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  1. Keepitiron

    Max Hit Dummy

    well if they dont make a maxhit dummy they have to fix ::maxhit. Many PPL know that its not working properly.
  2. Keepitiron

    Max Hit Dummy

    ::maxhit isnt even working properly, so idk what you trying to say but or the have to fix ::maxhit or make a maxhit dummy. which works better then ::maxhit.
  3. Keepitiron

    Iron man Blood Money store

    What you gonna do with this devs?
  4. Keepitiron

    Sagittarian Armour

    agree mate +1
  5. Keepitiron

    UIM suggestion

  6. Keepitiron

    Max Hit Dummy

    if they also pay attention to the prayer and the Pots bonusses which are not working properly (edit)
  7. Keepitiron

    Max Hit Dummy

    Hey guys, Since ::Maxhit isnt even accurate I think it wil be a great option te add an MaxHit dummy. Its pretty handy for our PK'ers and people who just wanna know their max hit if they pvm. What you guys think? Leave a reply please thanks
  8. Keepitiron

    Skilling zone for elder rank.

    Theres nothing wrong with the elder pvm zone but its the skilling part as donor reward. Dont think there ppl who gonna donate $35 more for a skilling zone?
  9. Keepitiron

    Skilling zone for elder rank.

    Dear players, Today i was thinking about a skilling zone for elder Donators. Would it be a good idea to get a skilling zone for elder donators? I think it will be fun.( i like skilling) Just like a Zone where you can train multiple skills in the same zone like : mining, smithing, fishing, cooking, wc. Im just curious about what you guys think. Please leave a reply. Peace <3 cant find how to make a poll again can someone help me?
  10. Keepitiron

    New Video: Havoc RSPS: Opening 500 Super Mystery Boxes!

    Good Work man!
  11. Keepitiron

    Higher donator zones

    Sounds good
  12. Keepitiron

    Game Updates - 04/11/2018

    Good Job Man!
  13. Keepitiron

    Uses of Loyalty Points

    would be nice if we could use em for more things then only titles
  14. Keepitiron

    Wilderness is dead / AFKers

  15. Keepitiron

    donate zone

    Good idea mate, but has to be balanced imo with the party thing