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  1. gl 1 mean gf

    Clue scroll guide

    North of Castle Wars. You should know this clue if you've done it before
  2. gl 1 mean gf

    Forum activity

    Fight me
  3. gl 1 mean gf

    Gambling Guide!

    Missing Flower Poker from guide ^
  4. gl 1 mean gf

    Forum activity

    sorry, i'm usually just reading all posts and only posting a few of them >.<.... well, those that require serious answers
  5. gl 1 mean gf

    Guides For The Future

    Nex guide
  6. gl 1 mean gf

    Suggestions to pvp changes.

    Agreed as well. it's either pking with an ags or korasi. Claws feel extremely weak because they hardly hit at all. And if i remember correctly ,vls has a delayed attack/spec tick.
  7. gl 1 mean gf

    Imstrengths - Tale of an Ironman

    #1 ironman? (even tho p2w)
  8. gl 1 mean gf


    Pking vids would be nice (hopefully longer than 10 mins) for vids. Dh pk/bridding/rune fights etc. And if you do decide to stream i'll support by watching whenever i can (timezone diff and other stuff)
  9. gl 1 mean gf

    general suggestions

    ::gamble command to tp to gamble area? Maybe add option to "gamble fire cape" would love these ingame gamble for chance of infernal cape/pet. pet 1/5k cape 1/10k. But as for skilling zone for normal players, donor gotta have their perks too though. And normal skilling areas are just fine as they are for regular players at the moment i feel.
  10. gl 1 mean gf

    Gambling Guide!

    loved it. this will clear lots of questions for/when gambling If the number rolled is 55 or higher, the dice host loses and must repay the player double of what the player traded to gamble. If the number rolled is 55 or lower you could change this sentence as it's slightly confusing. 55 lose? 55 win? make it 56 or higher/54 or lower. 55 is host choice of rr or lose/win
  11. gl 1 mean gf

    Code Weapon poison

    poisoned dragon dagger yeah. not sure about arrows etc yet
  12. gl 1 mean gf

    Rooney Loops Feedback

    Staking addict, good at losing bank ^-^ But other than that you've been a pretty cool dude ^-^ though you still require help sometimes
  13. gl 1 mean gf

    Code Weapon poison

    Like for pvming? or pking. agreed that it has more uses than one may think of, when i start thinking about it more and more just keep poppin up in my head. Would be fun to mess around with poison when pking/pvming tho
  14. gl 1 mean gf

    Hello world

    Welcome man i hope you'll find it as enjoyable as everyone else that's playing ^-^
  15. gl 1 mean gf

    Rank Requests

    https://gyazo.com/f3893893efb823ba2d515652ef505609 Gl 1 Mean Gf $200 now