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    Balancing slayer

    My suggestion is plain simple : Add slayer mystery box which would have a drop rate 1/100 when player is on a slayer task. (1/50 in wilderness) Pros: Would balance low level slayer Could be potentially one of the best alternative as money making - alternative for skilling - for new players Some monsters do not have any drops which should not be like that IMO (Kurasks) Would increase the amount of players in wilderness for sure if the drop rate of slayer box would be two times more common Wilderness would be more popular as more pvmers would go in Cons: May affect some other money making methods (although I believe slayer should be one of the best money making method as player cannot really choose the task they would like to get - it's random) Would influence economy in a minor way (more items would be added to game yet people would not be adding more items in the alternative money making method way) I am not fully aware of how drop rolling works so I will not give direct values on rolls but a percentage. Potential rolls in the slayer box : Double roll when opening the box Green rarity - 95% to roll something on green Orange rarity - 4% to roll something on orange Red rarity- 1% to roll something on red Grimy avantoe x100 Grimy ranarr x100 Grimy torstol x100 Grimy snapdragon x100 Grimy toadflax x100 Grimy cadantine x100 Grimy avantoe x100 Adamant bar x100 Mithril bar x100 Rune bar x100 Uncut sapphire x100 Uncut emerald x100 Uncut ruby x100 Uncut diamond x100 Abyssal whip Dragon Boots x2 Dark Bow Dharok box set Guthan box set Karil box set Ahrim box set Verac box set Torag box set Staff of light Bandos chestplate Bandos tassets Iron bar (I just like to see the world on fire) Vesta's longsword Korasi's sword Dragon claws Armadyl godsword Armadyl chestplate Armadyl chainskirt Dragonfire shield Chaotic rapier Chaotic crossbow Chaotic staff Blood necklace Yes, I am aware of the rare drop table - it's op! No, it's really not. Some calculations 95x2=190% to get green rarity items 4x2=8% to get orange rarity items 2x1=2% to get red rarity items 0.02*50=1 (1 roll in red rarity item list once every 50 boxes) but to get 50 boxes it requires 5000 slayer monster kills (or 2500 in wilderness) and that takes a very long time in general Slayer should be profitable little bit less than bossing since you cannot choose what would you like to slay and currently when some monsters barely have any drops or don't have a drop table at all. Item list is not set in stones or anything it could be totally different, just the idea of having boxes from slayer I'd gladly hear your feedback about this!
  2. Glue Sniffer

    Barrows as slayer task

    As the name of the thread says - barrows as a slayer task given by kuradal & duradel, amount 50-100 maybe (barrows brothers kills). Xp - around the same as abyssal demon gives I'd say. Would be nice to see more people at barrows and I think it's a nice 'minigame' in general.
  3. Glue Sniffer

    Cruel world

    Goodbye cruel world! Just kidding. But I am quitting havoc. I have been and I am probably going to be even more busy so I won't be able to play. Well, for me the main problem is lack of competition & interaction on forums, which probably is a great deal for some of you - as you're currently on forums unlike the most play base. Having inactive forums gives me experience of dying server which is quite concerning. You can push the limit by making auto log-off. I don't think it's a good idea though. Don't get me wrong, this is probably the best server I have played in the past year, but there are some major issues as well, at least for me, I cannot really speak for the community People just don't give a fuck I suppose. Cheers, lads, gl & hf!
  4. Glue Sniffer

    Imstrengths - Tale of an Ironman

    I highly think that adding progress to the thread would be better instead of making posts in comments ? But nice to see progress
  5. Glue Sniffer


    I think not, don't quote me though ?
  6. Glue Sniffer

    | Road To Max UIM |

    Good luck! Keep us updated!
  7. Glue Sniffer

    1 in 10k infernal cape

    I'd be happy for this one, 1/1k would be more than fair IMO. To kill 1k jads it would take literary days at least! Great suggestion!
  8. Glue Sniffer


    Sick! Gz man!
  9. Glue Sniffer

    Not A Hci (ironman) drop log & achievements - maxed

    Thanks! I'll be making another thread like this soon hopefully, currently gathering more drops for the thread so it has proper length <3
  10. PVM drops & achievements I'll be going for pretty much every drop in game, currently my goals are to get a full slayer helm, might color it eventually as well, after that I'd love to get bandos and whatnot. But mainly do slayer so I get random drops <3
  11. Glue Sniffer

    My 0-50b Slayer Drop Tab +pics CHALLENGE!

    Update please
  12. Glue Sniffer

    Iron Mewmia's Introduction

    Welcome and enjoy! I'd be really happy to see any progress threads from you, fellow iron.
  13. Glue Sniffer

    Ironman secondary supply shop

    Noted items would be nice to have, would improve quality of life
  14. Glue Sniffer

    Imstrengths - Tale of an Ironman

    Fellow iron man! Good luck! I am really looking forward to your progress! Keep this updated!
  15. Glue Sniffer

    Jakeitez down

    Nice loot!
  16. Glue Sniffer

    LOOT FROM .....?

    Nice man, I'd gladly look loot from [any boss]! Cerberus would be nice IMO. Or chaos elemental any really Good luck!
  17. Glue Sniffer

    TV Shows You're Currently Watching

    Game of thrones Family guy Breaking bad House of cards Brickleberry House American gods (love this one honestly) 2 Girls 1 Cup (I am really into this one, highly recommend watching all of it)
  18. Glue Sniffer

    NPC that makes unf potions

    This would be nice! So tired of making potions for hours just to spend it in a few days
  19. Glue Sniffer

    Zenyte jewelry buff

    Buff zenyte jewelry : Tormented bracelet - add magic damage (+0.05=5% or +0.1=10%) (little bit more accurate than barrows gloves) Amulet of torture - add 5 more strength bonus (currently same as strength amulet with some accuracy lol) Necklace of anguish - add range strength I'm not sure how much.. 5 or 10 (almost the same as glory atm) Make it like they are in osrs, they give combat style strength The problem currently is that there is one necklace (blood necklace) which is best in slot for every combat style, It's not that it's easy to obtain, but so are not the zenyte, player even needs onyx to make the item and zenyte which is hard to obtain; player has to fight monsters who change prayer very often Nobody goes for zenyte items because they are not worth it so I think that should be changed, 1 BIS zenyte item for each of the combat style! And I'm not suggesting make they super powerful, just make them as current BIS +10-20% as they are only good for one combat style Just my opinion on those items, I'd gladly hear what do you think
  20. Glue Sniffer

    Boss task unlocks/extends

    Would be nice to have! <3
  21. Glue Sniffer

    Resigned from Global Moderator spot.

    Take care!
  22. Glue Sniffer

    Road from 92-99 Realism Slayer

    The best drops I'd say. Good luck! I'm making pvm drop log as well ATM.
  23. Glue Sniffer

    Count to -10000

  24. Glue Sniffer

    1337 member down

    GG WP!
  25. Glue Sniffer

    Zenyte jewelry buff

    I just think that there should not be 1 item which is best in slot for everything. It's irrational. (it's subjective) but I think it's even harder to obtain one zenyte item than the blood necklace. So getting a single item is easier and it's way better.