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  1. R2ng3 D3a7h

    Staff feedback @ drops

    + Tell me why u told me that i flamed ''rasta''?
  2. R2ng3 D3a7h

    Staff feedback @ drops

    You were ddsing with no armor. that's ragging(i had armour on). warned you a few times (no you did not.). then you were flaiming, told you to chill( i flamed because you farcasted me), you continued so I muted for 1 day. then you came on alt complaining after that u muted me 3 days, I asked you politely to stop a legitimate 5 (asked to stop what on alt, u muted me without warning) times before muting that acc. then you were pjing fights(you farcasted me so i did that back) and teleing (ragging) keeping me from enjoying my fight with someone else. banned for 1 day. there's your explanation.
  3. R2ng3 D3a7h

    Staff feedback @ drops

    and you didnt warn me, since your logged in still, please make screen about warning me, you should have?
  4. R2ng3 D3a7h

    Staff feedback @ drops

    sorry but i weared nezi glory and a recoil+rune boots+ i didint dds, i was anti who farcast or attack me like you did
  5. R2ng3 D3a7h

    Staff feedback @ drops

    cant get proof, since ban= insta log out
  6. R2ng3 D3a7h

    Staff feedback @ drops

    Drops insta muted me for flaming 1 day- no warn. i logged in alt and said it was without warning, he said to stop it and muted me for 3 days Rules: 1A secondly i were in wild with dds and some items, drops farcasted me called as ragging, i just watched hem bridding and he comes to farcast then i went to farcast hem back and got instatly ban. + Drops said i flamed ''Rasta'' somehow, but i never flamed hem, nice moderator huh
  7. R2ng3 D3a7h

    Game Updates - 22/03/2018

    nice updates, could we have weapon sounds, and aswell more backround sounds?