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  1. Uncut Chode

    Hybrid Tournament (22/04/2019)

    sign me up brother
  2. Uncut Chode

    Dharoks Tournament 15/04/2018

    I volunteer as tribute IGN: Uncut Chode
  3. Uncut Chode

    New Video: Havoc RSPS: Opening 500 Super Mystery Boxes!

    shoulda just waited to do it on the updated smb's should happen tomorrow
  4. Uncut Chode

    Sell pernix bod

    how about a torva helm for it
  5. Uncut Chode

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    i would love to win this money, the reason why this money would be so good for me is so i can be one thousand dollars less debt for college
  6. Uncut Chode

    $25 giveaway

    ign: iron chode