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  1. Militarycarn

    Donating Havoc gp

    Hey guys me again :). As of now there's two ways to donate paypal and osrs gp. For paypal every dollar gets you 10 store points. For osrs gp 1m gets you 10 store points. Now you can swap 1m osrs gp for 250m havoc. So my suggestion is being able to donate 250m havoc gp for 10 store points.
  2. Militarycarn

    Disable level up popups

    i agree with glue sniffer you can keep the popup but allow the player to continue action
  3. Militarycarn

    NPC that makes unf potions

    You wont need to add a new NPC as you can just add the option to the one that cleans the grimy herbs for you. As for the cost I'm not sure about maybe a 50k increase from what he charges to clean the herbs. It just becomes tedious creating 500 unf potions.