the updated smb's should happen tomorrow
  12. Uncut Chode

    Loyalty points etc

    sounds saucy i like it.
  13. Uncut Chode

    Balancing slayer

    well low lvl slayer is a grind so you can get to those higher lvl ones and get a taste of the rewards
  14. Uncut Chode

    Iron man Blood Money store

    it would obviously have to be limited to a few things like rune pouch and a few others but yh sounds good
  15. Uncut Chode

    fletching update?

    i mean.... fletching isn't one of those skills that you would do after 99 unless you're making bolts for pvm or something, good idea but i don't think it's that important.