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  1. Service Hq

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    spend on supplies to max out all skills on realism mode. get caught up on ring payment aswell
  2. Service Hq

    $25 giveaway

    sureeee : ign: Service HQ
  3. Service Hq

    How to start out in havoc

    glgl to the newcomers.
  4. Service Hq

    Barrows guide & Beginner moneymaking

    very informative. thanks.
  5. Service Hq

    Agility guide - xp rates & shop

    good guide.
  6. Service Hq

    50k Frost Dragon Bones

    i have 200.
  7. Service Hq

    Road to...

    the grind is real.
  8. Service Hq

    New HCIM!

    welcome back, glgl
  9. Service Hq

    200M XP in all Combat stats.

    ehhhh atta boy
  10. Service Hq


  11. Service Hq

    smb opening #2 after buff

    ooooo spicy
  12. Service Hq

    opening 500 super mystery boxes!

    rich af.
  13. Service Hq

    Loot from 20 SMB

    grats pal.
  14. Service Hq

    AGS from Skot

    ehhhh decent