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  1. This guide includes information about ways of obtaining herbs and creating potions. (I highly recommend to read tips & suggestions at the end of the thread) First of all why you should train herblore : If you're going for a max cape it's one of the requirement Potions such as super combat or overload are very useful for bossing and just training It's a must for iron man or hardcore iron man to properly play the game How does herblore work - play adds a herb to vial of water to make (unf) potion which needs additional ingredient to make the final potion. A clean herb must be added in order to make (unf) potion List of herbs with herblore level requirement to clean them : Lvl 01 - Grimy guam Lvl 05 - Grimy marrentill Lvl 11 - Grimy tarromin Lvl 20 - Grimy harralander Lvl 25 - Grimy ranarr Lvl 30 - Grimy toadflax Lvl 30 - Grimy wergali Lvl 35 - Grimy spirit weed Lvl 40 - Grimy irit Lvl 48 - Grimy avantoe Lvl 54 - Grimy kwuarm Lvl 59 - Grimy snapdragon Lvl 65 - Grimy cadantine Lvl 67 - Grimy lantadyme Lvl 70 - Grimy dwarf weed Lvl 75 - Grimy torstol Making potions - Unf potion + special ingredient Lvl 01 - Attack potion = guam + eye of newt Lvl 05 - Antipoision = marentill + unicorn horn dust Lvl 12 - Strength potion = tarromin + limpwurt root Lvl 22 - Restore potion = harralander + red spiders' eggs Lvl 26 - Energy potion = harralander + chocolate dust Lvl 30 - Defence potion = ranarr + white berries Lvl 34 - Aglility potion = Toadflax + toad's legs Lvl 38 - Prayer potion = ranarr + snape grass Lvl 40 - Summoning potion = spirit weed + cockatrice egg Lvl 42 - Crafting potion = wergali + frog spawn Lvl 45 - Super attack = irit + eye of newt Lvl 46 - Vial of stench = irit + chopped onion Lvl 48 - Super antipoision = irit + snape grass Lvl 48 - Super antipoision = irit + unicorn horn dust Lvl 52 - Super energy = avantoe + mort myre fungus Lvl 53 - Hunter potion = avantoe + kebbit teeth dust Lvl 55 - Super strength = Kwuarm + limpwurt root Lvl 58 - Fletching potion = avantoe + wimpy feather Lvl 60 - Weapon poision = kwuarm + dragon scale dust Lvl 63 - Super restore = snapdragon + red spiders' eggs Lvl 65 - Sanfew serum = Unicorn horn dust + snake weed + nail beast nails Lvl 66 - Super defence = cadantine + white berries Lvl 68 - Antipoision+ = toadflax + yew roots Lvl 69 - Antifire = lantadyme + dragon scale dust Lvl 72 - Ranging potion = dwarf weed + wine of zamorak Lvl 76 - Magic potion = lantadyme + potato cactus Lvl 77 - Stamina potion = super energy(3) + amylase crystal Lvl 78 - Zamorak brew = torstol + jungleberies Lvl 81 - Saradomin brew = toadflax + crushed nest Lvl 84 - Recover special = super energy(3) + papaya fruit Lvl 85 - Super antifire = antifire potion(3) + phoenix feather Lvl 88 - Extreme attack = super attack(3) + clean avantoe Lvl 88 - Extreme strength = super strength(3) + clean dwarf weed Lvl 90 - Extreme defence(3) = super defence(3) + lantadyme Lvl 90 - Super combat potion = super set Super attack(4) Super strength(4) Super defence(4) Clean torstol Lvl 91 - Extreme magic = magic potion(3) + ground mud runes Lvl 92 - Extreme range = ranging potion(3) + grenwall spikes Lvl 94 - Super prayer = prayer potion(3) + bonemeal Lvl 94 - Prayer renewal = morchella mushroom + fellstalk Lvl 96 - Overload = Every Extreme potion : Extreme attack(3) Extreme strength(3) Extreme defence(3) Extreme magic(3) Extreme ranging(3) Clean torstol Hopefully I didn't miss a potion.. Get ingredients from : Home teleport->north of edge bank Ways to obtain herbs : Farming Teleports->skilling->farming (I might later make farming guide and include link here) 2.Farming monsters for herbs (such as Ice/Jungle/Desert strykewyrms etc) Teleports->bosses->page 2 -> Ice/Desert/Jungle strykewyrm (NOTE : these monsters require slayer level of : jungle - 50, desert & ice - 80 as far as I know) E.G. - jungle strykewyrms part of the drop table : 3. Trading (buy from players, I've heard that the price of herbs is two times higher than the one you see when you examine herb) Tips & suggestions : Train herblore when it's double xp for very quick levels Make useful potions such as super antifires & extreme potions etc., so after you get 99 you won't have to make them You can see potion level requirements and ingredients in game by clicking on the herblore skill in the skill tab & also can purchase a book in herblore ingredients shop where you can see potions and their required ingredients (this guide is really useful for people with dual screens or simple large screen) Note : If you have any suggestions for me to improve this guide feel free to post them down below
  2. Glue Sniffer

    Cruel world

    Goodbye cruel world! Just kidding. But I am quitting havoc. I have been and I am probably going to be even more busy so I won't be able to play. Well, for me the main problem is lack of competition & interaction on forums, which probably is a great deal for some of you - as you're currently on forums unlike the most play base. Having inactive forums gives me experience of dying server which is quite concerning. You can push the limit by making auto log-off. I don't think it's a good idea though. Don't get me wrong, this is probably the best server I have played in the past year, but there are some major issues as well, at least for me, I cannot really speak for the community People just don't give a fuck I suppose. Cheers, lads, gl & hf!
  3. Glue Sniffer

    Imstrengths - Tale of an Ironman

    I highly think that adding progress to the thread would be better instead of making posts in comments ? But nice to see progress
  4. Glue Sniffer

    | Road To Max UIM |

    Good luck! Keep us updated!
  5. Glue Sniffer

    Not A Hci (ironman) drop log & achievements - maxed

    Thanks! I'll be making another thread like this soon hopefully, currently gathering more drops for the thread so it has proper length <3
  6. PVM drops & achievements I'll be going for pretty much every drop in game, currently my goals are to get a full slayer helm, might color it eventually as well, after that I'd love to get bandos and whatnot. But mainly do slayer so I get random drops <3
  7. Glue Sniffer

    Iron Mewmia's Introduction

    Welcome and enjoy! I'd be really happy to see any progress threads from you, fellow iron.
  8. Glue Sniffer

    Imstrengths - Tale of an Ironman

    Fellow iron man! Good luck! I am really looking forward to your progress! Keep this updated!
  9. Glue Sniffer

    Jakeitez down

    Nice loot!
  10. Glue Sniffer

    LOOT FROM .....?

    Nice man, I'd gladly look loot from [any boss]! Cerberus would be nice IMO. Or chaos elemental any really Good luck!
  11. Glue Sniffer

    TV Shows You're Currently Watching

    Game of thrones Family guy Breaking bad House of cards Brickleberry House American gods (love this one honestly) 2 Girls 1 Cup (I am really into this one, highly recommend watching all of it)
  12. Glue Sniffer

    Road from 92-99 Realism Slayer

    The best drops I'd say. Good luck! I'm making pvm drop log as well ATM.
  13. Glue Sniffer

    Count to -10000

  14. Glue Sniffer

    1337 member down

    GG WP!
  15. Glue Sniffer

    Game over.

    Nice man! Well done! Insane achievement! I bet it took a while! Now wildy and bosses are yours!
  16. Glue Sniffer


    Insane luck, mate! Grats! So jealous
  17. Glue Sniffer

    My 0-50b Slayer Drop Tab +pics CHALLENGE!

    Sick goal, good luck!
  18. Glue Sniffer

    Dharoks Tournament 15/04/2018

    IGN - Not a hci GL peeps!
  19. Glue Sniffer

    Event Suggestions

    Forum events : Roll 1 to x (x - amount of players participating) make a player list and Xth member gets some kind of reward) Event where there is a week time to make guides and best 3 guides get INSANE rewards (or even more but smaller rewards so there are many short but useful guides) , this would actually be useful for new players and even experienced players. Skilling/money making/bossing - any! In game events : Boss events E.G. Nex; Corp; Gwd; with double drops or anything (or people who participate gets invited to quick event like goodie bag/ drop party) Tank events like staff member at known location is tanking with like 3-5k HP (sometimes in deep wildy, sometimes in varrock multi for example as well) as a hci I don't want it though but this is great event for pkers and clans Hide and seek Goodie bag More frequent ::ffa
  20. Glue Sniffer

    died to glod and lost status?

    Rest in peace, fellow ex HCI. Hope you get your status back. I'm afraid to go to Glod because of that as well, I always log out before I engage But yeah not everyone could've known that
  21. Glue Sniffer

    25$ giveaway

    Sign me up! <3 IGN - Not a hci
  22. Glue Sniffer

    Road to...

    I was suicidal when I was getting 99 agility on x25 already Sick!
  23. Glue Sniffer

    Havoc RSPS: Softcores $50 Alpha Rank Giveaway Winner!

    Gz to the winner!
  24. Glue Sniffer

    50k Frost Dragon Bones

    Best I can do is 36 bones, and I'm taking a serious risk here.