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  1. Cndbzrkr

    Wilderness is dead / AFKers

    Hey guys, The wilderness is getting more and more depressing. For the past few months there has been only 10-15 active pkers that roams the wildy. Maybe another 5-10 that does dh/high risk pking at edge. Everyday it get's worst, we are losing a lot of pkers. Can we possibly look into ways to bring people into wildy? Also is it possible to remove all the AFK's from the server count? They do not need to be "kicked" but if only the server would not count them in the server count after "X" minute inactive It would be easier to keep tract of the legitimate online population.
  2. Cndbzrkr

    Help/Trade CC

    Ever since the change to help/trade CC forcing people to join trade cc to buy/sell. There has been A LOT of complaints from the majority of players. The easiest fix is quite simple. Make trade CC the default one that everyone joins while spawning. The majority of the community will be in the trade cc making it easier to reach the most people. Currently, There are around 7 to 15 people in trade cc at once, while 70-120 people in help cc. And to be fair, most of these people in help CC are there because they are too lazy to switch. If someone would need help they would go out of their way to join help cc, same could be said for trade but since the change we have had the proof that the trade CC is a failure. Let me know what you think.
  3. Cndbzrkr


    Hi all, I found out that you can equip any items regardless of requirement if they have been saved as a preset. For example, you can wear full dh as a 1 defense pure. To reproduce, create a pk account, set def to 70, equip full dh and dragon boots. set defense back to 1 and now you are lvl 86 with 70 attack 99 str 1 def 52 prayer 99 ranged 99 magic, while wearing full dh and still be able to hit crazy high with dharok axe. This also works with Full bandos and dfs at lvl 86 with same stats. This is clearly not intended! Thanks, Cndbzrkr